rwby semblance ideas

This is the place managed by SpiritedDreaming and VedranTheII (with help from Phantom), where you can post semblance ideas and get them review and refined, in order to see if we can make them fit into the RWBY-verse canon and balance wise via group discussion and decision.

Is fire resistant BUT the heat does leave him dehydrated. if she hasn't touched it, she can't control it. Aura is what gives people their energy to fight, and the use of their Semblance in the RWBY universe. "Limited total domain and control over beast and animals around the world, they have unlimited control and power over all manner of creatures ranging from the mundane (dogs, cats, turtles) to the most powerful and mythical (dragons, sphinxes, phoenixes).". What I'm trying to say is 'good luck with your resume and any auditions you may have in the future, but maybe think about using your writing skill to make short stories/novellas you can self publish to earn money between jobs, or get a job as a editor for others so you are using your skills to make ends meet. You might enjoy team MSTC, and what we did with the various aspects. Now, the one I'm more focused on at the moment is Hunger. universe. My character is a cold, violent and merciless. As an example of the variables I was talking about, for this ... 2. But whose powers are the strongest? They has 20/5 vision, can hear almost twice as far and can smell things 1 3/4 times further away), "Flight of the Birds" (Limited manipulation of the air around him allowing them to fly 10 - 20 miles an hour, up to 50 feet in the air), "The Power of Wrath" (They can add power to his unarmed attacks. Nero Rossi - "Sweet Dreams" it brings the effected persons worst nightmare into reality for a short period of time. Jaune’s ability to amp the auras of others means he can help their bodies to heal, boost the reach of their Semblance, or increase their stamina in a battle. She was also able to use it to manipulate gears as large as her own body. Pawn to G4 - the ability to see the area around oneself as if looking at a map. Hunger/Lust, meanwhile, symbolizes losing control. Greetings and welcome to the Semblance care center. Some may say she has a magnetic personality, but she stated that her pedestal and status prevented people from having the courage to ask her out, no one really got to know her as an individual (except for Team JNPR and RWBY, as well as her family). ), Lead Zeppelin: "Eye of Horus" (can see through enemy disguises. Enjoy! The three I included were just a sample of the many inspirations you may have. ), Sinna Malachite - "Dionysus Effect" (Makes things around him go insane, for better or for worse. Now for some examples. ), Sophia McLaren-Cobb: "Conga" (when activated via trigger phrase ("Conga, Conga, Conga!

Your IP: (he is a Silver eyed warrior btw) he is also very fatalistic believing everything happens for a reason, this is also shown through his sadistic take on most combat theory and his belief that all men love fighting regardless. ° - will probably be altered in the distant future. This is utilised in battle as a way to properly visualise battle plans and to scope out an area. The only person we’ve seen with this particular ability so far is Pyrrha Nikkos. Aura is just so odd to work with and just doesn't feel right. ), Kiku Higanbana: "Rosen Krone" (the ability to produce and control plants in the subfamily Rosoideae. However, with all of the evidence proven in the show, I think it's safe to assume that at least some part of a semblance can be connected to their user. Taking advantage of her fast nature, this allows her strength to be charged by the amount of movement she makes on the battlefield (kinetic energy).

She also learns to use them to summon copies of old enemies. An OC with a dark and brooding personality can let the darkness "overcome" them in a semblance, shrouding them completely for a bit. Most of the time, I base at least a part of my OC's semblance on their personality, even though I know a semblance is tied into someone's aura, not their direct personality. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Note: Please be sure to use the template supplied below though, it helps the process a lot: -Type: Aural (adds properties to aura)/ Conjuration (anything created from aura, whether it be physical, mental, or abstract such as an illusion)/ Conversion (transforms an element into aura or aura into an element)/ Glyph(semblance manifests as glyphs)/Physical(enhances/adds/alters physical capabilities at the cost of aura)/Psychic(enhances/adds/alters mental capabilities with aura), -Purpose: Offensive (The effect is either directly offensive, or boosts offense) / Defensive (The effect either boosts defense or protects the user. The user can create a sort of paste on his body which he can explode on command. However, you need to remember that they are individual people, and have individual traits that make them unique. Ceil is a mentally insane character. able to focus on the most important aspects of a situation with a calm and analytical mind. The longer she listens in, the worse of a headache she'll get, though she can last up to fifteen to twenty minutes without getting one. Since an emotional connection is required, just where Raven can portal to is limited. This list is meant so that no two characters have the same Semblance, unless the Semblance is hereditary (carried through the family). Using her Semblance also depletes her Aura, causing her to burn out a little quicker in a fight. He greatly respects these people. Or you could go the other way, and make a semblance that's so ridiculously different from its user that it somehow fits perfectly. In this case, the “kindred” in its name references an emotional connection between the person who has the Semblance and the person they’re trying to reach. Instead, it’s one that can give the appearance of those things. RELATED: Hogwarts Houses Of 10 RWBY Characters. Most often, making semblances that are different, yet have lots of connections is a good idea (hard to explain ._.). The Ilustration are also different to varying extents. However, with enough creativity they can be used as such), -Short description: (summarize the semblance in a few words. While most of the Semblances here are used offensively and pack a powerful punch, this Semblance is all in someone’s head. 1. Emerald’s power of illusion means she can manipulate perception, but not physical objects. RWBY Semblance Ideas {All Fan Made} 8.6K Reads 15 Votes 4 Part Story. Cowy and MooMoo are two very different individuals. Neopolitan is the only character seen to use this particular Semblance. This particular Semblance, however, leads off the list because of the way we’ve seen it used in the series. "Physical Duplication"; the ability to create duplicates of herself. Here are the 10 most powerful semblances, ranked. i try really hard to not OP stuff, but if you have any nitpicks, drop me a bomb at my wall. there is a point where the hits will not increase in force of impact too. She can also disperse her body into butterflies. At first blush, this particular Semblance doesn’t seem to be extremely powerful. After long use, can make him dizzy and make his decision making go fuzzy. So I know that Semblance's in RWBY are kinda based on the characters attributes so before you ask i'll give you guys some little snippits to summarize him up.

The semblance has to fit the character, yet has to stay inside the Semblance Guidelines. the most powerful weapons are produced from the blood directly from the heart. In this form, he 2x stronger but a lot more predatory.

This does, however, naturally tire after a certain amount of time and demands some amount of stamina. That way if things don't go as expected, at least you do have a backup plan instead of falling flat on your face. Feels excruciating), Woody Blaze - "Chemist Riot" (Able to combine water with different parts of nature and his aura to create low level potions. ), Shadow Marx - "Hardening Darkness" (Ability to turn shadows into tangible objects. "Hebe Effect"; the ability to change the physical age that she appears to those around her. (he is a Silver eyed warrior btw) he is also very fatalistic believing everything happens for a reason, this is also shown through his sadistic take on most combat theory and his belief that all men love fighting regardless. First his name is Ulysses and he is a member of the Atlesian Special Operatives Unit (in canon he would be working with Winter, but he more or less takes her place in the AU he exists in). The most powerful Semblance in the RWBY universe isn’t one that launches punches or summons enemies to a fight. I truly hope that you find some of these helpful in solidifying your vision of your original character. Of the ones we’ve seen in the series so far, these are some of the most powerful. Second Wave - similar to a reroll of the die in roleplaying games, this ability gives a character a second chance to attack when they trip, miss, or improperly execute an attack, leaving a ghostly copy at the point of usage that slowly evaporates. universe isn’t one that launches punches or summons enemies to a fight. Semblance while Clover refers to his as Good Fortune. He is also well versed in philosophy, taking his physical fights to a mental level with clever semantics to get people thinking, He shows great interest in peoples conviction and will and will even forfeit a fight if he senses someone with a stronger will than his own.

You can make an OC who's interested in the floral department, and they could have a semblance relating to plants or growth. I would see OC's that had semblances that weren't fully explained, not possible, or simply over-powered; and there were those times when I was stuck at the semblance category. My mistake. Instead, leftover from the days of magic is the substance called dust, which can boost existing elemental power, and abilities known as Semblances. This Semblance makes it easier to make use of the many properties that make Dust more versatile. She keeps this consistently at around age 19, it is something that she has grown used to; its disadvantage is that the Semblance has little use in main field combat.

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