top body armor manufacturers

You can find other sizes, as well, but these are the easiest. Next up, we’re looking at AR500 Hybrid IIIA soft body armor.

It is incredibly thin and lightweight, offering you a superb long-wearing panel that’ll let you move very naturally. This makes the armor multi-shot rated. We like their “Hybrid” model which is thinner and lighter than their “Rimelig” model.

With two options available, these particular monolithic ceramic and polyethylene armors weigh in at 7.6 or 8.3 pounds. Plastic may not seem the most protective, but it falls somewhere between ceramic and steel on factors like cost and durability.

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We’d also recommend going with their curve for comfort and build-up layer of Paxcon to mitigate spalling. We’ve also added in a lot of guidance along the way to help you get to grips with which armor is best for particular purposes, and what different types are really capable of. It’s also stab-resistant, neutrally buoyant, and has a polyurea coating for extra ruggedness. Our last plate carrier to look at is this Airlight SPC, and as you can see, it’s super ventilated and as lightweight, as it looks, weighing in at just one pound. Plus, it’s ideally used in combination with soft armor for an ultimate form of protection in the field.

Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. We recommend upgrading to the Full Coat Frag Mitigation Coating for additional protection from shrapnel. Now… let’s squash some misconceptions on body armor legality. To learn more about these companies, or to make your own custom shortlist of suppliers, feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery, which has information on other similar products. I wore vietnam-era flak vests in Iraq in '91 with a 2nd Chance underneath that to provide at least a semblance of protection. They manufacture ballistic and stab-resistant vests for law enforcement, commercial, and industrial applications. COVID-19 Response: Source manufacturers & distributors providing COVID-19 medical supplies There’s just a fantastic range of lightweight hard armor available here to fit all shapes and sizes. Ok let’s get this one out of the way…there’s some pretty inexpensive (and long lasting) hard plate body armor packages if you’re planning on protecting your home or roaming for supplies. With it being this size, it should allow for more maneuverability. For best bang-for-the-buck hard armor…go with Level III+ that stops 5.56 M193 and M855 since those are relatively common rounds. So this makes their Matrix model comfortable for long use in your day-to-day work life. Velocity Systems Special Threat Ceramic Plates. Here we will look at our best selected UHMWPE body armor.

To do this, they may ask for official documents to prove your current serving position. Their original vests were stamped, "Shanghai", but that has now been taken off. Also I've heard nothing but bad things about it (AR500), You do know that AR500 is the name of the company, right? The FRAS system is much thicker/heavier compared to the regular Level 3A system above but it’s still reasonably soft and bendy where it counts.

It’s available in a variety of colors, including tan, olive drab, navy, black, and white. Body armor has to be purchased face to face – not online, over the phone, or by mail order. I’m looking for something simple for my daughter (10) and myself. Body Armor Direct Bodyguard Inc. BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests Busch Protective Caliber Armor Covert Armor C.P.E. Yes, it can be difficult to get your head around, and it’s hard to choose which body armor will suit your requirements. But one threat to keep in mind are very high-velocity rounds such as the 5.56 M193 which can still zip on through Level 3 armor. Check out the amount of plates a single FRAS replaces….

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