select two principles of ethical communication explain why you feel they are important

Consultation 12. But in certain situations where they are the sole and best judge, informality may be avoided.

Late messages are meaningless and the utility of communication is ended. Clear authority-responsibility structures facilitate answering questions like who will communicate with whom, who has authority over whom and increase the effectiveness of communication. Simple, short and crisp sentences should be used to make the message effective. Sender should analyze the needs of information at the receiving end before conveying the message. Take the opportunity, when it arises, to convey something of help or value to the receiver. Feedback 10. Everything you need to know about the principles of effective communication. Scenario 1: Your company is considering closing a factory in the United States and outsourcing production to Mexico. (v) The Principle of Appropriateness (or Rationality): The communication must be appropriate or rational, in the context of the realization of organizational objectives.

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The communication should always be consistent with the objectives, policies and programmes of the enterprise.

The sender should give the meaning of words instead of making the words speak for themselves. Should Communication Appeal to Reason or Emotion? Appropriateness 19.

However, it is possible to overcome such resistance if the format and media of communication is changed each time. Understand the physical and human environment when communicating. Therefore, the effective communication system is one which achieved its objectives.

If a company was going to undertake a project that would temporarily bring a lot of noise pollution into a neighborhood, an example of ethical communication would be sending a notice to residents of the area warning them about the disturbance and explaining the reasons for it. This means the receiver accepting the statement of the sender as such. Communication is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Focus on ‘You’ attitude instead of I attitude. It should be worded in such a way that the receiver understands the same thing which the sender wants to convey.

Adequacy of information – In order to make communication effective, one more condition to be fulfilled is that it should be adequate and complete in all respects. When there is no error in interpretation and the sender gets correct feedback, then communication can be said to be effective. Senior management may informally convey certain decisions to the employees for getting their feedback.

Providing additional information would go a long way towards taking better decision by the receiver. The messages should reach the receiver whenever they are needed. ‘Action speaks louder than words’, so a manager cannot enforce punctuality, if he himself is not punctual.

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Complete information makes communication effective. Management, Functions, Directing, Process, Communication, Effective Communication.

On the contrary, in case of a less capable receiver more details are needed.

This is used to draw out the other person.

Inconsistent messages always create chaos and confusion in the minds of people which is highly detrimental to the interest of the enter­prise.



Hence, the action of the communicator should be in line with the message conveyed. This principle states that communication should always be consistent with the policies, plans, programmes and objectives of the organization and not in conflict with them. Workers will contact their supervisors rather than functional managers.

vi. Efficiency of communicator and communicates is also affected.

Informal communication system speeds up the transmission of formal messages. 1.

If the receiver happens to be capable more information can be given with the help of a few words. Politeness and courtesy are important contributors to effective communication.

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Simple and proper language have to be used in communication. A clear message will evoke the same response from the other party. The communicator or the sender should observe the following principles for effective communication in all types of communication: The sender must use simple language and the language should be known to the receiver. The message should be clear and complete. 9. The buying and selling of automobiles is a notoriously difficult process in which the seller, whether a dealer or a private citizen, is almost always going to conceal certain facts about the vehicle in question regarding its reliability, such as whether it has an oil leak that will require repairs. ii. The idea behind emphasizing on the feedback aspect of communication is that it helps the sender to modify his subsequent communications in view of the reactions of the recipient – making for better and improved human relations. What the sender wants to convey must also be what the receiver wants to receive. There are seven C’s of effective communication: It means preparing every message standing into the shoes of the receiver. Ethical communication is an extremely broad term. This naturally will depend on the purpose of communication and the type of receiver(s). The earlier you inform workers of this decision, the more time they will have to find new positions, something obviously beneficial to them.

In other words, the information should be presented within a context that ensures that the information is not misleading as a result of being conveyed in a sort of vacuum. will help you with any book or any question. A letter from superior to subordinate will exude authority—’Do this, do not do that’ type. Report a Violation 11. It is said that ‘actions speak louder than words. If case studies of real life happenings are narrated, the lis­teners/readers will be better able to understand the points made. 7. Uploader Agreement. ii. The process of communication should be helpful in an effective exchange of information. Flexibility 13. 3. 5. 8.

Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. For this purpose, the idea to be communicated must be very clear in the minds of the communicator.

Many people report that they find gift giving more rewarding than receiving a gift. Choosing simple language and using simple words in place of high sounding words. In other words, there is no room for misinterpretation. The consumer is so overwhelmed with unethical content provided for by the internet that they crave a good piece of factual work. The organisation structure of the unit consisting of physical setting and human setting must facilitate the process of communication. Times of crisis are another example of when good ethical communication is an absolute necessity.

Co-operation of the personnel is necessary to make effective communication. Training to the Communicators: Proper training is essential to the communicators to develop their communication skills. Effective commu­nication necessitates a minimum of two partici­pants who should interact with each other. A communication system that cannot absorb changes according to the need becomes meaningless. But that will happen only if the communicator has given careful thought to the content of the message. A concise message saves time and energy of both sender and the receiver.

A subordinate addressing his superior will be humble, respectful and polite in the extreme—he cannot afford to be careless or reckless. These may also be regarded as characteristics or an effective communication system.


Feedback is easily obtained in a face to face communication with the help of the facial reactions of the receiver. Modern technology has made available note-pads, I-pads and similar other devices for the purpose. (l) Effective communication is possible if the receiver has the skill of patient and perceptive listening. In this connection, the sender has to ensure the following: i. The purpose for which communication was used must be achieved. Listening is one of the most important tasks of the sender. If a seminar is organized for the students and speakers of esteem from various fields are invited who deliver lectures beyond the understanding of students, the lectures will be of no value to them and will go unheard. Today, almost every manufacturer of toothpaste claims his product to be the best in the market, this leaves the consumer, particularly the gullible among them, utterly confused about which toothpaste to choose from among the several ‘bests’. So, the actions of the sender should not contradict his words or message.

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They should seek not only to be understood but also to understand. This sort of failure of communication was a crucial element in the Challenger disaster. The engineer includes a mention of this possibility in a report.

The communicator must have feedback confirmation from the recipient whether the mes­sages communicated, have been understood in the same sense in which the sender takes it and also whether the recipient is agreed or disagreed the proposal. Terms of Service 7. Prohibited Content 3.

The effectiveness of a system is measured in terms of its objective achievement.

It helps to understand the people.

Privacy Policy 8.

The message transmitting ideas, facts or information should be clear and to the point. The information sent to the receiver should be sufficient and complete in every respect.

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