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Erica makes a decision over Andrew's proposal, but while looking to the future, a dangerous legacy from the past threatens public safety elsewhere in Cardale. New. New. New. New. The race is on to find a suitable donor to save a dying leukaemia patient. New.

Andrew tries to convince his friend Ronnie Neale that he has a serious illness, and ends up coming to blows with Dawn's estranged husband Keith over her affections. David's family join him in Cardale, but his happiness is marred by the discovery that a boy he helped deliver 11 years ago has contracted a deadly illness. New. New. See episodes Hide episodes. New.

Sam learns a respected member of the community is harbouring a devastating secret and Joanna grows concerned about Alice's state of mind. New. 17 May 1993 17 May 1993. Let others know what they should also watch ... No suggestions yet.

Remind Me Not scheduled; Walls of Jericho . The Beeches finally becomes a paying concern - but Beth's relief at its new-found solvency is cut short by the discovery that a rival health centre is stealing her patients. New. New. Outsiders. ITV has axed its long- running medical drama Peak Practice. New. New.

Andrew lands himself in hot water again by failing to diagnose a patient's life-threatening condition, while Jack doubts Will's commitment to the practice. Jack helps resolve a confused priest's doubts about his mental state, and begins flirting with an attractive trainee GP working at rival centre The Beeches. Peak Practice was first broadcast in 1993, the series was about a small country GP practice in the ficticious village of Cardale in the Derbyshire Dales.

David tries to help a troubled teenager, but ends up risking the happiness of everyone around him. The village is shocked when a dead baby is discovered on the moors and a homeless teenage girl is suspected of being the mother. New. New.

New. Season 2. Episode Ep.

Select A Season; Season 1 8 episodes. New. New. Play S10 | E1. Will bids a tearful farewell to the boys as they leave for Florida, while Erica is confronted by a patient suffering from delusions. David takes on the local health authority, outraged that they won't operate on a Down's syndrome heart patient. A new face appears at the Beeches, and Joanna's heroic efforts to arrange an operation for an Alzheimer's sufferer bring her into contact with an old flame. Jack has to deal with a patient whose employer will not let her rest. Season 3 15 episodes. Season 5 14 episodes.

New. New. New.

New. Episode 3. 03. New. Andrew stops dithering and proposes to Erica, but his mind is soon distracted from romance by the plight of a priest suffering from a mystery illness. Select all. Peak Practice was first broadcast in 1993, the series was about a small country GP practice in the ficticious village of Cardale in the Derbyshire Dales. Jack feels increasingly disillusioned with life in Cardale and goes to set up a new clinic in Africa, leaving Beth hard-pressed to cope in his absence.

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Season 2 13 episodes. Choose per series where you want be kept informed of. New. New. New. Sam is visited by an old friend who seems to have gone up in the world since their schooldays together, but the reunion has a tragic outcome.

Season 7 13 episodes. New. EPISODE 2 CLOSE TO HOME New arrivals in Cardale as The … Erica is left traumatised by a meeting with her natural father, while Andrew regrets inviting David to go house-hunting with him. New. Jack is shocked and angry when Beth is assaulted by a patient's father. David treats a pilot suffering from what seems to be vertigo, although his dizzy spells could have another cause. New trainee Andrew Attwood arrives at The Beeches and causes friction, falling foul of Jack and losing a valuable contract. Erica prepares to visit Andrew in Liverpool, leaving locum Nick Goodson in charge of the surgery, while David tangles with a pair of runaway pensioners in a stolen coach. Claire's extrovert behaviour causes gossip among the locals.

New. Joanna feels the emotional strain of general practice when one of her patients faces death. An old friend of Andrew arrives in Cardale with devastating news. Peak Practice (TV Series 1993–2002) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. For instance new episodes or start of a new season.

New. Be the first to recommend TV shows that people may like! New. Andrew gains a doting fan, and Carol discovers her new male friend has an unorthodox method of pain relief. Having inherited the practice from her father Dr. Beth Glover (Amanda Burton) was the first Senior Partner. Jack and Beth disagree over the treatment of a young patient with a heart defect, while Sarah and Will's marriage deteriorates as their financial problems mount.

As Cardale struggles to come to terms with David's shocking death, a destructive patient pushes Andrew's patience to the limit.

New. New. Will's sympathy for a couple of old friends contemplating fertility treatment soon turns to irritation when they opt to take matters into their own hands. New. New. Will tries to help a boxing champion whose blackouts are casting a shadow over his future in sport, but only succeeds in driving him into the bare-knuckle arena. New. There must be one among the more than 15.800 series. Joanna and Tom face tough decisions about their future, and Sam's medical bag is stolen, leading to a crisis for one of his patients. Sam is forced to confront his feelings for Kerri, while Joanna discovers a patient's seemingly trivial snoring problem hides a sensitive issue. New. Andrew bites the bullet and tells Erica he wants them to be a couple, but her reaction is not as he had hoped. New. New. We have all the information about your favorite TV series. Esther Coles Gary Mavers Simon Shepherd.

01. Having inherited the practice from her father Dr. Beth Glover (Amanda Burton) was the first Senior Partner. New. A phone call from his sister shatters Andrew's happiness. Erica's commitment to the Beeches is tested to the limit.

New. Along with Will Preston (Simon Shepherd) and Jack Kerruish (Kevin Whately) the three doctors ran the surgery for three series. Jack treats an athlete whose sudden pre-race injury seems just a little too convenient to be true. New. Will uncovers the extent of Sam's deception as he prepares to go down the aisle with Kerri, leaving the bride with a tough decision to make. 31 May 1993 31 May 1993. The Series came to an end in 2002 after 12 succesful series. Joanna is presented with an unenviable dilemma by old flame Martin Henderson, who asks her to leave Cardale and start a new life with him. Bosses decided the ten-year-old show about rural GPs was showing its age after 12 series. Andrew's terminally ill mother asks him to help end her life, while back in Cardale, the past catches up with scheming locum Dr Nick Goodson in spectacular fashion. New. New. The Beeches partnership is suddenly thrown into a state of turmoil as fate deals a cruel blow to Sam and Kerri, leaving them fighting for their lives. A fresh face joins the surgery, while a patient suspected of being a paedophile is the cause of a fierce dispute between Tom and Andrew. The staff fight to save the community hospital, finding an ally in Ronnie, who uses his experience to their advantage. Clare unwittingly endangers an older patient's life, forcing David to step back and take a long, hard look at what's causing her erratic behaviour. New. New. I have been viewing this program, "Peak Practice" from Season One. New. Joanna is held at knifepoint by a runaway mother, some good news lifts Sam's depression over the death of a patient and romance blossoms between Andrew and Dawn. New. A savage attack on Alice North shocks Cardale, and helps push Joanna back into the arms of her ex-lover Martin Henderson. Beth and Jack are excited about their wedding day, but their friends' idyllic marriage reveals deeper feelings which bring them down to earth. New. New. Dramas Medical| TV-PG | 2000.

Carol's troubled son turns up unexpectedly, Sam and Kerri expose a drugs fraud, and Andrew makes a life-changing decision. The doctors wrestle with the concept of assisted death. Series 10 Dr Jack Kerruish starts work at a surgery in Derbyshire, where he develops a volatile relationship with fellow medic Beth Glover. 02. A chance encounter with a troop of soldiers plunges Joanna and Andrew into a life-or-death crisis. David helps a paraplegic friend and his wife fulfill their dearest wish to have a child, while Andrew investigates Erica's claims of supernatural goings-on. New. New.

New. Tom struggles to help a teenager whose battle against anorexia is tearing her family apart. New. Roses Around the Door. Tom fears cyclist Nick Pullen is being pushed beyond his limits by an overzealous trainer, while Will clashes with ex-wife Kate over an alcoholic patient.

New. Andrew and Kate's relationship sails into stormy waters as Richard's life hangs in the balance, and Alex tries to persuade a patient to undergo treatment for his breast cancer. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Peak Practice? Joanna faces dilemmas on both a personal and professional level, while Sam sets his heart on a romantic goal and Andrew tries to avoid appearing deceitful. Peak Practice. Alex flees the practice and heads back home to York, hotly pursued by Tom, who tries to persuade her to face up to her illness. Sam breaks all the rules and gets emotionally involved with a patient, casting a shadow over his future at the Beeches. Growing Pains.


Andrew takes up rally driving in the hope it will help him forget Erica. Dawn's son slips into a coma, leaving surgeons baffled Meanwhile, estranged father Keith turns up, indicating his disapproval of his wife's involvement with Andrew. Sam helps a lovestruck teenager deal with an embarrassing complaint, and pub landlord Mike Pullen pushes himself too far to impress the brewery manager. Tom is caught in a dilemma when a harassed mother requests an abortion without telling her husband. 05. Sam helps a lovestruck teenager deal with an embarrassing complaint, and pub landlord Mike Pullen pushes himself too far to impress the brewery manager. Clare Shearer returns to Cardale and wastes no time in claiming her share of the Beeches.

Will desperately tries to make up with Sarah and comes up with a plan to clear their debts. Jack tries to help his ex-fiancée Karen, who is an acute schizophrenic, while Kim contracts a rare infection. Now that Jack and Beth have left for Africa, Will sets about finding new partners to help run The Beeches, a task made doubly difficult by new locum Erica Matthews.

Sam is tormented by the thought that he could have done more to help Andrew and Joanna's teenage patient recoils from the prospect of an operation. Sam is tormented by the case of a cancer sufferer who refuses to endanger her unborn child by undergoing treatment, while the campaign to save the local hospital gets a boost. Alex struggles to save a boy's life after a farmer dumps dangerous chemicals in a pond, but is distracted when her estranged father turns up seeking a reconciliation. A group of school kids get trapped in a mine forcing Jack to face his fears as he tries to rescue them. New.

New. New. A childless woman's bid to adopt is thrown into jeopardy by ill health, and Tom seeks a nanny to look after Joe. David and Andrew strive to convince the authorities that mass inoculation is the only way to prevent a meningitis outbreak sweeping through Cardale. You're blocking our ads. Tom blows his top when Bridgit breaks the rules by having an affair with a haemophiliac patient, and Sam invests in a controversial new drug. Directed by: Alan Grint. Erica throws a house-warming party, intending to use it as an excuse to chat up Will - but he spoils her plans by turning up with a doctor from the nearby health centre. New.

Beth treats two youngsters for an infection spread by rat urine, while Jack opposes Cardale residents trying to get a new home for ex-psychiatric patients closed down.

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