quinton byfield vs alexis lafreniere

This made Lafreniere’s eventual destination far less ambiguous. The bottom line is that neither player has either a red flag or injury concern valid enough to hold water in a player-vs-player debate. In one of the wildest examples of draft-pick shuffling you’ll ever see within the first five selections, the No. And the over-drafting of Lias Andersson at seventh overall in 2017 was summed up best by scouting director Gordie Clark, who stated “we really needed a certain kind of player to add into our organization, and this guy’s work ethic…he’s got the combination of the grit and ability we’ve been looking for.” So if drafting for need in the top 10 or 15 is a process full of incredible risk, then you can only imaging the long-term blowback from doing the same with a first overall pick. The deal was simple – Florida moves from No. #NHLDraft | #NHLonSN pic.twitter.com/hp9dWvxc46, ‼️ Awesome Moment Alert ‼️Alex Trebek announces the @Senators 3rd overall pick, Tim Stuetzle! 1 pick since he was by far and away the top North American-trained rearguard. Although the close-knit nature of the scouting community may make the process seem like a free-flowing marketplace of ideas and opinions, the exact opposite is closer to the truth. For starters, there wasn’t a consensus top pick such as 1997 (Thornton) and 1998 (Vincent Lecavalier). The Boston Bruins owned the first and eighth selections, while the Islanders had No.’s 4 and 5. 3 for the option to swap 2003 first-round picks with the Blue Jackets. The problems with a scenario based on positional need are multi-fold. That was in spite of having the greatest odds (25 percent) of any team participating. We are not affiliated with the NHL, New York Rangers or Madison Square Garden. Just days after being drafted, he’s … It’s been over 20 years since the last time an NHL team owned two of the first five picks in the draft. 1 pick for such a package has yet to graduate from the planning or discussion phase to actual execution in almost two decades, and for good measure. 5. Otherwise, the rest of the numbers are the same. Alexis Lafreniere was the consensus number one overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. First of all, trading down from No. Lafreniere is getting the maximum here, so I have Byfield with less at $800,000 and $1.8M, respectively. Limited, Report: Ryan Strome looking for $5.7 million, Ryan Strome walking same arbitration path as Chris Kreider did in 2016, Rangers Roundup: Chris Drury on Vitali Kravtsov, Kaapo Kakko ramps up training, and more, Rangers should trade for Tyler Johnson if they can’t work it out with Ryan Strome, New York Rangers prospect report highlights the return of Vitali Kravtsov. Thus, Tampa Bay under the command of GM Jacques Demers were no longer interested in rebuilding and wanted to challenge for a playoff spot in 1999-2000. Let’s go through that first.”. Florida in 1994 owned the top pick after they selected center Rob Niedermayer the previous year, and all signs pointed to the expansion Panthers going for the defenseman. Since the Bruins owned a second top-10 pick, the idea of trading down probably made little to no sense to Bruins GM Harry Sinden, as their primary target for pick No. 1, which in this case would be Lafreniere, has to be either matched or overtaken by someone else in key statistical categories; matched or outplayed in a tournament or head-to-head matchups; or suffer from a red flag or two (injuries, personal issues, etc.) Not only is the aforementioned Byfield the top center prospect available, but he has drawn comparisons to Pittsburgh Penguins star Evgeni Malkin and Anaheim Ducks pivot Ryan Getzlaf. 4 overall) for picks No. Alexis Lafreniere was the consensus number one overall pick in the 2020 NHL Draft. 1, which in this case would be Lafreniere, has to be either

1 to No. Others see it differently, however, as several factors can lead one to believe that the Rangers will not only receive lucrative offers from the majority of NHL teams, but that several teams with an abundance of assets can make it impossible for Gorton, team president Joh Davidson, and even owner James Dolan, to resist.

So, $10.8M would likely be the floor. But Tampa was far from done. In line with all 1st overall picks, Alexis Lafreniere's deal with the #Rangers is set at the EL max, $925k caphit$3.775M AAV$11.325M total value, $832,500 Base Salary (all 3 yrs)$92,500 Signing Bonus (all 3 yrs)$850k Sched 'A' Bonus (all 3 yrs)$2M Sched 'B' Bonus (all 3 yrs) https://t.co/Vm819WHPag, — CapFriendly (@CapFriendly) October 12, 2020. This logic might brief well, but in the end, it’s an easy one to shoot down. but the general feeling was that the superior quality of forward talent in the top 10 was on par with 1993 (in fact, it turned out to be better). It hasn’t been done since 2003, and the Rangers would not only have to sell the return to owners, but also to new season ticket holders who bought packages thinking they’ll be watching Lafreniere next season. As for Stefan and Brendl, both became busts for the Thrashers and Rangers, respectively, and neither team qualified for the playoffs for several seasons thereafter. Consequently, both prospects would undoubtedly trail Lafreniere in the upside department — to an already overcrowded pool. What if the Ranger draft board, presumably completed before last Monday’s drawing, placed towering center Quinton Byfield or explosive German forward Tim Stutzle ahead of Lafreniere? What does that mean for LA Kings‘ second overall pick, Quinton Byfield? As for Jovanovski, the big blueliner was the centerpiece of the package sent to vancouver for Pavel Bure in January of 1999.

In hindsight, Florida probably would have been better suited taking a goal-scoring winger like Nash over Bouwmeester, who struggled with consistency and was traded to Calgary after six playoff-less seasons. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Of course, these types of deals were more common in the pre-salary cap days when playoff-starved teams at the bottom of the NHL standings, desperate to make a long postseason run, found dealing first-round picks far more negotiable. We’ll go through that process and start to meet the young man and go down the road of talking to him. Furthermore, the draft’s lack of elite defense prospects increased the likelihood that teams that were looking for scoring would reach on a forward. In 2006 and 2008, they grabbed offensive defensemen Bobby Sanguinetti and Michael Del Zotto, respectively, to address a hole left by the trade of Brian Leetch in 2004. Los Angeles Kings news from FanSided Daily, LA Kings: Alex Pietrangelo signing intensifies rivalry with Golden Knights, LA Kings: Biggest surprises in Vegas Stanley Cup odds, LA Kings: Three options after missing out on Vinnie Hinostroza, Video: Senator Sasse Rips Astros as 'Miserable Cheaters' During SCOTUS Hearing, LA Kings: Ranking the top ten prospects post-NHL Draft, LA Kings: Three depth signings to help with scoring woes, LA Kings: TSN says no team comes close to Senators prospect list, Base salary + Signing Bonus = $925,000 (all three years), Sched “A” Bonus: $800,000 (all three years), Minor League Compensation: $80,000 (all three years). that raises doubts about his potential. “I’m from the school of taking some time and let this all settle in,” Gorton said. Under standard conditions, the preseason favorite expected to go No. 1” debate that usually begins in the summer prior to a given draft season. Now that Alexis Lafreniere has signed his three-year entry-level contract let’s projects what Quinton Byfield will get from the LA Kings. 1 would be setting a post-lockout precedent. Prospect Showcases: Both Lafreniere and Byfield participated at the under-18 Ivan Hlinka as 17-year-old prospects. 1 draft spot and the chance to draft scoring winger Rick Nash, they did end up drafting Jay Bouwmeester, who went on to have a successful career in South Florida. 3. In 2010, the Rangers took a huge gamble on physical defenseman Dylan McIlrath at 10th overall, probably after seeing a goon like Dan Carcillo beat up on star Marian Gaborik with his teammates not lifting a finger to help. Although Ottawa seems like a top trading partner because of its own deep pool and pair of top-five picks, the Los Angeles Kings also have a wealth of assets in addition to owning the No. Unfortunately for the Panthers, they finished with a worse record than Columbus in 2002-03, thus making the swap condition irrelevant. Whichever the case may be, the reality is that NHL front office types and scouting departments are incredibly reticent when it comes to going on the record about their draft-day intentions.

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