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A teen comes into possession of a new laptop and soon discovers that the previous owner is not only watching him, but will also do anything to get it back.

Yeah. Damon’s death feels like something you could see in a typical non-horror drama film; we don’t even get to see what happens to Amaya; and Matias being hit by a truck has got to be among the most disappointing whimpers a horror movie has ended on.

And if you were hoping to see both endings, well, good luck — there was no way to guarantee that you were paying for Ending A or Ending B. He attacks her and knocks her out before carrying her into the closet. With Colin Woodell, Stephanie Nogueras, Betty Gabriel, Rebecca Rittenhouse. After multiple attempts to figure out the password, Matias opens it with simply a question mark. Elias-de Jesus: Like I said, I actually thought the big, dumb reveal that the hacker people were actually in control of everything the entire time and were framing the group of friends was somewhat interesting. In the final alternate ending, Matias is led to believe Amaya has been killed, then left alone with a gun. ... Netflix Indonesia.

More characters die in ending A, but apparently they aren't very satisfying. Find Out, A post shared by Unfriended: Dark Web (@unfriendedmovie). They realize the magnitude of the situation when the actual owner of the laptop shows up at the house of Matias' girlfriend and threatens to kill her if his laptop is not returned. A one-stop shop for all things video games. For the last few years, films have been obsessed with mid and post-credit scenes, but Unfriended: Dark Web is trying something different. The NBA’s Murky Future With Ryen Russillo and Best Streaming TV/Movies With Wesley Morris. Cai: It’s hard to imagine that the film could have ended in any radically different way, plot-wise at least. They intended for Matias to get the laptop and move the money into his account so that they can frame him and his friends for the crime. 'One Tree Hill' cast film alternate ending? Watch trailers & learn more. In Ending B, her life is spared as it seems like the hacker gamers were sympathetic to Matias’s plea for her life. From what it seems, there is no rhyme or reason as to when and where ending A or B is being shown: it looks to be totally random. Unfriended: Dark Web is a 2018 American horror flick that was penned and directed by Stephen Susco.Unfriended: Dark Web also marked the directorial debut of Stephen.It was also a sequel to the 2014 film, Unfriended. And we should all hurl our laptops and cellphones into the ocean.

By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The folks over at The Ringer sent two of their staff to see the film two times each, and report back on what they saw. Matias O'Brien finds a laptop at a cafe to use for a new app he is designing for his deaf girlfriend Amaya.

In order to ensure that Charon IV complies, Matias transfers all the crypto-currency in his account (amounting up to $10 million) into Matias's own account, a move that freaks Charon IV out.

Sadly, despite by most accounts being a better film, Unfriended: Dark Web didn't tear up the box office like the original.

Pittsburgh is the league’s last unbeaten team, thanks to a defensive unit that can bend without breaking. What a wholesome conclusion. Netflix Netflix. Bonus points for ending with a truly frightening death — I shudder at the thought of being buried alive. We won't go into spoiler territory here beyond the vaguest description (you can read that by following the link above), but the consensus was that ending B was a lot better than ending A.

They pull Matias into The River, a message board from the dark web that they all use. Also Read: Biohackers' Ending Explained: Does Emma Die At The End Of The Series? UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES.

Here is the Dark Season 3 ending, explained.

There are literally hundreds of found footage horror films out there now, and sadly, most of them aren't great.

), didn’t see Ending B; I saw Ending A twice. Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack when he joins a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country. Find Out. The Charons demand proof that the user is Charon IV, so he tells Matias their creed so that neither of them gets killed.

Still, on a $1 million budget, a $16 million gross is by no means bad. One of them is from someone named Erica Dunne (Alexa Mansour). But I can’t really complain about how Ending B wrapped up. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel. Sorry 'bout that. There is a welt on her forehead from the trephination procedure, which she peels off to reveal the hole in her skull.

Damon gets hanged by a noose over his bathroom door in both endings, but he’s the one who sees Erica Dunne’s bad makeup in Ending B instead of Matias. How Long Before Bly Manor's Wedding Did [SPOILER]? The group is horrified, and once Amaya goes through a tunnel and loses connection (meaning Charon IV can't see Matias), he confesses that everything is real and he is being blackmailed so that Amaya can stay alive. Damon and Matias’s video chat culminates with Matias discovering a freshly dug grave and an empty coffin at the site where he and Amaya first kissed (he told her using sign language to meet him there). Matias looks up the address on the video and sees that a girl went missing from there...it's Erica Dunne.

Instead, she’s left with her last memory of Matias as one where he apologizes for not learning sign language. Charon IV orders Matias to get Amaya to come to his place in an exchange for the laptop, as well as to not let any of his friends leave the call. 10 movie endings so dark they never got released. The Charons then play a video they caught of Nari and Serena talking before revealing their engagement to their friends, and Serena talking about her mother. But for some reason I kept my eyes on the screen during the Erica Dunne–trephination reveal, which added some unnecessary stress to my life. He tries to write to Amaya, but the Charons replace all his messages with "I wish I could sign better". SPOILER ARCHIVE. Elias-de Jesus: Cool, man. The first of these is the happiest of the bunch, as both Matias and Amaya are allowed to live after a vote by the members of The Circle. Queen And Slim' Ending Explained: How Was Queen And Slim Killed? A live-action series. Matias admits that he got scared when the instructor said that having a relationship with someone who is deaf may put some strain on the relationship, but he truly does want it to work out for them both. *CUT TO THE CHASE* It might’ve been a cool out-of-left-field twist if it was revealed that Amaya was part of the bloodthirsty hacker network. The last video is of a girl sleeping in her room while a kidnapper enters the room and looks at the camera before the video ends. In the first theatrical ending, Matias is killed by the dark web cabal, known as The Circle. A decade later, in 2009, Paranormal Activity would reignite the found footage flame, and the sub-genre has never really gone away since, even if many of the releases within it end up getting dumped directly to video. They then call 911 and use the audio to make it sound like AJ is planning to shoot up the mall. He shares the screen with his other friends. Totally par for the course.

What’s more, there was no clear plan in place for how these versions of the movie would be shown.

He convinces Amaya to go to his house so that the exchange can be made. They appear relieved but also pissed for being scared. Unfriended: Dark Web is a 2018 American horror flick that was penned and directed by Stephen Susco.

A long-term member of the Screen Rant family, Michael looks forward to continuing on creating new content for the site for many more years to come. Unfriended: Dark Web. They'll save the world ... for the right price.

Suddenly, one of the psychotic Dark Web gamers runs up from behind and whacks him in the head. This isn't the first film to screen multiple endings. Matias does so, and he is briefly left alone. It feels poetic that the movie culminates with Matias being killed physically and tortured mentally, the latter as all his text-message pleas to Amaya are automatically manipulated into apology texts about the exact thing they’ve been fighting about. The sequel focuses on a group of 20-something friends who have their group chat hijacked and turned into a deadly game by a dark web group after lead character Matias (Colin Woodell) steals a laptop from the lost and found at a cyber cafe. With that in mind, The Ringer sent out two intrepid viewers, Austin Elias-de Jesus and Kenrick Cai, on Unfriended: Dark Web’s opening night with the goal of seeing both of the movie’s endings. How Tremors 7 Succeeds Where Other Horror Movie Franchises Fail, Unfriended: Dark Web's Multiple Endings Explained, Countdown: 10 Scariest Tech Horror Movies, Ranked, Creep Does Found Footage Horror The Right Way, Nightmare On Elm Street: The Actors Who Almost Played Johnny Depp's Character, The Woman In Black Ending & What Jennet Really Wants Explained, Aliens: Why Hudson Is A More Relatable Hero Than Ripley, Why One Room In Bly Manor Wasn't Perfectly Splendid, Hulu's Monsterland Season 1 Episodes Ranked From Worst To Best, How Wes Craven's Scream Shaped '90s Horror Movies, Stephen King's IT: Why Pennywise's History Would Be Better As A TV Show, Everything We Know So Far About The Children Of The Corn Reboot, Xbox Series X Looks Easier To Open & Clean Than PS5 In Teardown Video.

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