the legends chinese drama recap

Zhi Yan ignoring Zhao Yao’s warning walks straight into Su Ruo’s trap. Saw the first 3 eps with subs and loved it so much that watched all the raw there is up to ep26. She sees him off, and hears people talk about the son of devil king. This drama tries to end happy but does so in a very rushed and confusing way. is it ok if add crd and i translate this post in my own language? This short but very sweet arc is dedicated entirely to Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan — not fighting but in love. This drama started with a legend. However, Zhao Yao has no intentions of saying with Mo Qing for long. Loved his role of comic relief and at the same time tragic male lead… but and here is a big but I totally agree with you on how ridiculously long the show got! She was, like any ordinary person, just an innocent girl who wanted to be carefree and do good things. As with a lot of Chinese dramas it started strong and with a lot of promise. However, as the drama progressed, the number of filler episodes increased and the subplots became more (unnecessarily) convoluted. After her 'death', she is determined to regain her rightful place. Before she can reach the sword, she is ambushed and seriously injured by members of the Righteous Sect. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The mountain had gotten a sobriquet as the Fengmo Mountain, meaning a mountain of sealed evil. For all her life, she has lived isolated from the world. He easily overpowers both Zhao Yan (who hasn’t recovered all her spiritual energy) and Li Chen Lan (who is desperately trying to contain his inner demon). The supposedly evil LCH was actually rather kind. Zhao Yao is almost killed by Ming Xuan when her grandfather rescues her. Meanwhile Qin Qian Xian and Jiang Wu are playing cat and mouse in the Ice Caves. In trying to obtain the Wan Jun Sword, Zhao Yao mistakenly thinks that Mo Qing has betrayed her. Will Zhao Yao be able to regain her body back and become the sect leader again? Zhao Yao’s life of relative solitude is interrupted when she encounters a wounded Luo Ming Xuan (the leader of the Righteous Sect). While the formidable duo that is Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan manage to defeat Luo Ming Xuan. It is directed by Hong Kong Director Wai-Man Cheng. To accelerate her spiritual energy she finds a spiritual market place where she can buy energy elixirs. Drama: The Legend Of Sealed Book (2020) Network: Youku Writer: Rachel Mao, Chen Ruo Xuan, Feng Jun Xi Main Stars: Ray Ma, Jia Qing, Feng Joyce Genres: Drama Country: China Language: Chinese Release Date: December 2020 Season: 1 Aired: December 2020 Also Known As: Ping Yao Zhuan, Magical Legend, 平妖传, The Legend Of Sealed Book 2020 Will Zhao Yao be able to regain her body back and become the sect leader again? (also known as The Legends) is the 2019 xianxia drama based on a novel by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. She has never seen verdant grassland, vibrant towns, flowers and clothes, shoes and handbags. Si Ma Rong was betrayed by his lover Yu Zu (an agent from the Righteous Sect) which lead to Zhao Yao’s death. Zhao Yao finally finds Luo Ming Xuan, but she is taken captive by him and the other members of the Immortal Sects for taking the Demon Lord’s son away. Li Chen Lan comes to her rescue but despite her injuries, Zhao Yao will not leave before she retrieves the sword. I think whoever was editing this was drunk or just threw the parts up and wherever they fell that’ the order they told the story in. Her grandfather, understanding that he cannot keep Zhao Yao on the mountain forever, lets her go. Qin Zhi Yan (琴芷嫣), Xiao Yan Another reason why I’m liking this drama a lot is Bai Lu’s portrayal of Lu Zhao Yao. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The overall messaging was not bad but was made really obvious in almost every episode — that is, what appears good/righteous may not it fact be good and what is bad/demonic, similarly may not in fact be so. Would anyone happen to know where to read this in Chinese? In five years (this drama does everything in five year blocks), Zhao Yao and Wan Lu Men become infamous. It’s supposedly the closest …, The Learning Curve of a Warlord 大帅哥 is a 30-episode Hong Kong drama that stars Dicky Cheung as Di Qi. This goes some way to explaining why Jiang Wu is so similar to evil Zhao Yao and why he is so obsessed with her. Looking forward to rewatching the drama when you finish. The big reveal is that Jiang Wu is actually a product of Qin Qian Xian lust for Zhao Yao (after she spent a night staring at him).

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