scream 2 randy death

Randy also has a younger sister. That's why I always applauded this scene. After Billy is shot by Gale Weathers, A relieved Sidney helps up the injured Randy to his feet. ", After the murder of Cici, he and Dewey Riley try to solve the case. Her name is Martha Meeks. Dewey and Randy exchange theories. Sidney rebukes them both and locks herself in the house telling them while sobbing to "Go Away! I know all about obsession.

This was one that I really hated to see. Stu runs up claiming Randy's the killer and trying to persuade Sidney to give him the gun. He had a severe crush on his good friend Sidney Prescott, and hung out primarily with her, Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, and Tatum Riley. You can never drink or do drug. Dewey and Gale notice he is nowhere to be found and they search. Randy ate lunch with his group of friends the day after Casey Becker and Steven Orth were murdered.

Reflecting on his role as Randy in the classic horror movies, Jamie Kennedy admits he isn't thrilled about his character's death in the sequel, but still holds both movies in very high regard. This scene really stuck with me.

He went to work at the local video store the next day, where he discussed the murders with Stu. never become as famous as Billy and Stu before going on to insult Stu first, then Billy. I legit thought it was Joel the camera man. You can read the Kennedy's interview in full at TooFab. Killed in public and so viciously.

When you've seen so many horror films you start to not care when most characters die. 2 years ago. Appearance She's a sweet person, okay? The story follows a no-nonsense detective tracking down a serial killer named Trick, who is terrorizing a small town.

Of course, this would ironically be proven by Randy himself later in the movie. Stab portrayal

It marked the final time Randy would be seen in the franchise, as Kennedy did not appear in the 2011 sequel Scream 4. At least you get David Scwhimmer; I get the guy who drove the stagecoach for one episode of Dr. It is shown, how much Sidney and the others miss Randy, when the tape is played. What are some other "in public" deaths in slasher movies? Jamie Kennedy ", "Why copycat two high school loser-ass dick heads", "You see, you push the laws and you end up dead, okay? Dewey, Gale and Joel stumble upon Randy's bloody corpse the next moment. Randy Meeks was an excitable horror movie geek and Woodsboro High School student, who worked at a local video store, even though he was fired and re-hired several times. He's gone mad!" Home as Billy and Sidney go upstairs bedroom "to talk". ", "Oh, please! Manson, Bundy, O.J., Son---". Full name Dewey informs her that he had already reached her and let her know about his death.

Rechan. Out of all the deaths in series, his death had the biggest effect on Sidney. For Scream fans in particular, it definitely seems to be one worth checking out.

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