what is the moral of the story the appointment in samarra

An Appointment in Samarra is W. Somerset Maugham's retelling of an ancient Mesopotamian tale which is about the encounter of death (or the angel of death) and a man from Baghdad. Desire in my heart forms a heap, Stunned by woods' beauty, I weep. The book created controversy due to O'Hara's inclusion of sexual content.[1].

The authors use of irony really worked well in it. The video is very creepy! This bone chilling discovery reveals that our fate does not lie in our hands and that we cannot choose when and how we are going to die.

As for the Merchant he was concered as to why Death scared him off, but was explained to the reason by Death. "By God, no one else will have her in bed," he said, to the empty office. The servant is who is trying to escape death. I would categorize “The Appointment in Samarra” by Somerset Maugham, as an allegory because it represents death as a main character and the fear that one would have to face with it. There are two narrators, a third person omniscient, who starts the story off with, “Death speaks”(Maugham), which gives the story haunting tone and Death continues to narrate the rest of the story with this eerie mood. I was astonished to see him in Baghdad, for I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarra.”, In his foreword to the 1952 reprint[citation needed], O'Hara says that the working title for the novel was The Infernal Grove. But the origin is the 1933 play, Sheppy, … The servant tried running from death but little did he know that he was running to it.

It is a parable because it teaches a specific lesson about death and destiny. Appointment in Samarra, published in 1934, is the first novel by American writer John O'Hara (1905–1970). Death is symbolized as a woman who had planned to meet the servant later on in Samarra but was startled to see him because she knew they had an appointment later. The moral being that you cannot escape your fate.

-Marisa R. The short story above should be listed as a parable. During the time of this short story Bagdad was said to have been an “exotic city. The lesson behind it would be that it is self destructing to let your fear influence your decisions.

A parable is when a story shows a spiritual moral and a lesson that can be learned.

The Merchant went to see Death and asked “ Why did you make a threatening gesture to my servant when you saw him this morning “? But when she was sitting down across the table from him she leaned forward with her elbows on the table and her chin in her hands, and that loosened the dress so that whenever she made a move he could see the nipples of her breasts. Death is something that cannot be avoided.

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