sir humphrey appleby monologues

“Clarification is not to clarify things.
"Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Oh, we're still waiting for it.

", Bernard Woolley: "How was Watergate different? And the persons don't like it. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "No, it's even worse, it is like the United Nations. When? His holidays were probably spent walking in the Lake District and, occasionally, sailing in Lymington. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "No.

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"Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Yes, but it wouldn't be awfully necessary to read them. In that cause we have fought with the Dutch against the Spanish, with the Germans against the French, with the French and Italians against the Germans, and with the French against the Germans and Italians. "James Hacker: "I thought that everybody knew that. "James Hacker: "How can a seven storey building in Walthamstow be top secret? Sir Humphrey has become a stereotype associated with civil servants, and the phrase "Bowler-hatted Sir Humphreys" is sometimes used when describing their image.

This contradicts the date of death given in Politico's Book of the Dead.[3]. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Well briefly, Sir, I am the Permanent Under Secretary of State, known as the Permanent Secretary.

"Betty Oldham: "Well, that is a load of meaningless drivel. “I foresee all sorts of unforeseen problems,” he once warned.

This is a building, not an oil painting.

"Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Not the Foreign Office. Antony Jay writes: "Election time may mean frantic activity for politicians on the hustings, but what about the civil servants in Whitehall?

For Newsnight Antony Jay has written a set of three monologues featuring Sir Humphrey, portrayed by Henry Goodman, who takes the iconic role in the forthcoming play. Sir Humphrey is committed to maintaining the status quo for the country in general and for the Civil Service in particular, and will stop at nothing to do so—whether that means baffling his opponents with technical jargon, employing a dizzying array of stalling and delaying tactics, withholding information or concealing vital documents in mammoth piles of papers and reports, strategically appointing allies to supposedly impartial boards, or setting up an interdepartmental committee to immobilise his Minister's proposals with red tape, and occasionally outright lying. An example is the following monologue from the episode The Death List: "In view of the somewhat nebulous and inexplicit nature of your remit, and the arguably marginal and peripheral nature of your influence within the central deliberations and decisions within the political process, there could be a case for restructuring their action priorities in such a way as to eliminate your liquidation from their immediate agenda. © 2001-2020 ClassicTV. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Well you're a banker, surely you read the Financial Times? "Annie Hacker: "No of course not, silly of me. "James Hacker: "Oh, I agree.

", James Hacker: "Fortunately Bernard, most of our journalists are so incompetent that they have the gravest difficulty in finding out that today is Wednesday.
The Civil Service is the opposition in residence.

So it was strange that the papal memo story should break just as Newsnight was filming some brand new fictional monologues featuring Sir Humphrey, as part of our election specials. Jim Hacker: I'd like a new chair. On the whole, he had a slightly warmer relationship with his dog than his family. ", James Hacker: "So when this next comes up at Question Time, you want me to tell Parliament that it's their fault that the Civil Service is too big?

... his monologues … "Bernard Woolley: "I think it was 1496. As a child I watched the show without grasping all the references but enjoying the sly glimpse into the corridors of power. ", Betty Oldham: "Look, Sir Humphrey, whatever we ask the Minister, he says is an administrative question for you, and whatever we ask you, you say is a policy question for the Minister. "Bernard Woolley: "Well, 'under consideration' means we've lost the file, 'under active consideration' means we're trying to find it. [8] Foreign office is terribly pleased, it's just like old times. ", James Hacker: "When did a civil servant last refuse an honour? 2. "James Hacker: "I wonder what made you think I didn't want to hear that? It is bound to be once it's there, isn't it? "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Well, it is within the gift of my Minister, and you would only put in appearances once or twice a month. "Annie Hacker: "Not difficult, just innocent.

'", Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Didn't you read the Financial Times this morning? "Bernard Woolley: "Shred it? Mostly, Sir Humphrey succeeded in his aim of atrophying change, although sometimes events and Hacker himself – growing wilier with experience – would defeat him. She was assuming there was some moral basis to your activities. Woolley here is your Principal Private Secretary, I too have a Principal Private Secretary and he is the Principal Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "The persons are ignorant and misguided. If they go out looking for information they might... oh well, they might..."James Hacker: "Jim Hacker:... find it? "James Hacker: "They are only the opposition in exile.

Still, I find that quite acceptable. [Jim Hacker is being introduced to his new position as Minister]James Hacker: "Who else is in this department? Sir Humphrey was voted the 45th greatest comedy character in Channel 4's 2007 "The World's Greatest Comedy Characters" poll. I simply do as I am instructed by my master. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "It was in America, Bernard. His unbelievably complicated monologues are one of the highlights of the series. However, he is equally quick to defend Woolley from outsiders. It was the persons who elected me. The sketches were written by Jay and Lynn, and Sir Humphrey was played by Henry Goodman. "James Hacker: "But government figures are a nonsense anyway.

Jim Hacker, on the other hand, tends to regard what is best for Britain as being whatever is best for his political party or his own chances of re-election. which supposedly prepares for the Pope's visit to Britain He is married, although his wife plays virtually no role in either series and is only seen once: next to him in bed in the Series One episode "Big Brother". But you'd be wrong.

"James Hacker: "You're not describing politicians as organized crime? "James Hacker: "Good God. "Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Well, that Hitler wanted to conquer Europe. Quite mad.

", [a journalist is trying to phrase Hacker's leaking of information to the press]Walter Fowler: "How would you like to be an informed source? At its heart was the power struggle between Jim Hacker, the Minister for Administrative Affairs, and Sir Humphrey Appleby, the Permanent Secretary. What do you think, Bernard? Upon Nigel Hawthorne's death, the following appeared on the Editorial page of The Ottawa Citizen under the heading "No, Minister": "It is sadly that we report on Sir Nigel Hawthorne, elsewhere referred to as Sir Humphrey Appleby. '", [the Home Secretary has been forced to resign after a drink-driving incident]James Hacker: "What will happen to him? "James Hacker: "Why, did he faint? Or: 'A meeting of the Inner Cabinet. How do you suggest we find out what is going on? He was played originally by Sir Nigel Hawthorne, both on stage and in a television adaptation of the stage show by Henry Goodman in a new series of Yes, Prime Minister. "Sir Desmond Glazebrook: "Never do.

They've got the flexibility of the Germans, the organising ability of the Italians and the modesty of the French.

The writing is astute and sophisticated and is tailor-made for Nigel Hawthorne's superb characterisation of the Machiavellian Permanent Secretary and later Cabinet Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby.

", James Hacker: "You know what the average Common Market official is like?

Full of economic theory.

According to Sir Humphrey, party manifestos are "wonderful anthologies of creative writing", and they are certainly packed with optimism.

Why should we change now, when it’s worked so well? Yes, Minister and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister are British television shows that were broadcast between 1980 and 1988. BBC Comedy producer Jonathan Harvey explains why Sir Antony Jay, co-writer of classic political comedies Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, has resurrected the master of obfuscation and manipulation Sir Humphrey Appleby for Newsnight's Election 2010 campaign coverage. I mean, that's what they would say, Minister. She's the secretary. When Woolley's loyalty to the Minister is inconvenient to Sir Humphrey's plans, he readily makes oblique threats about Woolley's job prospects should he defy Sir Humphrey. They’d made her a sort of honorary man for the evening.”, “... a cynic is only a term used by an idealist to describe a realist.”.

"James Hacker: "Why should today be any different? The principal cast is as follows: [Discussing Trident with General Sir Guy Howard], Episode Three: The Skeleton in the Cupboard, Christmas at the Ministry (1982): "The Funny Side of Christmas", Episode Seven: The National Education Service, with the French and Italians against the Germans, with the French against the Germans and Italians,,_Minister&oldid=2866509, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. "[Humphrey nods], Sir Humphrey Appleby: "Politicians like to panic, they need activity. He has a slightly more amicable relationship with his subordinate, the Minister's Principal Private Secretary, Bernard Woolley.

Read more. As a result, Sir Humphrey and Hacker often clash. "James Hacker: "And what is to praise that?"Mrs. We can set the Spanish against the Germans, the Germans against the French, the French against the Italians. "James Hacker: "Humphrey. In a Radio Times interview to promote the first series of Yes, Prime Minister, Nigel Hawthorne observed, "He's raving mad of course.

"Sir Desmond Glazebrook: "Are there lots of papers? Quotes By Jonathan Lynn. Rogers: "It is won by the most hygienic hospital in the area. I hope we still have enough of him to go around. ", [responding to an inflammatory speech by a foreign diplomat]Sir Humphrey Appleby: "There are essentially six options. We call it diplomacy, Minister.” ― Jonathan Lynn, The Complete Yes Minister ", [on the 1938 Munich Agreement]Sir Humphrey Appleby: "It occurred before certain important facts were known, and couldn't happen again.

"Bernard Woolley: "Not if you don't want to, we can draft an official reply.

later this year. This resulted in fiascos such as Blair’s short-lived suggestion that police should march disorderly drunks to cashpoints and extract on-the-spot fines of £100.

I think that Humphrey's hobbies were reading (mainly biographies), listening to classical music, and occasionally visiting the RSC, the National Theatre or the Royal Opera House, where he was on the Board.

Whatever happens, it is the mission of our civil servants to navigate the incoming government's policies, and Sir Humphrey is the consummate master.

"Sir Humphrey Appleby: "But the bureaucracy is a consequence of the internationalism.

"James Hacker: "What's an official reply? ", Sir Humphrey Appleby: "It must be hard for a political adviser to understand this, but I'm merely a civil servant. ", [discussing the EEC]James Hacker: "The trouble with Brussels is not internationalism, it's too much bureaucracy. "James Hacker: "What about beauty?

And that's topped up by the humour of the Belgians, the generosity of the Dutch and the intelligence of the Irish. Politicians often formulate policy in headlines alone, with unworkable results.

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