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All I want is for Skull Lords A2 to be AOE. This way players can book her up to 100%. Is it breaking everyone's turn order or only for himself?

The 191-200 Champion must be at least 20 speed faster than the slowest Champion​. Rhazin - 180 speed. These are theoretical Speed Comps that have yet to be tested and confirmed. MAD PROPS TO NAPOLEON CAMEMBERT FOR DISCOVERING THIS. The fact the move is 4 turns throws off the Rotation. BEK goes first after the stun, so he can reliably cleanse the debuff. I posted 6 different Reasons why they should do it. When the move Falls out of Sync, What happens? Roshcard’s A3 needs to be fully booked out to a 4 turn cooldown.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But Jareg's ally protect is a 4 turn cd and I don't have him fast enough to do it every time, so I just do it whenever ready. My SC does not have speed sets or masteries.

Hope A3 move doesn't do any Buffs? You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 7 so you must be able to sustain the first 6 rounds.

Edit: I haven't used the team on NM since. All 2020 fusions but Rotos are useless, need rework. You just make sepulcher sentinel a 4:3 speed tune and she is back on track with her block debuffs. The idea is speed tune, Counter attack from skullcrusher and life steal on all. These speed ranges are just that - ranges.

I would like to get her into my speed tuned comp for NM and UNM (171-179), with her going 4 turns for every 3 turns of UNM CB. 240 (Painkeeper), 254 (Maneater), 189, 188, 124, HP of SLOW target should be the highest with his def as low as possible vs Affinities the SLOW target ideally should be any weak affinity (vs Magic have a spirit one) etc, the rotation is simple, skip a2 on PK on his 2nd turn and use a2 on his 3rd turn, Guide - 2:3 Budget Unkillable Comp by Rust, 248 (Maneater 1), 246 (Maneater 2), 211-212, 205-212, 205-212 - UNM, 226 (Maneater 1), 224 (Maneater 2), 177, 176, 175 - NM. From what I've researched, my Sepulcher Sentinel would need 240+ speed for that to work. Players would than be able to Reduce Sepulcher Cooldown with 2 Books, until it reaches 3. Except you can use that argument to suggest almost any skill should be reduced to 3 turns with books.

I posted 6 different Suggestions on how they should be changed or modified.

Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Skull Lord Var-Gall. Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Fu-Shan. Another hero I would like to see Buffed is Sepulcher. But I kept my rotation up against spirit cb, so I'll count that as a win. There is one unprotected round, on round 5, so have to be able to survive that hit, but 100% invulnerable after that.

The timing of his skills will also be important. I'm gonna try that simulator as well. Many of the simple tunes need little to no additional information, the more advanced ones can have whole guides linked within. And we don't have to go through all of the headache trying trying to make a 4:3 Speed Tune work. We are not using every hero in the game in Clan Boss. Remove all of these Restriction from his Skill Kit. Even the 4:3 champ speed has plenty of room for maneuvering.Krisk is a very difficult champion to tune around because of his unique kit - it's highly recommended to test any build in the calculator first! The problem is Skull Lord A2 is only doing Provoke to 1 hero.

Sepulcher- 245 Rhazin - 179 Sandlash - 177 Frozen Banshee - 176 Skullcrusher - 172. My normal comp is Sepulcher(254), Frozen Banshee(178),Rhazin(181), Skullcrusher(173), Valk(172).

He is my first Lego and after almost a year, I do not plan to rank him 6 because he is a joke.Â, At least give him a function! I wanted to use Sepulcher A2 move every time the Clan Boss was having his A2 move.Â. Different combinations move the double turns to different places.

- Simple Speed Tune - 1:1 Champion to Clan Boss Turn Ratio Simple Guidance: There are two distinct ranges that provide regular turn orders, one below and one above the Clan Boss speed; for UNM that speed is 190. As the fight carries on, Sepulcher A2 move is moving! Link 1. The Extra Cool Down Sepulcher has causes it to slowly shift, until Sepulcher move falls out of Sync. Please find below the full details of the product you clicked a link to view.

@dhr21577: Thanks for your input. I want the Rival heroes to be lured into attacking Skull Lord. Before first AOE: BEK cleanses, Nick shield, Draco def down, Tyrant hp burn, Skullcrusher CA, Before second AOE: default attacks, Nick unkillable on his second move, Before stun: Draco poison, Tyrant defense up, default attacks for others. When is this mythical artifact event coming?? Then Sepulcher puts up her Block debuffs before the 2nd aoe and Sandlashed extends buffs before the stun.

These speed ranges are just that - ranges. I have no way to reduce the Errol Attack. This has the same turn structure as Bhelrudan’s above, but instead of using fast Sepulcher to block debuffs for the second AOE and stun, I’m using fast Nick to make my whole team unkillable for both those attacks. Turn 9 Clan Boss goes -----> Single Target - Stun = UNBLOCKED!!!!!!!!! It could help my team from getting Stunned by Clan Boss. A hp hit or a block revive for arena, or a passive that actually help?Â, When I look at champions like Rotos that are complete monsters and then I look at errol, I feel like you could give a little bit of rotos mojo to other toons. Furthermore, No one says we have to only recommend Buffing Vault heroes. Skullcrusher. Lastly, Sepulcher Sentinel prioritizes her A1 if no attack down is on, even if her A2 is off cooldown and ready. I'm struggling to get a 4 key on UNM, so it probably won't happen anytime soon. Between the two the higher one will go first.

My team initially was coming unstuck because while my skullcrusher stats said he had 171 speed, it was actually like 170.62 and that actually ruined the sync on UNM completely, so I gave him +1 speed and it worked. I have added a new Sepulcher Sentinel masteries for Clan Boss and Dungeons. The Compositions are organized by type: Standard (or a 1:1 Ratio), 4:3 Ratio, 3:2 Ratio, 2:1 Ratio, and Unkillable. 268 (High Khatun), 244 (Sandlashed), 244, 212, 196.

So on and so forth. Secondly, watch to see what Occult Brawler does. It may take a few seconds to load. My suggestion is to raise Hope Base Chance to 75%. Daering. It’s easier because they don’t need to lap each other. The simulator simply does not handle these things. Turn 6 Clan Boss goes -----> Single Target - Stun = Blocked!

I plan to ask for Buffs on a wide range of heroes. Now my question: Sepulcher Sentinel has a 2 turn block debuffs. Occult Brawler - 173 speed. Can I ask, when do you activate Jareg’s ally protect. Tried sepulcher at 235 and that didnt work with my setup either. It also is viable on all affinities.

Also how does having skullcrusher at 192 work on NM? There is a Method to my Madness - I always have a reason. Players have the chance to add 1 tome (Lvl 2 Cooldown -1). Champion Discussion. Skull Lord needs the Provoke to attack all enemies.

268 (Apothecary), 244 (High Khatun), 224, 224, 193. I am trying to speed tune my team for UNM clan boss. If Harvest Jack was able to do these 3 Debuffs, I feel like I would be able to beat Undead Faction Wars Crypt(UFC) Stage 21. Decrease Attack? Want to know what the slowest possible Speed Sepulcher Sentinel needs to be in order to use her A2 Ability before every Stun? You can see Bhelrudan here blocking both buffs vs spirit CB with Sepulcher.

It should contain Buffs to Bad heroes + Decent heroes + Good heroes.

Rearguard Sergeant - 176 speed. Sandlashed needs a 1 turn delay. With the right speeds on your team, she can go last before the second AOE attack (which applies the slow debuff), and your whole team will still have block debuffs when the CB does it’s stun attack. 232, 231, 230, 191, 176: three fast toons. I will explain to you what the reason is for the Buff. User ID: 8698972 . NOTICE - The Boss gains Turn Meter Filling if  you hit them!

The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

Typically, you’re looking for teams that settle into patterns that repeat after each three turns that the CB takes, but other patterns could potentially be useful, too.

It explained a lot of the issues which everyone was having with the hero. Posted by u/NapoleonCamembert.

Skullcrusher goes last before the first AOE, which is good for his counterattack. You will not be fully unkillible until Turn 6 so you must be able to sustain the first 5 rounds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Also tried rhazin at a slower speed and that didn't work either.

A ratio is a simple way to indicate how many turns a champion takes compared to the clan boss.

The speeds of all champions is important for these speed tunes to work and the trick comes in having the double turns occur at the right time! I have a few heroes which I feel could use a slight Buff. My gut feeling is that might be the case because SS looks a little low speed-wise compared to my team below, which is really close to yours. I believe the game should do a Balanced Buff. 229-238, 191-200, 171-178, 171-178,171-178. The first hero I would like to see Buffed is Harvest Jack.

I have no way to Block the Buffs of all these champions. And you can see him doing 30M+ vs void CB here. I own Harvest Jack - Every time I do his A2 move - NOTHING HAPPENS! Bushi and Double Warcaster - Thank you Skratch AK47, 255-256 speeds on the warcasters, 211(dps),210(2nd dps),209(bushi). Sepulcher A2 could help me a lot in Clan Boss.

Within those there is plenty of variation as far as timing and turn order, so test, test, TEST before gearing to choose the optimal set up.

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