scab after toenail removal

I'm shocked none of them are helping at all!! It actually removes debris so many people don't even have to soak. Initially I had surgery for ingrown toenails on both feet. My doctor had told me that I could go in salt water and chlorinated swimming pools and said that strangely enough, it might even help the healing process. I lost a lot of money but i didn't stop searching for a cure. My podiatrist followed the phenol burn with a laser treatment. X. I do a lot of traveling. That was 4 days ago. The press ons WILL fall off, tho, so keep an eye out! And, LOL, I still get a throb in it even when I cough. It is called cephalexin 500mg to be taken 4 times a day. He did not use a tourniquet at all. I had my big toenail completely removed 6 weeks ago. i can just remember the pain and im being a giant wuss i know, but im just thinking how great it will feel to be able to not have the pain and wear some pretty flip flops in the summer without my big ugly toenail leaking pus everywhere! How long does the healing process generally take?

For the first day or two after surgery, you should rest your foot and limit activity. :). These forums have been good for passing along information. That night I was on the floor in tears from the pain, and I would say I have a high pain threshhold. Looking back I did have other options because mine wasn't even that bad. Applying this fresh juice immediately over the wounds would help in its healing and speedy recovery.

They are positioned between the distal phalanges (which…. My toe is sensitive but isn't causing pain. I have been doing so many things wrong! So thanks for taking time out of ur day to answer me :). I know it's hard not to, but your toe will heal and think about that - the finish line so to speak. Little or no discomfort (only when some @rse steps on my feet!). 2nd) I do a lot of exercises which consist of running a and weight lifting.

The soaking will help with the joint swelling as well as bringing everything up to the surface of your nail bed to help form a protective scab. The doc didn't even look at my foot before she had the nurse prep me for the procedure.)

i had my big toenail removed a week ago it is very swollen and is still oozing clear stuff and blood it is still really tender is this part of the process/. I have then been using non adherent dressings and a toe bandage. I reached the 3 1/2 week mark today. In my case, my Dr, ( a Podriatic-Surgeon) instructed me to inmerse my foot on 1 Ltr.of warm water with either Empsom salt or Domeboro, or Pediboro solution TWICE a DAY FOR TEN (10) consecutive days. He said it should take about three weeks for the wounds to heal but I'm not sure whether he meant from time the nails were removed or from the follow up visit. I feel very positive about the procedure. How to Do: Crush about 10 leaves and extract its juice. Ok I will mention to him about the antibacterial wash tmrw morning when I go. I used gauze and tape for three days, then switched to just big ban-aids for a couple of days. Blisters are no longer spreading. Repeat this procedure for 2-3 times per week. It helps reading others posts and that it can take up to 8-12 weeks. well her goes.. i had the right great toenail removed almost 4 months ago. Nice to get an update. Showering still hurts, still not able to put shoes on, was not able to go camping this weekend like the doc said I would. The doctors are not helping me? The lady that I saw for the first time was shocked as to why the male nurse I saw previously had discharged me, telling me that my toe is not healing as it should . Ha. Plantain leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and are very effective in treating wounds and cuts. It stings, burns, aches. The foot doctor which performed this partial on you, was he the same one from before? Have been back to the doctor 4 times, she calls it a "good result".

Nail permanently removed 3/8. No problems, no infection, no pain. My after care instructions were a choice of amerigel and a cloth bandaide or soaking 2 X a day in epsom salts and a cloth bandaide. I go back Monday to get the dressing changed. But hey they are all gone now and with any luck they won't come back and I was very lucky to have a great Doctor, I mean she was the best of the best. I soaked my feet in water and Epsom salt for the first two weeks and applied a prescribed ointment. You will be advised to keep your foot elevated as much as possible, but most patients are able to walk easily after toenail removal. So my advice is to let the toes breathe without anything on it as much as you can. I wear flipflops and sandals all the time now. My doctor says the healing lakes considerable time because the wound is essentially a burn caused by the acid. One doctor told me it was normal after surgery and there was nothing I could do. I am confused cuz everyone else has posted follow up with soaking twice daily?? Hmm.

If I saw this site before I had it done, I may have changed my mind. Three phalangeal bones make up each digit, articulating with each other at bending…. You're looking at 10-12 weeks. My doctor told me it was not a big deal to have it removed and the Podiatrist that I went to said the same thing. the government is also interested in this DR, thank you for saving my life, and I promise I will always testify for your good work and also whatsapp him. Chocolate helps everything right?? If you do need surgery, it can be done in a doctor’s office with local anesthesia. I am taking heavy duty pain relief (TRAMADOL/ACETAMINOPHEN) at night but during the day I go to work and get this even wear steel toed boots. Living in flip flops... Why didn't I do this in the Summer? It is mostly charred black from the burning and has lots of liquid and loose flesh on top. I can't imagine it would take any longer than that though. Hey, all. After shopping for the right podiatrist...took visits to three different podiatrists. 6 weeks ago i got removed and phenolized the nails of my right thumb and indexfinger. Now since I have had this done 4 days ago. mine was perminent and looks hideous. that worked for me.

My left toenail was about half gone from me clipping it for over 12 years. Will it go away cause I can't really walk good. Steph; my doc numbed both big toes and I did not have any pain. I had both large toenails removed and had the acid wash so the nail would not grow back. I'm considering doing all of mine and have bone spurs removed on both feet .

Etc.. I wonder if I should have had the inner sides done because sometimes I can feel the curve in them. This included full removal of the nail beds so they will never grow back - had previously had the nails removed twice before and they grew back just as painfully. Today I am trying to go without a bandaid.

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