sao fatal bullet sword build

How perfect.

Not much to be said about it. And even if you did, you have 10 potential respawns. If it is, we can hit ok, otherwise we can cancel back to weapon selection to reset the unlock chips. The fastest way to prof train skills quickly is to get the stats needed for rank 3 of all the skills you are working on and then put the rest of your stats into Int. Fatal Bullet follows the events of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization and takes place in Gun Gale Online, a game released by Zaskar following the advent of The Seed. Many bosses/NMs fly and are largely unreachable with swords (there seems to be no plan at this time for an attach mechanic like in Freedom Wars) so you might find it more effective to fight common enemies in Extreme mode. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. For those with longer loading times, you can instead run directly East from the NPC Player spawn, up a hill (use the UFG) and run up to the tree on the right side of the screenshot. These will reduce your chances of dying greatly. All Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Guides! When you want your final weapon sets, you can get a rank 5 version of the weapon and upgrade. Setting your allies to standby can make this easier. This also means damage boosts will increase proficiency gain. The Junk attribute will always be the last to be swapped out and the first to be swapped in (if a junk attribute is being swapped in). After defeating that group, you can go Northwest for another set of NPCs (where the green and yellow arrows meet). This will allow you to unload without worrying about having to dodge or run. Trade Value is garbage on anything you want to use,any Attack bonuses to a type the weapon doesn't have (Explosive/Optical Attack on a Physical weapon as an example), and Ammo Capacity on a Gatling Gun (Possibly Auto Reload as well). Remember that if you are making fodder, lower rarities can be cheaper to perfect. This can include Sniper Automatons (your allies will dodge some shots so always make sure there are 2 or more), melee Facsimile, and so on. Eventually, you want some better drop rates. (Note: Perfect fodders should only need at most 4 perfect stats due to the unlock limit).

This should weaken the enemy significantly for a direct launcher shot. What stat should I ... SAO FB promotion.

The maximum unlockable slots (including any that come unlocked) for any gear is equal to the total slots divided by two rounded up. This method is simple.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You want enemies that won't pose a threat to you, but that can easily kill your allies. Most sword skills require AGI, so that. This is especially useful for high RPM weapons that would normally eat through ammo rapidly and with 8 allies (some may be actual players depending on the situation), you will barely have to worry about dying. For Weapon Medals, Go to Remnant Wastelands fields Cave on the highest difficulty where you can quickly kill all the enemies and near the cave, kill everything in a circle as they'll respawn quickly and you can repeatedly get Enemies Defeated and Triple kills.

You can usually sell Miasma Fang+ for 50000+ Credits, Hell Garb for 2500 each, Hell Sphere for 50000 each, UHE Large EM Material for 5000 each and Beautiful Diamonds for 1000000 each. Created Sep 24, 2017. This can be boosted higher by having 4 +15% experience accessories and 4 +15% experience weapons as the bonus equipped on your ArFA-sys counts. Except... First we will unlock one trash slot and the slot we want to switch out. With high int and dex, this should work fairly well in most situations. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For a visual guide, here is a table: First farm for 1~4 weapons LOW weapon rank/tier and 4~8 slots each. For Gun and Sword, remember that the pistol portion counts for proficiency gain. The skill does not need to do anything, thus animation cancels can make the skills level up faster even if only by a small amount.

Warning: While you could farm both The GM and Last Judgement in a single run, trying this with Last Judgement can result in glitching your game-do not risk it. Alternatively, you can fight a NM that can be despawned and despawn it when the health gets low. At 10 points per revive and 1000 points total, it will take 100 revives to max out affection for one character. In addition, the handgun weapons art gives you a cooldown reduction buff, potentially having some skills cooldown faster than the animation. The goal here is to have to reload the game as rarely as possible. This could be a fodder weapon or a weapon you want to keep. Farming weapons is fairly simple, fight enemies that drop weapons, collect them, keep any with good attributes, sell the rest. STR, LUC and DEX will help you get the most out of whatever rare crits you manage to get, as well as opening up a few more skill choices.

My recommendation is to focus on Luc, Item Drop Rate, and Rare Item Drop Rate. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … Here you can see our fodder gives bonuses to Ammo Acquired, Damage vs Lifeforms and Damage Vs Humanoids. ". How to farm depends on what medal type you are looking for. Now, pick a Material Weapon (Fodder) to grab attributes off of.

Sword Build. As you can see, we are gaining a little over 3 weapons worth of improvement for Damage vs Humanoids and Ammo Acquired, making this much more efficient.. You'll notice also that we do gain some Damage vs Lifeforms (a visual bug makes the wrong attribute highlighted). As a note, the damage you deal plus the proficiency modifier that the target provides both have a factor in how much proficiency you gain, but there may be a cap of proficiency gain per hit. Some players may find this method more effective. In addition, you can look for sellable materials such as: For Beautiful Diamond farming, enter True End mode (get the ArFA-sys charm). 8.4k. Go online and take advantage of the infinite ammo. Drop rate boosts can help as drops increase bounty. You want your allies to do as little damage as possible while still grabbing the aggro. Keep going to the Northwest and you can find another group of NPCs. Extreme mode will also affect the contents of certain shops. We want one unlocked trash slot on the Base Weapon as well as the attributes we want swapped. It also won't help you against a bullet hose like Sirius. If combat has ended, you can teleport right back.

It is recommended that you train skills with short cooldowns that you will not use often first and save frequently used skills for later as they will naturally level and you might not have enough CP early on to really reduce the cooldowns with Int. Many bosses/NMs fly and are largely unreachable with swords (there seems to be no plan at this time for an attach mechanic like in Freedom Wars) so you might find it more effective to fight common enemies in Extreme mode. You want enough skill to keep to have a good skill in each locked slot as while these skills. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Find the highest hp NM you can, such as Sea Watchtower's boss and bring a tank or two and a healer or two. It will only take about 21 to hit level 2 and about 90 to hit level 4 + 75%.

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