second innings of life meaning

Enjoy it !! Our fast-growing economy, improved life span and personal wellbeing have made a 40-year old’s status significantly better than what it may have been a couple of generations earlier.

For this reason, it is good to take a pause, sometime in the 2nd half of one’s career to re-evaluate life’s personal goals. Even though, you may be a person of action, and work on your “gut feel”, sound decisions are best made gradually, ruminating over different options with the answer slowly becoming apparent. It is a very exciting period, fast paced, many opportunities to show one’s talent & get rewarded. “I was scouting for a concept like this for a few years before I chanced upon Dhyanaprastha. Is my job continuing to give me joy & satisfaction? After living in the west for almost a year now, I really got to see a lot of differences in the way elderly people live their lives. The score achieved during a player's turn at batting. "The concepts of Transactional Analysis will never go out of fashion.....The Online training was very efficient" - Sowmya Shresth The organisation we join, the discipline we chose, the supervisor/mentor that we get in the initial stints, the global & national economy will together determine the trajectory of our career. Do I still have a bounce in my step on Monday mornings? For many, the current work life brings great fulfilment, while for others there is far more to life than being successful at work. It comes by our culture that once we become parents we give it all and the best to raise our kids and also expect that they take care of us in return in our old age or bad times. Keeping the health of senior citizens in mind, the food is lightly spiced and changes daily. […] Working Life – The importance of a planned second innings […]. Build in scenarios like children’s education & weddings, real estate purchases and contingencies in any new income streams that you are anticipating. pitch, weather, opposition tactics…… the experience of these conditions, the outcome of the 1st innings and clear goals can help the team plan and execute the 2nd innings to deliver the desired results. Dhyanaprastha Township, is a gated community built exclusively for retired people. Ultimately, in many ways, work defines our lives; and time & energy spent with ourselves, our families and our personal passions becomes less and less. The second innings is tactically different from the first, because people are more tired, the wicket has deteriorated, and the two sides have become familiar with the playing styles of each other. Please do leave your comments at the bottom and do share with others if you like this article. Sipping a cup of coffee, reading newspaper and chit chatting with friends and family is what most retired people enjoy. 2 A period during which a person or group is active or effective. Are we self responsible for it in someway? We loose life the way we start it, and that's how I relate it to say Circle of Life...!! travelling, pursuit of hobbies, etc.

For many, the 2nd innings will have two phases….one where you are still full of vitality and have the freedom to do many things that you didn’t have time for earlier; and the second where health sadly starts deteriorating. Far away from the noisy city life is the retirement community at Shamirpet.

Most importantly, the atmosphere is one of warmth and compassion. It worked in PS Pant’s case who retired as additional director general of India, Meteorological Department. Unfortunately, this makes our personalities unidimensional. - Saurabh Chaudhuri We all are born with  poor vision, less or no hair, inability to stand, walk, talk, eat and do so many other daily routines.

Women here take care of each other just like they would a family member. As I am at the 2nd innings hence being able to relate so well. A planned second innings could be the prescription that one is looking for! PMS Alwal: Covid fails to dampen literary spirit, Echolocation a navigation tool of animals, Lifespan to set up Rs 100-crore facility in Hyderabad, Mission Bhagiratha far more advanced than Centre’s Jal Jeevan Mission: Errabelli, MP: Boy falls into 200-feet deep borewell, rescue efforts on, Watch: Night Bazaar along Hussain Sagar on cards, Six killed as godown collapses after explosion in Gujarat, Integrated Township Policy offers better livelihood to all, says KTR, Integrated Township Policy for all round development of Hyderabad. Continue with what you are doing if the answer is a strong yes to each of the above questions. There is a doctor on call and the hospital is just five minutes away. One of the first things that busy executives miss is the adrenalin rush, sudden stoppage of emails & phone calls, team support, the corporate trappings…. the 1st innings can be a bit of gamble with so many unknowns…. We all are born with poor vision, less or no hair, inability to stand, walk, talk, eat and do so many other daily routines. what we expect from our jobs, the direction in which we would like to steer our life…. "It was a great learning experience for me.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Mother nature is so miraculous that it goes beyond ones imagination.

- Ranjan Banerjee As we land into life we say parents as God give us true life. Cricket test matches teach us the importance of a 2nd innings….

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But at the same time it is necessary that they get their own responsibility at an early age, at least before they enter a degree course. Inaugurated in 2004 by Avadhoota Datta Peetham, the sprawling two acre home in Dundigal has given a new lease of life to a lot of women. Here you have your freedom to do what you want,” says Pant who has been living here for the past eight years.

Second innings of life A growing number of senior citizens are choosing retirement communities and homes which help them lead a life unencumbered by the worries of daily chores. People meet and exchange news and gossip with each other over a shared meal. Mother nature is so miraculous that it goes beyond ones imagination. 2. often innings An opportunity to act or speak out; a chance for accomplishment. Many of us have had demanding jobs that consumed most of our time and energy throughout our working lives.

‘a solid innings of 78 by Marsh’. Cleaning, maintenance and food is taken care of by the management, so the only thing residents here need to worry about is how to spend their time. Today, it seems the two roles have got combined. Wiktionary (5.00 / 1 vote) Rate this definition: second innings (Noun) the first (or only) innings of the second side to bat in any match. Taking shortcuts in this step could lead to compromises and quick disenchantment. Second innings is when one starts planning for the third, and to make sure one will come to face the third one should devote more time and make efforts to keep oneself healthy so that one can enjoy both the second and third innings to do what one has always wanted to do, e.g. It’s a comfortable place for those who have no compulsions to stay in the city. The children do care for their elderly parents though they live apart. Anyone who is above 50 years can move into this township by either buying or taking a duplex house on rent. "Very Insightful and helps me in my journey as an executive coach."

In the evening after satsang in temple, the day winds up with dinner served in a hygienic and healthy manner,” says Vijaya Rao, incharge, Amma Vodi adding, “There are attendants who take care of the day to day activities, but some of the more active women also volunteer in cooking, serving food, maintaining the kitchen, garden and organising cultural activities.” Apart from this, the women also make pickles, various powders, sweets and savouries which are sold during functions and festivals. Wonderful article…very engaging and apt to current scenario. Truly for all professionals, this idea of 2nd innings is a must and I have been through this myself and can relate so well. The ugly truth about old age in our country should make one think about their old age in early years, plan for it and make sure  that you spend the second innings of your life beautifully before you surrender yourself to mother nature. A growing number of senior citizens are choosing retirement communities and homes which help them lead a life unencumbered by the worries of daily chores. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. This dependency on our children has indirectly created so many issues which still prevail in our country: We spend all our savings for children education and to make their future secure. The perception of family values I had about the west changed a bit. Yes, we are in a way responsible for our  bad times in old age. One has to pay a nominal amount every month for the facilities,” adds Murthy. second innings (Noun) the second innings played by each side in a match, considered separately, or the second innings of both sides in a match, considered together Youngsters often come as volunteers and help organise fun games and celebrations from time to time. TA 101 Online is a 2 day online, live and interactive program in Transactional Analysis, with participants certified by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). No hair, poor vision, inability to walk, talk and do so many other daily routines. It was cute to see many old aged people walking hand in hand in beaches or driving posh bikes on roads with their partners.

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