why is the doctor in friends obsessed with fonzie

Phoebe has finally gone into labor and her friends rush her to the hospital.

The Fonz aka Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli is the lead character in Happy Days, a sitcom which, though set in the 1950s and 60s, was broadcast from 1974 to 1984 on ABC. Occupation

Rachel says she is really going to miss watching Phoebe freak people out like that.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She said they were wrong and that the hardest part was to give them away.

This might’ve worked, except Monica still isn’t wearing a jacket.

This is one of the few episodes to not feature.

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Nothing is really that funny about it except for when he turns on the TV during the birthing, but it's all still fairly amusing, Idk what you do for a living...but let's say you're a real estate agent. Dr. Harad

Fonz was the best, he would always walk into the room, stick up his thumbs and say, Ayyyyyy! Gender Trying to save face, Chandler asks a female nurse out for Saturday night, and she turns him down immediately, adding to his embarrassment.

The new doctor appears very young and Phoebe chases him away and decides to stick with Harad.

Monica and Chandler arrive, quite awhile after everyone else.

Chandler says that he doesn’t know if she’s ever looked up the term “goofing around” in the dictionary, but the technical definition is “two friends who care a lot about each other, and have amazing sex, and just want to spend more time together”.

The One Hundredth

Then the camera angle changes to Phoebe, but you can see Rachel's arms, indicating that she didn't move. Phoebe begs Rachel to talk to Frank, and feel him out about whether or not he might be willing to let Phoebe take one of the triplets. Everyone is back in the delivery room holding the babies.

Heidi Beck - The Delivery Room Nurse, Written By:

Phoebe is upset, but Rachel assures her that the replacement doc is wonderful, and head of the department. She is stuck in Delaware, so Frank Jr. will be Phoebe’s coach until Alice arrives, but it’s okay, because Alice told him all about the “Lamazda stuff”. Marta Kauffman & David Crane. Dr. Harad Monica doesn’t want to go, but can’t think of an excuse to get out of it without revealing her secret relationship with Chandler.

Rachel says she is really going to miss watching Phoebe freak people out like that. Footage of Fonzie dancing to Hava Nagila is used in the music video for Weezer's 1994 song Buddy Holly . As to why they went with Happy Days and The Fonz specifically, probably a combination of things: it was a popular show and thus a reference most viewers would recognise (yet at the same time, it's suitably random), the doctor looks to be around the age that he would've grown up with the show, it sets up a few specific one-liners (like "dilated-a-mundo"), and maybe the writers were just fans and wanted to give it … Lisa Kudrow was actually not pregnant in this episode. He opts for option number one.

Back in Joey’s room, the doctor tells him the kidney stones are too close to the bladder to attempt to break them up with shock waves so he has two options: wait until he passes them naturally, or have a procedure done which Joey finds a little too invasive for comfort.

Dr. Harad orders everyone except for Frank and the rest of the medical staff out of the room and tells the nurse to turn the TV on to Happy Days.

When Alice and Frank start kissing, Rachel's hair goes from behind her ear to in front between shots.

And now that I've dissected it it's not funny lol, That's so weird! It'd be like taking someone to see a house and as you unlock the door, saying "by the way, I love Friends." The nurse asks which of the two men present is the father, but Phoebe tells her the father is her brother, which shocks the nurse. He was portrayed by Sam Anderson. Dr. Harad is depicted as having a strong obsession with the Happy Days character Arthur Fonzarelli, to the point where he would frequently, sometimes completely spontaneously, bring up the Fonz in conversation, even when he is supposed to be comforting Phoebe while she is in labor.

This is the final appearance of Debra Jo Rupp as. When Frank rushes out to tell the gang about Frank Jr Jr, the position of Rachel's black strap changes between shots throughout the scene.

Meanwhile, Joey is in a hospital room of his own, where a doctor informs him he is suffering from kidney stones. Chandler asks who Fonzie is, and Dr. Harad confirms that he is indeed talking about Arthur Fonzarelli, the Happy Days character.

Monica an… Joey has a video camera and is making a video for the babies to look at some day. Favourite scenes from Friends - The Doctor who Loves Fonzie This episode came to mind as I heard that Henry Winkler received an honorary OBE yesterday. With help from Harad, who proves himself to despite his Fonz obsession be a highly competent doctor, Phoebe has three healthy babies, while with the help of his own doctor Joey has three healthy kidney stones.

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