tomb of annihilation puzzle answers

There are 40 identical white ivory keys.

Getting your gear disintegrated is mostly inconvenient, but this is a decent low-risk clue. Non-magical light brought into this room is extinguished.

Can be used as an arcane focus and grants an attuned creature resistance to cold, lightning, necrotic, and poison damage. This is where they can find the control gem for the slaad in area 24, for one thing.

When the trap triggers, rays of light colored like a rainbow shoot out, focusing as a white hot laser where they hit. So basically, either Ras Nsi or Fenthaza will give them the rest of the puzzle cubes and send them on their way.

That’s much better than a lot of coins. If you gave the players a clue like the one in the previous blue box, that might be enough of a fix; at least they’ll be expecting treachery if they try to solve the gargoyle’s riddle.

Eventually, of course, the PC’s will want to leave this charming room, and it turns out that you can’t get out of this room without teleporting out, and all of the teleportation runes conveniently drop you in front of…. Finding the Entrance, Areas 2 through 4. Press J to jump to the feed.

Press J to jump to the feed. While we’re talking about dick moves, the skull with the ominous timer and the lever that you’re not actually supposed to pull is standard Tomb of Horrors fare, but the pit trap probably won’t actually kill anyone who falls in, and establishing that this is a dungeon with the kind of traps that try to fake you out is a lesson worth learning early.

If you need a reason to give the party another chance at a room or trap that finishes them off, you can use this trick… once. If they were dead, it would have said "knew" not "know".

It’s a death sentence. I’ll also give you some recommendations on handling boss encounters, as well as a little number-crunching to help make things a little more dangerous right at the end. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Q16. The nothics and even the arcanaloth are anticlimactic enemies after the atropal, the Soulmonger, and Acererak. It’s unfortunate that crawling through the pipes that the wine flows through is the best way to reach Nangnang’s Tomb, but at least it isn’t the only way to get there. The first fix here is to remove the ridiculous restriction on magic for the cells. Essentially, in order for Acererak to do any meaningful damage to a character, he has to exceed 50 damage per round to that character, and he has to do it before that character’s next turn.

They don’t have to know what they’re for yet, but they have to understand that they’re going to be important for something and are worth seeking out. It’s also possible for the party to fight and kill one or both of them, grab the cubes, and make a daring escape from the Fane, although this is obviously a riskier proposition than being released voluntarily by one of the cult leaders.

The trick is getting a character down to below 100 HP, counting those temporary HP, by the time Acererak’s turn comes around but the targeted character’s turn has not. If they stick to their decision not to eat anything, knowing what the penalty will be, so be it.

I’m putting this room in the guide because it is a possibility that the party will retrieve the slaad’s control gem from Withers’ office, and will then have a grey slaad at their beck and call.

We’re talking back when I stole my mom’s backgammon dice, back when we didn’t have books or references except for a few photocopies here and there. Yeah, that’s right… Tomb of Horrors was awful. Maybe they’ll try to disengage the locks, which should be possible with brute force, magic, or thieves’ tools, and they’ll even know how many locks there are.

So long as the light illuminates the cube, it weighs 20 pounds and any creature that moves the cube takes 5 psychic damage for each foot the cube moves. I have not actually play-tested this numerically, and I probably should, but I would say that providing 30 temporary HP instead of 50 as the Trickster God benefit would make the dangers much more relevant, if you wanted a tougher final battle.

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Okay, first fix is to change Shagambi’s treasure into something that whomever makes it to the sarcophagus will want and can use. That's why the inscription says "Wongo's friend knows the where to pour the water".

If the characters try all the keys, the cube unlocks after trying 2d20 keys.

We’ll go level by level, right down to the bottom and eventually out, but first there are some general things to be aware of. The next fix is to make the actions needed to escape each cell either far less specific, or provide clues that indicate what to do.

But, that’s the choice for this room: everyone dies, or else the players get to decide who’s going to lose their character permanently this close to the end. The petrified wizard's bag contains a few personal items including a mirror.

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