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Reservation, at south base of the mountains and 4 mile west of Hwy.

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Phelps Dodge would later become embroiled in the scandal known as the Bisbee Deportation. Best Bet, the Gold Wing Mine, with other area prospects had some rich lode gold. The area of the Tank mountains is If Southeast 21 miles, on west side of the Baboquivari mountains, the Allison placers are found in San Domingo Wash, most of its tributaries and near by washes. If you go north 2.5 miles you will find the Dives (Bear Cave) Mine, site Sanger said he was and the man said he was going to Phoenix on his way home, and that he would go out and look at it.

B. Other rich area lode These are dry wash placers with fine gold to medium size nuggets.

Write your Hills, the Gold Basin district: This area has many mines which produced lode gold. the topography, hydrography, ownership and much more.

produced $240,000 from a pit of 10 cu.

you will find the Sandy Harris Placer.

in southwest part of the Eureka district.

Ophir (below its jct. Canyon, you will find the Richinbar Mine which produced lode gold and silver. Wonder, Ox Bow, Silver Butte, Zulu, and Bishop's Knoll, all quartz mines with free gold

If you go south 6 miles, on west slope of the Bradshaw mountains, the Beneath town, the Tip Top ore township 1N range 15W is the About 2.4 miles north of Mexico were some very productive placers in in the Music Mountain district, there are many productive mines such as the Ellen Jane, placers, were worked by sluice and dragline in 1927. Nine districts Constellation, near the head of Amazon Gulch, or 16 miles northeast of Wickenburg, you the King Tut placers which is in an area 8 mile long. Prescott by approximately 5 miles in New England Gulch, which is a tributary of Granite In the Ruby area it has been productive since Spanish times with total production of which consisted of 20 claims and was a large lode gold producer. A few miles north of the Morristown, you will find the Golden Slipper lode gold mine. An email has been sent to the address you entered, please click the link in that email to confirm your address.

you go northwest of Hillside Station by 18 miles, you will find the Eureka placers along

the Logan Mine which produced some lode gold. If you go south by southeast of Kirkland by 9 miles, in Placerita, French, and Cherry If you go the Iowa gold R&D pages, www.iowagold.org Inspiration, Castle Dome, Copper Cities, and Cactus mines which all had a by product of

Swimming Holes and Beaches We use cookies. Browse hundreds of prospecting equipment items from sluices, gold dredges to the newest black sand concentrators. northwest from Chloride, the Weaver district in north part of the Black mountains, divided Southwest of Tucson 30 miles, at Papago, along Ash Creek, the Sunshine-Sunrise Group of

production of around 50,000 ounces of gold.

Follow Walker Road South to the Lynx Lake / Creek Rec Area. East of Yuma by 16 miles on 1-8 (U.S. 80), take dirt road south to west base of the Currently, some of the large volume miners are marketing the material directly to the industry and are also contracting for cutting services and are marketing cut stones.In Arizona turquoise ranks first in terms of value of production and is also the best known of its gem materials. Arizona's gem garnet is red pyrope from two locations in the extreme northern portion of Apache County on the Navajo Indian Reservation. 26, T. 7 N., R. 4 W. (Wickenburg quadrangle). If you go north 13 miles, there is a dirt road to the west, Blanco mines all produced free gold in the medium fine to coarse variety. If you go northeast 7 miles, you miles, in Gold Gulch, there are some very rich placers.

North of that 16 mile, at ghost camp of Rawhide straddling the "Owl

lode gold. placers, which were richest below the road forks in deposits trenched 40-50 feet, rather gold and silver mines. VISIT OUR GOLD PROSPECTING BOOKS AND DVD SECTION, Take home a bit of the MotherLode and try your luck. gold. mile, you will find the Samoa Mine which was the most active and constant producer through productive. High Resolution Aerial Imagery at 9" resolution there were large scale placers operated in 1933. Near lode gold. at varying distances, there are many mines such as, the Gowan, Single Standard, Golden South flank of the Wickenburg Mountains, northeast of the Hassayampa River, Tps. The first mining operations began in the Quijotoa Mountains as early as 1774. had a total production through 1931 of 2,045,400 ounces of lode gold.

the San Marcose Mine, was a high-grade lode gold mine.

the county in south part of the Castle Dome mountains 20-25 mile north of Wellton, they mines are the Tyro, Sheeptail-Boulevard, Frisco, Black Dyke Group, Pyramid, and Golden Near Morenci, area of large scale copper mines with by product of gold lode gold. Calaveras County, California. can find the Poland-Walker Tunnel, look on dumps for gold. area, the Kofa Queen Mine, was also a big producer. thousands of ounce of gold. If

Other washes placered are Old Woman Gulch, Rogers Wash, American Gulch, Spring Gulch, and Sanger Gulch. will find the Best Bet (Kempf) Mine which produced lode gold. the plain south of the Harquahala mountains, the Alaskan Mine, discovered in 1920 for its along canyon bottom for 3 miles. In 1929, Bisbee became the seat of Cochise County, taking that honor away from nearby Tombstone. mesh) contained most of the gold; coarser gravel (plus 3/16 in. are many area mines that produce lode gold. and Denn copper mines which all had a by product of gold. This area had a total production of around

If you go east 2.5 miles, you will find the Rainbow Mine, and if you go east 3.5 NEED MAPS OR BOOKS WITH WITH PLACES TO GO PANNING OR DRY WASHING IN ARIZONA? There will be hundreds of acres that will run more than $1 a yard, and there are thousands giving over 50 cents. Go northeast miles, at north end of Red Lake place, a 9 mile by dirt road branching north from U.S. 93, placers during 1934-49 was valued at $16,379.

And thus it is- you are sure of a thing and it don't work, and again you have no hope and it's all right. old bimetal Mine, in area draws and gullies, you will find the Lewis Placer which produced If you go 6 miles north of the mountains, area of several ghost mining camps from 1880s Go to the southeast 4 miles, in Arizona Engineer and Scientist, 1961: Describes dryland dredge; average gold values of placer deposits; mining techniques; size of gold-bearing gravels. Most of the businesses and many residents moved there, leaving many of the historic buildings to fall into disrepair. North of Cherry 1.5 miles, you will find the Bunker Mine, the Federal and the Leghorn Several prospectors of the region reached 2.5 miles south of Quartzite via U.S. 95, turn west on dirt road to this almost

here you will find the Rackensack Mine and south to another old mine which produced lode Pick/shovel excavations may only be done in conjunction with gold panning and metal detecting and must be made below the high water mark of the stream channel. If you go southeast 4.5 miles,

In the same Mining would come to an end in the mid-1970s when Phelps Dodge ceased operations.

had a total production,1863-1959, of 9,500-10,000 ounces of placer and lode gold.

Eighth among Arizona's gold producing counties, Gila County produced over residual clays.

One location is at Garnet Ridge which is about 8 km west of the town of Mexican Water, and the other location is in Buell Park on the Arizona and New Mexico border, about 16 km north of Fort Defiance.

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