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Age: 19. 悪魔は夜はばたく Akuma wa Yoru Habataku決戦の塔へ Kessen no Tō e

google_ad_width = 728; The alternate path through Stage 4 of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is called Fortress of the … Richter's Stage Name: Fortress of the Water Demons Maria is held hostage somewhere in this stage. Finally, the number beneath "SCORE" is your score!). Voice Actor: Tadashi (Jin ?) Stage 4 - Inner Corrider of Demon Castle (DXC only) Hydra or Lesser Vampire

Both of these paths diverge on another bricked area of the castle. Perform double-jumps by pressing Button I during a jump. Soon after you'll make your way through a small chamber (complete with pendulums) before moving onto the final room. Even enemies which deflect knives and crosses with their shields can be easily defeated once they are disarmed. When the Vampire Killer theme starts playing, you know that you're ready to … If the damage sustained is not too great, you can hold your stance by crouching. Dark and desolate, the Inner Halls are filled with many traps and bizarre contraptions. To change the name of registered players, use the NAME CHANGE option. When you're being chased by the behemoth, you'll notice several pits in the ground. (*) Again, I'm going to improvise because of the graphics. Maria's Stage Name: Shudder.

Increases the number of times you can use the special items. When being chased by the Behemoth, make sure to whip all of the candles. WanderingShudder Environment(s) The egg itself inflicts medium damage, while the chicks, small damage. Back to Top A Bright and caring person, she looks out for others. Press Button II + Up Direction again to disengage. The final battle! A honest personality and tough fighter. Right after you climb up the stairs at the beginning of the castle keep, there's an invisible stairway that leads to a hidden room. The lake near Castlevania also contains the evil that influenced the barbaric pirates around the time that Dracula X takes place. Voice Actor: Atsuko Honda. When you choose one of the registered players with cursor and I button, you will be presented with that player's data file screen. Wade through some more mud, and you'll find the exit to the Stage. Please set the CD-ROM disc correctly, and at the "SUPER CD-ROM2 SYSTEM" screen, press the RUN button. You must defeat the boss to obtain the magical orb necessary to clear the stage. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Stage 2: Richter, Normal Path, Saving Maria (Subtitled) Virtual Console version. You become invinscible for a short amount of time. This stage is filled with suspended bridges over rivers and waterfalls. A: A Rondo is a musical composition of reoccuring elements or themes. The fate of mankind depends on you! Descendant of Simon Belmont.

google_ad_slot = "5811832021"; Push it and you'll sink into the ground, where you can find all of the weapons and a 1-up. Holy Water (1) With those bosses gone, Shaft will attack you himself. Has a very pleasant personality and is nice to all. The fifth stage of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood is called The Devil Flies By Night or Toward the Tower of the Final Showdown. Stage 2' - The Lake Bridge Made of stone, this bridge was most likely built by members of the Tepes clan in order to cross the gigantic lake near the castle.

When the player sustains damage, the life meter will decrease. A nun at the Village Church, also held hostage in Demon Castle. Maria's Stage Name: The Vengeful King of Bloodshed. Although it has a wide effective range, its intensity is weak. Right after the first area, jump on one of the rafts by the river, and take the rapids down the mountain.

Skeleton, Gargoyle, Big Ghost, Behemoth, Armored Knight, Skeleton Giant, Death. Investigate suspicous surroundings -- you might find the entrace to a hidden stage! Castlevania Games - Rondo of Blood - Rondo Stages. (Engage by pressing Button II + Up Direction. Once thrown to the floor, 6 chicks emerge and charge at the enemy. Axe (1) Blood Type: ?