standard chartered interview questions

Especially around the holidays, I was often handling drawers with over $10,000 cash in them at the end of my shift. As you look to interview for a Personal Banker position with Standard Chartered, be sure to expect a question or two that really digs into the technical abilities that you would bring to the position in the form of a hypothetical situation that you will likely face in this role. I interviewed at Standard Chartered Bank (New York, NY (US)) in June 2019. Interviews, 108 While being a master of Excel, I picked up our sales software system very easily and don't see any reason why I would have any issues with easily transitioning to your software programs.

Telephone interview after psychometric tests and digital submission.

In the end, setting the right course and timeline would be important for every customer when I faced this situation.". Tell me about a time when you showed integrity in your work. You, as a customer service professional, are likely used to doing this so in your example, be sure to think about a time where your going above and beyond the call of duty really impacted the overall customer experience. If you are a recent college graduate or starting a new career, you may or may not know where you'd like to be in five years. Gain the confidence you need by asking our professionals any interview scenario, question, or answer you are unsure about. Anonymous Interview Rounds. If hired for this role, I know that I will be relied upon to use open and honest communication skills, time management skills and to take a empathetic and personalized approach with each client and I can definitely be relied upon to do that. All Rights Reserved. Be a good ambassador for your company by conducting a professional interview, communicating honestly, and basing hiring decisions on an honest evaluation of each candidate's capabilities. I applied online. I applied online. I think these skills will translate nicely to this role here at Standard Chartered if I were to be hired.". I currently do administrative work in the insurance industry and this online system has been a wonderful addition to our team to replace the use of spreadsheets and email to house our information. As you answer this question, highlight your ability to learn and know the entire catalog of financial products you would have at your disposal and then switch to your sales skills mode where you talk about tailoring packages to each individual based on their needs. "After I had done my due diligence in getting to know the need's of the customer, my first step would be educating them on setting a personal budget that allows for savings. To ensure repeat customers, I make sure that I am knowledgeable about our products and services, I'm proactive with their needs and I'm always accountable for any mistakes that are made on my organization's side of things. "If ever faced with that situation here at Standard Chartered, I would first hear the customer out and then repeat back to them what I heard them say. Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. I interviewed at Standard Chartered Bank (New York, NY (US)) in March 2018. Give an example of how you led a team, or collaborated with a group for a school project, to show Standard Chartered that you are perceptive and sensitive to the needs of others. I applied online. Also ask about your career goals. investment bankers including financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel Modeling. Writing code in comment? Technical. In this role as a Personal Banker, your customers will expect that you tailor your approach to meet their needs. Panel Interview -- 5. Standard Chartered Bank Manual & Automation Selenium Interview Questions: In this post, we are going to share the latest interview questions for testers.For more interview questions, manual & Java selenium interview questions, visit our blog regularly.

In my current job, my duties often put many tools and huge amounts of paperwork in my work space and it can become easily cluttered throughout the day. 4. Below is the list of Questions asked in Standard Chartered 1st round of technical F2F interview for a java developer: 1. While being open and honest in your experiences, try to highlight your ability to use fair judgement in writing performance appraisals and highlight any technologies that you've used to help manage the performance of your team. Whenever I join a new team, I make a point to get to know each person and find ways we can connect. What is one way that you would help provide great customer service in our branch here at Standard Chartered? Difference between PUT and POST. With that in mind, the customer then has a much better chance of becoming a life-long customer at Standard Chartered.".

Difference between REST and SOAP. Application.

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