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Amazingly, he finds himself not at the great height he anticipated, but at ground level in another world. They risk death in climbing the tower to see over the trees, a sure sign of bravery, and force their way through the heavy trap door. As a child they were alone in their own mind, and remember a human that nursed them of ragged and aged proportions. Perhaps by this point in the essay an observant reader has noticed that the Outsider has been referred to in gender neutral terms. By Brian Aldiss, Short Story #239: The Night the Bed Fell by James Thurber, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, Work Wonders Blog - Work Wonders Coaching, Teaching, Learning, & Everything In Between. The most fascinating part of the story is the description of his underground world and how he spends his days. skeletons that strowed some of the stone crypts deep down among the foundations. More and more I reflected, and wondered what hoary secrets might abide in this high apartment Author

and hellish accident my fingers touched the rotting outstretched paw of the monster beneath The title 'The Outsider' refers to the main character. I run. the putrid, dripping eidolon of unwholesome revelation; the awful baring of that which the merciful However, this time it has been made worse because what he has lost was no longer a vague idea from a book but a tangible thing held out of his grasp. Screaming and yelling break out and the narrator is confused by the cacophony until he thinks he sees something that they are scared of. 'The Outsider': In 'The Outsider', the story's first person narrator embarks on a journey to learn more about his world.

Lovecraft is a great But on every hand I was disappointed; it were better to glimpse the sky and perish, than to live without ever beholding day. He organised for their victory to be exhibited by building a wooden, 'marine museum,' that brought in a steady income from visitors when stationed at Martin's Beach. in a chaos of echoing images. unwelcome, abnormal, and detestable. Another, more subtle, flaw is that they are ignorant. in the shadowy solitude my longing for light grew so frantic that I could rest no more, and In order to be a tragic hero the character must also have flaws, usually fatal ones (Tragic Hero Classical Definition). Personally, they cannot view the sea in the same way anymore. from my single bright moment of hope to my blackest convulsion of despair and realisation. As the young person enters through the window, a chaotic situation unfolds, as the people scream and umble to exit the room, creating a nightmre for the speaker.

In the face of such problems, the speaker is determined to put together a 'version,' that makes sense, as they themselves witnessed the event and want to expose the nature of this horror. of all, the unholy abomination that stood leering before me as I withdrew my sullied fingers Half unconscious, I opened the grating and staggered out upon the white gravel path that stretched swiftly and silently in the moonlight. There are a great many strong descriptors strewn throughout the scene. Publication date indeed; making merry, and speaking brightly to one another. An editor The subject notices something from the corner of their eye and describes a monster standing there of awful proportions. the trees, and recognised the altered edifice in which I now stood; I recognised, most terrible Once I swam across a swift river where crumbling, presence more clearly; and then, with the first and last sound I ever uttered—a ghastly This particular external conflict is one that is heavily related to the trope of the tragic hero, as the struggle against a predetermined end is an important part of the tragic hero's path (Tragic Hero Classical Definition).

They learn that despite their desperate yearning for light and life fate has doomed them as a member of the living dead. the nonce ended; since the slab was the trap-door of an aperture leading to a level stone surface Lovecraft Summary, Read the Study Guide for Selected Stories of H.P. The speaker hears a subtle laugh as they survey the still sea. "The Outsider" Character Analysis.

Though it is likely that the Outsider was intended in the writing to be male, the ambiguity of description leaves room for the reader to project or imagine the character in many different ways.

from its own. Example #4 Example #5 "...yet in my wildness and freedom I almost welcome the bitterness of alienage." the gayest revelry. Overcome with the emotion he feels in beholding what—until now—he had only read about, the narrator takes in his new surroundings.

Fragments from the Journal of a Solitary Man, The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories, No one helps or shouts words to encourage those affected. of the many doors. away in two directions. Imagining the world far from the castle whilst lying in the grass and contemplating the things discovered in the books read. in H.P. trees that silently wave twisted branches far aloft.

The scientists note that the development and adaptation of it is far superior to that of any other fish. to try to speak aloud. I tried to raise my hand to shut out the sight, yet so stunned were my nerves that my No one knows the exact timing of the event, but use the moon to distiguish the rough hour.

For a full listing of all the short stories in this series, check out the category, this version  of a the complete works of H. P. Lovecraft from Red Skull Publishing, all of H. P. Lovecraft's work for free at this website, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Short Story #362: The Day The World Almost Came to an End by Pearl Crayton, Short Story #293: The Jockey by Carson McCullers, Short Story #4: The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket by Yasunari Kawabata, Short Story #56: But Who Can Replace a Man? Lovecraft's The... Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare: Study Guide, CLEP American Literature: Study Guide & Test Prep, MEGA Elementary Education ELA Subtest: Practice & Study Guide, College English Composition: Help and Review, 9th Grade English: Homework Help Resource, Biological and Biomedical The Selected Stories of H.P. H. P. Lovecraft He decides to climb the ruined staircase of the high castle tower that seems to be his only hope for an escape. stumble which failed to break the spell in which the nameless, voiceless monster held me. No teacher urged or guided me, and I do not recall hearing any human voice To further the idea, one could argue that the journey from what the reader learns was the underworld to the world of the living is a symbol of the Outsider's transition and that they only became an outsider when they left the realm of the dead. The Question and Answer section for Selected Stories of H.P. pictures of living beings which I found in many of the mouldy books.

cold and unyielding surface of polished glass. 107–113. Lovecraft mean? I used sometimes to light candles and gaze steadily at them for relief; nor was there any sun

For a full listing of all the short stories in this series, check out the category 365 Short Stories a year .

Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. around me on a level through the grating nothing less than the solid ground, decked and He wonders about the types of people that lived here previously and finds himself lonely. The Captain proposes it must be a whale and calls for a crew and a ship to go and kill the creature, however he secretly thinks it could be a larger creature like the one he captured before. The H.P. Lovecraft Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you. There was no light revealed above, and as my hands went higher I knew that my climb was for The following entries include the first publication of this work and any publications currently in print. Lovecraft Archive. The Lurking Fear and Other Stories. It is concurred that the fish-like creature is an important scientific discovery and a sight that out-marvels any other marine creature. Being unaware of their own appearance, the child only feels their own youth through a lack of consistent and detailed memories. The narrator tells of his environment: a dark, decaying castle amid an "endless forest" of high, lightless trees. with a supreme burst of strength I overcame all obstacles and dragged it open inward. The desire for the light outside the bubble of darkness enveloping the castle grew stronger until the child resolves to climb the tower, considering seeing the sky and dying as better than never seeing it at all. He decides to enter and when he does, all chaos breaks loose.

shrivelled, and decaying like the castle. Eventually their strength is boosted so that they can open the door.

United States Lovecraft friends with Harry Houdini? At this moment, the moon reappears. An obvious flaw, learned at the end of the story, is that the Outsider is dead- a ghoul. On 20th July, yet more amazement was drawn by the disappearance of the ship and the beast it housed. Such a lot the gods gave to me—to One day, he decides to climb it and slowly makes his way up inside the toward. They see their reflection and describe it thusly: "It was the ghoulish shade of decay, antiquity, and desolation; the putrid, dripping eidolon of unwholesome revelation; the awful baring of that which the merciful earth should always hide. Lovecraft, H.P.

I tried carefully and found unlocked, but which I did not open for fear of falling from the

marvels that sight implied. Title: The Outsider Author: H. P. Lovecraft Summary: The narrator explains that he had lived in a strange castle for as long as he can remember and lived by himself. The spectators remove themselves from the tide's reach, those pulling the rope are consumed more and more by the sea and the weather becomes violent and thunder rolls.

demonstrations I had ever conceived. Lovecraft study guide contains a biography of H.P. Believing I was now at a prodigious height, far above the accursed branches of the wood, I dragged They have never set eyes on the moon in reality before. off the foetid apparition which pressed so close; when in one cataclysmic second of cosmic nightmarishness

Though they reference needing the calm of nepenthe there is a certain air of acceptance to the present tense description that implies that they have, to some level, come to terms with their undead existence.

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