taylor swift write her own snl monologue

Bunny Business I get the idea of casting against type – I’m sure there were a lot of articles at the time about how she showed her comedy skills by playing a prison inmate, etc. !”, Your email address will not be published. She also hinted to the fact that she could be dating Taylor Lautner from ‘Twilight’. Though known for her … — I like Jason’s “Gave you guys way too much leeway on that one!” line after Kenan and Taylor’s rape-related Sound Of Music song bit. The roommate sketch is also very good, although I don’t care for the ending – it feels a bit flat. Like most people, she wears contacts but said she got disoriented during the taping of the show. Jason was always funny as Glenn Beck. — Great trick Kristen does at the end where she seamlessly switches from speaking out of one corner of her mouth to the other. I remember now. I feel like by this point in the View sketches they’d given up entirely on focusing on the actual contents of the show – they actually stop the sketch just so that Fred could roll off a list of hacky jokes. "You might think I'd bring up Joe, that guy who broke up with me on my phone, but I'm not going to mention him," she sings. Other than the Scared Straight sketch, they write to her range and do a good job of presenting young-ish material without feeling too pandering or cloying. Taylor actually wrote her own monologue for this episode, which is super rare for hosts to do, unless they’re doing stand up or something. I do enjoy moments of these, and some installments as a whole (I remember Scarjo’s as being entertaining), although I think they are hurt by Kristen already doing so many of these mannerisms as Kathie Lee. Taylor’s monologue must have been very charming and fun at the time – it still has a charm, but less so because these topics (her love life, Kanye) would still end up being rehashed for a full decade. of the Navy, The Man That Lives By His Actions Keanu Reeves, Movie Actress Dana Delany Cast For Carrie Bradshaw In ‘Sex and The City’, Young Nicole Kidman Dives with Sharks but Fears Butterflies, Directors Martin Scorsese and George A. Romero Are Closer …, Famous Movie Actor Robert De Niro Nicknamed ‘Bobby Milk’, Host of Daily Show Jon Stewart Actually Majored In …, James Franco Interned With Lockheed Martin As A Child, Movie Actor Tom Hanks Was “A Bible Thumping Geek …. Talk about making up for his absence in the preceding episode. There’s some really funny performances in the Bunny Business sketch. Beyond questioning whether this is the best subject matter (I know it wasn’t exactly unusual – hell, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell had a hit movie only 5 years ago all about how hilarious prison rape is), I mostly question whether they realized just how very awkward Taylor was going to be in this.

Roomies The “He’s got a gun! — Hate to say it, but a lot of Amy and Seth’s quips during tonight’s “Really?! — Absolutely spot-on Natalie Merchant from Kristen.

Joe Jonas, her ex-boyfriend, whom she has claimed dumped her in a 27-second phone call. My general view of impression parades is not changed here, although Kristen is great as Natalie Merchant, and Eddie Vedder impressions are always fun. As she did in promos the week of her SNL hosting gig, she took a shot at West, who ambushed her onstage during the MTV Video Music Awards this fall.

I recently watched an interview with Bobby where he said he didn’t do political stuff so his way of playing Karl Rove was just to keep putting his chin down. — Yet another sketch appearance tonight from the omnipresent Andy Samberg. Why wasn’t Amy (or whoever that was) onscreen during this intro, and why was there a long delay before it? I really enjoyed the TRAPPD sketch–both Jason and Kristen were very funny in it. Firelight

Jason’s Glenn Beck isn’t 100%, but that 80% or so is still great to watch. Taylor Swift and Kate Gosselin are both from Wyomissing, PA, which is a suburb of Reading. Fred would be one of the absolute WORST at this, making a countless number of unnecessary cameos the season (season 39) after he leaves. The most interesting part for me (and the best joke in it) is when she says she grew up watching Andy and Bill – it’s one of our first real signs of the way these years would be written in the SNL lore (basically, Andy, Bill, Kristen, Seth, and a few of their special friends). Songstress Taylor Swift did a fantastic job as SNL’s host and musical guest.

Taylor appeared in a Californians sketch at the 40th anniversary special, I think. joyriding teens aren’t fazed by Lorenzo McIntosh & fellow con (host), — Feels odd seeing this recurring sketch appearing so late in the show. Tonight I'm hosting SNL, but I'm not going to brag about that.". — Something seemed to go awry during this part. The original material adds a certain life and makes you wonder what might have been if they’d tried to wean off more of the not-so-greatest-hits. star-laden soundtrack relegates movie to an afterthought, — The first of a series of occasionally-appearing sketches.

— I saw it coming a mile away that Taylor (who’s in the other room) was going to be revealed as the person on the other end of the phone call that Nasim receives.

Fact: Taylor Swift is the first host on Saturday Night Live to write her own monologue entitled, “My Monologue Song.” Normally, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers take care of the celebrity host’s monologue.

— Loved Seth’s “Women with two vaginas” jokes, especially the second one. End Of An Era — This Sarah McLachlan commentary is a solid showcase for Abby, and ends up being one of the more memorable things she would do in her forgettable SNL tenure. Taylor Swift didn't leave anyone out of her monologue when she hosted last night's Saturday Night Live! One of the reviews at the time trashed this episode for the recurring characters.

She then blew a kiss and winked. It’s one of the perils of being so used. Didn’t he originate the role in a Weekend Update special?

I believe this is the first actual sketch she’s had a lead role in, after previously having a lead role in a Weekend Update commentary earlier this season.

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