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Recap Of Adnan Case, That Americans have a long, rough week ahead is an understatement.

You see what I'm saying?

You know? Repeat it in batches, as if he's skipping a mental stone.

He pitched them into a dumpster behind the store. But there was other evidence, aside from RJ, and Donnell Lindsey was convicted. Serial Episode 6 Summary. She tells Jay, “the police want to talk to me. I couldn't do nothing but cry. Fans of CW dramas, YA novels, and Romeo & Juliet can all attest to the appeal of the star-crossed lovers aspect of Syed and Lee's relationship. [14][15] Syed did not speak in front of the jury.

Serial is a production of This American Life and WBEZ Chicago. I got information. He's the grieving father of a dead baby daughter. He'd escape. Do you think you might want to listen?' No fruit. Mia Khalifa (Mia!) When they had this meeting, the Cleveland Police Department had only 12 homicide detectives. And I was like alright – what's up dude? And I had to fake like I—act like I was going home, but I would just go down another street. Second, Lee's friend Summer says that Lee could not have been dead by 2:36, because she had a conversation with Lee between 2:30 and 2:45. I'm not the only person to know your face now. Some cited resources dedicated to finding him that were not then available to other operations. He doesn't have any proof for his version of what happened.

Da'Von said Shaughnessey believed him that he didn't commit this crime. You used to work at Whataburger Public officials, people who deal with tragedy for a living, were unraveled by what was going on. Shit. I heard this from several people I interviewed in Cleveland. Yeah, I lost my big brother. Charles wasn't there himself. No, no, no. Koenig expresses her desire to avoid unsubstantiated speculation and to focus on only the facts.

Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee had a storybook romance, which was kept secret from their disapproving parents. How much of a criminal was he? If I wanted to something, I'd have did it. They find Jay at work late one night and bring him down to Homicide. He said, man, I just seen [BLEEP], and it was like he took off, like he jumped in somebody's car that he wasn't even in and took off. I feel bad, but I'm not the one that did it. That yes, he does still suffer over his brother, but they didn't think that was the reason Jon lied about Da'Von.

He was there. He doesn't positively identify anyone. When the shooting happened, RJ was there on his front porch. It was as if one big law enforcement fist were pounding on the public podium—this should not be happening in our city, and we got to do something about it. That's all they had. —throwing rocks, just stealing food out the cafeteria in school. Don’t know how to get a podcast? However, Adnan was close with Stephanie, Jay's girlfriend – very close.

He wants to live in a world where snitching is unnecessary. They got the wrong guy. They've been looking all over the place for it. Da'Von's 16-year-old brother was bound over to the Justice Center, meaning he was transferred from Juvenile Court, where the maximum sentence he could get was around five years, and prosecuted as an adult. Da'Von had told me he didn't know the Wakefield family. Like I said, I'd already say I broke the code coming out here talking to you. Of course he knew things, had heard things. Three of them died. But I—.

I heard about the child dying. You can listen to the podcast in full here. It doesn't even really matter what words I say. He asks for a million-dollar bond. So like I say, it's just the waiting game. But for now, he was free.

Bergdahl is still a soldier, now classified as "present for duty". Then on October 10th, a little more than a week after the shooting, police show a photo lineup to an eyewitness. Jenn is not a friend of Adnan's. The 5-month-old infant was named Aavielle Wakefield. She looked like a model. I know where he at. (And that bangs, bro) What did he look like? Stephanie was smart, she was top athlete at the school, she was beautiful by any standard. A murder case—a baby. Congressional staffers felt they could no longer believe anything from DOD: first, where there had been a collegial relationship before, there was now "unprecedented, profound concern about national security risk…" Second, who signed off on the trade of five Taliban? Soldiers in his platoon said he walked away, and some from his unit started a "He's not a hero" Facebook page. It's not, it's not just, you know, I mean seriously man, I been coming home – people whipped out guns made me lay in the street in the snow walking to my own house – just so they can say I was a wrong dude, you know what I mean? You were sucking dick for a foreign car Since the shooting, he's had a hard time not thinking about her, and her death, and the unsolved case, every minute. About four or five people, and [BLEEP] name came out of all of their mouth. This is what I'm trying to understand. Now, Jay tells them he knows where it is. A couple days later, another judge would raise it to $2 million. Bergdahl's June 27 broadcast e-mail to friends, "Who is John Gault?" But when the note was brought up as evidence in court, the words "I will kill" were scrawled on top. This time the caller mentions a friend of Adnan's, Vasser Ali. First, he rules out Da'Von, then changes his mind, then says someone else's photo looks like the shooter. [95], Season 3 was tied for the 2019 Media for a Just Society Award in radio by the NCCD. [51], The first season of Serial was both culturally popular and critically well received. [64] Reddit hosts a Serial subreddit site. The mission in Afghanistan was counterinsurgency and nation-building, but many soldiers expressed confusion over doing "humanitarian things," rather than seeking and destroying the Taliban enemy. I, um—I listened to her screams as they went through the ER. It's from Detective Darryl Massey to Detective Greg MacGillivary. Third, Asia saw Syed at the library in that same time frame. Editing on this episode from Ira Glass. ... Read More, In Episode 05, Sarah talks about a friend of Adnan named Ja’uan. That is crazy. They didn't step up. A year after that second press conference, almost to the day, I happened to be at a holiday party at a restaurant downtown. That long-form narrative nonfiction is really the way to best leverage the potential of podcasting as a distribution model. I found out Da'Von apparently had made a statement placing himself in the vicinity of the crime, saying he'd been at the Family Dollar at the top of the street and had seen people running. He says he walked to the mall that day, got his girlfriend a new bracelet for her birthday, hung around with Jenn's younger brother, talked to Adnan sometime in the afternoon, and then, after two pages of notes like that, it says, “Alright, I come clean.”, At least, that's what I think it says. Koenig interviews, In 2009, the search for Bergdahl was in hands of two low-level personnel recovery intel analysts for Afghanistan, at. When I asked Da'Von why they finally let him go, he said this.

Detectives interview Jen and then Jay, who says Syed told him he killed Lee, and then forced him to help bury her body. "[34] The Baltimore Sun commented on the inherently riveting subject matter and noted that the top-notch reporting and podcast format yield "a novel twist on the investigative long-form piece". He lives right here. He gives you his car keys. They lied under oath. [85][86][87][88], The Guardian summarized the season by saying Koenig and her team managed to add to the conversation: "Not only did they let Bergdahl speak for himself, via a series of interviews with the film-maker Mark Boal, but they also asked and answered a question that no one – including the military or the US government – had seemingly bothered to investigate. The last time Charles met with the detectives was late November of 2016. He needed someone who behaved a little more dangerously than those people. No fruit. Lee had been missing for three weeks when a man on his lunch break, referred to as "Mr. S", discovered her body. So, Jenn gives them a motive. You give them the tag number of her car... First it was just, like, shock and then after that, I was part of it. Did Syed "lose it", and nurse feelings of rejection? He couldn't do it no more. So maybe Stephanie's relationship with Adnan – how affectionate they were with each other, the constant talking on the phone, the prom prince and princess stuff – maybe that was gnawing at Jay. It'd been a year since he was arrested. They called in my mama. Much as I am tempted to connect these two events, Da'Von isn't. I've spent untold hours trying to measure that distance – trying to weigh it for clues as to what might actually be true. Change ). He'd just turned 19. After that, Jay came back, got in my car, and he was really shooken up. They know Tink didn't do that, or they'd never let him out. "[58] Discussing the economics of podcast advertising, New York Magazine noted that the personal nature of the podcast format allows higher advertising rates: "CPM (the cost to an advertiser per thousand impressions, a standard ad-industry unit) was between $20 and $45. Yeah. (Mia!) After speaking to McClain, however, she realized that there were even more questions to ask about the case, because if that's all it took to free Syed, wouldn't it have worked long ago? Jay's friend Jen says she could understand why Jay might lie about some details, but she believed his story. Just being here is enough. Other Army soldiers discuss the initial recovery efforts and their feelings about Bergdahl following his disappearance. Sometime later, a woman called me. And I was like alright. They weren't targeted. I say, when? In episode 4, Sarah Koenig tends to focus on the inconsistencies in Jay Wild’s story of what happened in the case of Hae Min Lee. Prosecutors painted a picture of a boy who felt she had ruined his honor, especially after he had risked so much to be with her.

When you're not in jail, do you live with those fine people? I just took him to some place in the city and I dropped him off. I'm going to call this eyewitness "the landscaper," because he worked as a landscaper. The next time he tells it, he says that when that call comes, they're at a friend's apartment – a friend whose father happens to be a homicide detective in another county. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. He just ran. [41][42][43], Mark Henry Phillips, who mixes the show, has also provided original scores. This part of the podcast can get mind-numbingly boring: The question of whether cell phone records from the day of Lee's murder backed up Wilds' version of events. She concludes that from a legal perspective, she would have voted to acquit Syed, although she still nurses doubts. The other theme of the first episode, which then carried on throughout the season, is the fact that so much of the case relies on teenagers remembering what they did on one specific day, weeks before they were interviewed by police. [89][88][93] However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sarah Koenig and executive producer Julie Snyder said the download numbers for Season 2 were 50 million, higher than the numbers were by the time Season 1 ended. I'm like, because you know. And they'll follow it call by call by call, like footprints that end up at Adnan's front door. Possible timelines of the events of January 13, 1999, based on Adnan's memory, court records, and three of Jay's statements: his first two recorded statements to the police and his testimony at the second trial. He can try for parole in March of 2025. Three more attempted murders and three more felonious assaults for the other passengers in the car that day, who miraculously were unhurt. It's all information he's gathered from other people, so I'm going to be beeping out a name here. He thought of Jon as a brother. Producers Koenig and Chivvis test drive the prosecution's route and timeline of Lee's murder between 2:15, when school let out at the high school, and 2:36, when Jay said Syed called him for pick up in the. Charles thinks the state indicted Da'Von on three different kinds of murder charges and held him in a filthy jail cell for a full year in hopes that he'd turn on [BLEEP].

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