spotify exclusive vinyl

I’ll wait until release day and mosey on over to Target and buy it in person. It was odd that MusicVault and Thesoundofvinyl Got copies, but no other places, so I have a hunch it will pop up somewhere else (Amoeba, Turntable lab), but I'm not sure. So it seems, thath everyone can order it. cd, Population II is…, Chris in US you can still get at or if you are in EU Rough Trade UK still has all the….

I do think a few songs are quite good from “Press To Play” with “Stranglehold” & “Footprints” being off-the-top-of-my-head examples. RIYL: KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson. On occasion, David can be seen crate-digging various Austin record stores in hopes of finding an original vinyl pressing of some obscure post-punk band. Recent years have seen me fall in love with a wide variety of new musicians: Merel Wagner, Band of Skulls, Janelle Monae, Emily Portman, Jerry Williams, The Melt Dunes, Kamasi Washington, The Wytches, Sauna Youth, Hookworms, Andrew Foster… I won’t go on but you get the picture.

It took me hours to download those download-only songs and then burn them on to a cd. All I meant by my comment, is that Spotify quite often endorses unique release variants; Father John Misty’s new record, “God’s Favorite Customer” was released in a plethora of variants, including a special neon pressing from Spotify. How fitting. That really was a cock-up.

How do you know what else people buy? I never get mad at artists for putting out more physical product, especially for those of us who like to collect and hunt for the rarer stuff (like the Japanese version of Chaos and Creation with the She is so Beautiful track – and how about those amazing b-sides from that album like Summer of ’59, Comfort of Love, Growing Up Falling Down, I Want You To Fly, etc.).

He has always said that this site is about the kind of music that interests him and being of a certain age there will be a predominance of artists of a certain era. Of course this form of marketing will work, it’s basically the same method that has been used since the ’50s. #SpotifyFansFirst Written, composed, and produced by Paul McCartney Cover Art and Typography by Ed Ruscha Cover Portrait by Mary McCartney Gatefold featuring photography by Mary McCartney, Sonny McCartney and Paul McCartney (it’s a family affair!) (Report here I wonder who is really handling these campaigns. I’m not collecting vinyl, if I can avoid it and get the CD version of everything. Smile Spotify Exclusive Vinyl.

The European online store is sold out so now I can’t buy it at all.

Last good album 1997. If the answer is as you say – that the site is about ‘the kind of music that interests [Paul],’ which I wasn’t entirely aware of – then that’s cool! But if it is going to become a commentary about contemporary marketing of music, maybe interview someone like Deezer’s marketing manager to provide balance as opposed to arbitrarily determining how people like me like to listen to music.

I reckon Paul S and Macca are gonna have to slug it out live – in a Logan Paul v KSI stylee. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen any expanded editions of McCartney’s music, and a few albums have been left out of the loop entirely; does he not like those albums? Clear the air a bit. The tracklisting is still the same, right? BTW, I am a HUGE fan of Flowers In The Dirt–it was one of my main must-haves, along with Back To The Egg–and I still haven’t got one. Whoa!

Nope. I’m getting the new album and, dammit, I will listen to it whether I like it or not, just like the rest of his albums. It’s a bit dated production-wise but then very few mainstream albums from the mid-1980s aren’t. It's a very frequent occurrence to see us running around in shorts and t-shirts on a sunny day, even if it's only 50 degrees (10 degrees, for the rest of the world) outside.

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