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Of the 750 CHINOOKs operated by the US during the Vietnam war, about 200 were lost in combat and 500 were upgraded to the -D configuration. (Initial Operational Capability, defined by the USMC as four aircraft that can be operated with trained crews and maintainers) in December 2019.

By far the largest or heaviest-lifting rotorcraft anywhere, of course, is the Russian Mil-Mi-26 (NATO designation HALO). The objectives of this modernisation remain the same as for Block II – to increase load-bearing capacity and autonomy, improve avionics and develop interoperability. The bow and stern area of the hull will be replaced and reinforced by new structures to accommodate the heavier and more powerful engines for Block III. Sources at Sikorsky-Lockheed Martin have estimated that if the deal between the Israeli government and the US government is signed in the coming year, the helicopters will reach Israel gradually by 2023-2024. Boeing is well positioned to deliver the 40 to 60 new helicopters between 2023 and 2031. A civilian Mi-26 was once leased by the US military to lift-out a couple of damaged and crippled CH-47s and UH-60s from various spots in Afghanistan. Assembled in the US and in Izmir, the purchase of these helicopters was processed under a US government FMS contract for US$3.4Bn.

imgTitle = yq(value).children().find('.citv_title').html(); Unfortunately, since 2004 the programme has developed into a textbook example of what not to do in a military acquisition. var imgTitle; This means that – at the moment – hopes for the projectlook fairly good, so we can indeed expect a “real” RFP sometime this year.

And, if there is no war or large troop deployment, deployments like these will most likely be the reason that such heavyweights could be much easier to sell to the public and taxpayers than most other military equipment. yq(value).find('a').attr('title' , imgTitleFinal); The current budget called for the buying of 61 helicopters until 2023, based on an annual procurement rate rising from US$1.3Bn last year to US$2.3Bn. However, air-to-air refuelling will be included in both variants. 21 of them are on order with the first flight witnessed in 2017. The current price tag of every CH-53K King Stallion is $87 million, compared to roughly $40 million for each CH-47 Chinook—the average cost of … jQuery(".artImageLightbox").colorbox({rel:'group3', transition:"none", width:"980px", height:"551px"}); Although it is not a real competitor for the German STH replacement programme, another western heavy lift helicopter has to be mentioned: The Sikorsky H-92 was developed on the basis of the civilian S-92 HELIBUS of 1998. The latest sibling of the initial HH-53 “Jolly Green Giant” (its 1960s nickname, after a mascot of the “Green Giant” vegetable company) is designated CH-53K or KING STALLION and will be of the same size and shape as its predecessor. The autonomy and power handling of the CHINOOK have also increased considerably. Last year, it was also announced that Boeing and Rohde & Schwarz had reached an agreement to integrate Rohde & Schwarz’ next-generation software-defined airborne radio (SDAR) into the flight systems of the CH-47F/G CHINOOK helicopters. The loading height is more than five metres, which is not only higher than that of the KING STALLION (2.4 metres), but also higher than that of any other conventional rotorcraft.

yq('.magnifyPic'{ The US Navy wants to buy up to 200 KING STALLION for the US Marine Corps. At IDEX, Viktor Kladov, a high-ranking ROSTEC representative, declared that development contracts “will soon be signed”. However, in the end, all the domestic European interest amounted to nothing. Platforms to fulfil the heaviest load-carrying demands can be counted on one hand. Eventually, the Canadian military settled on Sikorsky’s MH-92 SUPERHAWK, which will serve from the decks of Canada’s naval ships and bases. In 2009, 16 new CH-47F were ordered by the General Directorate of Air Armaments to replace the CH-47C, with deliveries planned for between 2014 and 2017. var current_url = window.location.href; Next to the Lockheed C-130 HERCULES, it is one of very few aircraft developed in the early 1960s that have remained in production and frontline service for more than 50 years. imgTitleFinalAlt = ''; Sikorsky-Lockheed Martin President Dan Schultz noted that “the King Stallion can land on its own in a predefined spot. “This helicopter is three times stronger than the Sea Stallion and we’ll be able to produce about 24 helicopters a year. Programme Manager Colonel Koen van Gogh explained “Ever since their introduction in the mid-1990s, the CHINOOKs have been continuously involved in almost all of our missions abroad, but also in disaster relief operations and in domestic support.

The CH-53E SUPER STALLION from 1980, of which the Navy and the USMC acquired 177, was the first with three engines.

The King Stallion’s disadvantage, however, is its high cost—almost double the cost of the Chinook—and that may affect its chances of being selected, in spite of the praise it has received from Air Force pilots who tested it several months ago in the United States. yq("a.artImageLightbox").click(function(event){ While the postponement is also due to a lack of sufficient funds to complete the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase within the original timeframe, due to the technical problems that have extended the SDD beyond the original forecasts, the USN has not yet formally established a new IOC date. Germany was to procure between 60 and 120 helicopters, with France being another prospective customer. imgTitleFinal = "" + TitleTrimmed + "" ; The King Stallion helicopter can speed up and shorten many processes with such an alert, like the checklist before every takeoff, which is automatically carried out by the helicopter.”. var lengthTitle = 90; Its load capacity is 3 tons higher than the Chinook's. AgustaWestland Italy is the prime contractor for systems integration, final assembly and aircraft delivery, and the first two helicopter were handed over on 2 October 2014 at Verigate. All rights reserved. Meanwhile, a theoretical possibility has been raised to consider another fighter jet that the IDF has never used before—the F-22.

The helicopter was designated "CH-53A Sea Stallion" and delivery of production helicopters began in 1966. “When we planned the plane, we thought about how to help pilots be as confident as possible in the helicopter’s operation and in their convenience. Site developed by     Copyright © Yedioth Internet. The standard Block-II can be offered for export from 2025. yq('.artImageLightbox .ya_main_relative_img').mouseout(function(){ Besides, RH-53D deminers in Iran (with questionable operational readiness), 33 CH-53D YASURs in Israel and 11 MH-53J in Japan and the predecessor of the KING STALLION, which is well established and appreciated in Germany, no other European country acquired the large Sikorsky rotorcraft – with one rather unexpected exception. Support and maintenance will be carried out in Germany, as well as pilot and crew training with partner companies. Finally, the German government has taken another step forward to replace its ageing fleet of CH-53 heavy transport helicopters. The first modernised CHINOOK is to be delivered in 2021. Meanwhile, these aircraft are operated by the 5th Transport Helicopter Battalion of the Spanish Mobile Air Forces, who is responsible for logistical support to combat units. Boeing has already begun flight testing of the new rotor blades. var isMobile1 = _isMobile(); The pilot can ‘talk’ to the helicopter and plan the mission on a tablet before entering the cockpit. yq('.magnifyPic'{ As the original engine manufacturers Ivchenko and Motor Sich are now in Ukraine, the Mi-26T2V has gotten new Aviadvigatel PD-12V engines and features the NPK90-2V avionics suite, which allows the helicopter to operate day and night in automatic mode. jQuery(document).ready(function() { The three lateral fuel tanks are replaced by a single tank capable of holding more fuel, which increases the autonomy of the aircraft. According to the original plan, the type should have been in service until 2010 but it has since been upgraded to keep it in service until 2025. var imagesArray = yq( "div[id^='citvCompId']" ); function PushOpeningPicture() {

In 2011, Turkey signed an agreement with Boeing on the purchase of 11 CH-47F helicopters, with a first batch of six helicopters for US$400M delivered until 2016. In 2004, it became clear that there were no funds for development until 2015. The Israeli choice is also expected to be affected by Germany’s decision on whether to purchase 40-50 new CH-53K King Stallion helicopters. TitleTrimmed = imgTitle.substring(0, 90); Block II includes the integration of new rotor blades, which increases its load capacity. Depending on Germany’s requirements, both the CH-47F and the Extended Range MH-47G will be offered. In 2015, Turkey placed a follow-on-order for a further five CH-47F. Winch sets, ballistic protection, an ElOp/IR sensor and self-defence arrangements are also listed. In the meantime, production has risen to an astonishing four to six aircraft per month, divided between newly built CH-47s for the US Army and overhauled CH-47Ds. According to the tender documents, the future helicopter should be capable of transporting personnel and equipment/vehicles and have a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 20+ tonnes. In Italy, 38 C-models were assembled locally for the Army Aviation (Aviazione dell’Esercito).

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