summon night stats

The guardian beast Killfith in the last game. She cares very much for her sister.

In this tournament joins the child of Shintetsu, determined to take his/her father's place as the Craftlord of Iron. Little does he/she know about the connection between his/ her father to Parista, the Spirit of Swords that lies 50 levels beneath the ocean. Before the tournament can be concluded, the player learns of a building unrest among the craftlords, and discovers Lubert, Craftlord of Amber, and Ureksa, Craftlord of Jade, are attempting to harness the power of the destructive spirit Parista, and have struck a deal with the neighboring warfaring nation of Deigleya in exchange for sharing control of the beast. The four beasts are: Sugar (シュガレット, Shugaretto) is a cute fairy type creature who is intent on marrying her master, regardless of gender. Each attack will decrease the duration of the weapon very slightly. Hit points are also gained in varying amounts depending on which stats were selected to increase. Nigelle (ナシュメント, Nashumento): Varil's family butler. Often, they are simple fetch quests. Amariss (アマリエ, Amarie): Amariss is Pratty/Cleru's mother, she is a kind and caring women who slightly teases her child. To get Kutty as your Summon Creature, say the second option to every question asked when obtaining your Summon Beast. His wife, Amariss, made him a lucky amulet long ago that Amariss eventually passes onto Cleru/Pratty. Pratty is very persistent in her goals and helps people, but at times is slightly clueless as to her surroundings or what may be happening, as well as apologetic. While Razzy's gender is highly disputed among English speaking fans (partially due to the intentional confusion of Razzy's gender by characters in the game), it's later confirmed that Razzy is, in fact, a girl.

She is standing near a pillar that day. what Guren Goura wanted to do the the main hero in Craft Sword Story 2, depending on your choices, your Guardian Beast will fuse with your weapon to defeat the, during the walk with Gabriel he mentions it was the first Daemon Edge, something he wasn't around to learn. As an opponent, Sanary has 1350 HP and her weapon has 120 endurance. depending on what choices player make, player could end up either with Kuhyra or one of the original four beasts as the player's partner during the last stand against Parista. ~Schrodinger's Gun~: Used when choosing a partner character. GBA.

Her father was one of the 7 Craftlords, the Craftlord of Iron - Shintetsu. When a weapon breaks, it leaves behind a weapon shard and cannot be restored. A cheerful yet kind normal girl. "...please never say that again. His master (player and his/her father-Shintetsu) can understand him despite this. His Guardian Beast is named Black Spirit. He battles Cleru/Pratty on the first match. If duration of a weapon hits zero, the weapon will break and will no longer be usable. He specializes in fire spells. Early on the game, the main character is given the task of finding Razzy who once said she became lost in the Labyrinth. A day normally ends after a tournament or boss battle. Sanary likes using Swords, and is battled in the semi-finals. His Guardian Beast is named Pouso. Duration is refilled after every battle. This also happens in Craft Sword Story 2, with the heroes from, Atlus being Atlus, added some standard pop-culture gags in the translation, like ". To forge a weapon, the player needs the weapon technique and the materials to create it. The entire game consists of 10 days, where the player traverses through the town of Wystern and the Labyrinth Dungeon. It is summoned by Shintetsu, and the counterpart of Parista, the Spirit of Fire which is the main enemy in the game. Summon Night (サモンナイト, Samon Naito) is a series of role-playing video games, mixed with elements of a visual novel based dating sim.The series is primarily developed by Flight-Plan, published by Banpresto, and owned by Bandai Namco Entertainment.The character designs are by Izuka Takeshi. All The Tropes Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Other times she is seen next to the first of the three swords. Summon Night divides materials into four elements: fire, water, lightning, and wind. Varil's preferred weapon is the spear, and battled in the finals. Enchanted weapons have increased statistics in comparison to their original form, and they are also endowed by one of the four elements. He is very respectful of the hero's mother, but loves to give a hard time to others, even to the main character. Rumari (ルマリ, Rumari): The former Craftlord of Jade and Ureksa's ill older sister. She very much looks forward to battling Cleru/Pratty in the tournament, hoping to meet the playable character in the finals. His weapon is a drill. While the tournament was simply a formality, the player earns his/her place as the Craftlord of Iron and saves the world from destruction. Being a machine, he specializes in electric spells. Now he trains with his master, the Craftknight Bron.

Summon Night Swordcraft Story Developer: Flight Plan Platform: Game Boy Advance Release Dates: April 25, 2003 (JP) July 26, 2006 (NA) Genre: Action RPG This must be set up before a battle begins. Three years have passed and the remaining Craftlords have organized a tournament to replace him.

To acquire Sugar as your Guardian Beast, say the first answer to the first question, the second answer to the second question, and the first answer to the third question. Also, as with swords, Bron will add to the number of techniques by each day. She supports Ariel as a Guardian Beast. She has tufts of hair stick out of them, but it was probably originally designed to accommodate horns. Though she is rather snappy the first time you meet her, after talking to her in the first level of the underground tower about her sister, she starts warming up to you and starts to become your friend eventually and shortly even watching out for Claru/Pratty's back.

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