names of jannah hoor

He just does it.

The northern wind will blow and shower fragrance on their faces and clothes and, consequently, it will enhance their beauty and loveliness. However I have read a book in bengali called “ways of spiritual elevation “by S M Zakir hussain .It describes the steps of awliya allah.

In other words, people in Jannah will have attributes of beautiful eyes. THink about it when non muslim read this article, they will look islam religion very bad to women and god is not just .

if they talk about men. It means that this beverage will be pure, fragrant, and delicious.

[The human women] will be fair in complexion and will wear green clothing and yellow jewelry. or you just read some scholars says those you think authentic hadist that women will sharing husband?? We just ignores who ever says that women have less desire. So people please do not say that more women in heaven or more men in heaven or more women in hell. Every one will be ur slaves sex?? Do not believe them — The Quranic word itself NEVER says about (fair maiden or female etc)- those always come in brackets by me.

So the husband whos marry 4 times or 5 times after he died, so in heaven all the women are going to be his wives and plus 72 women and plus 2 extra worldy women. Doesnt mean true. There will be 70 dining cloth in each room and 70 kinds of food in each dining cloth. So if im married and i die, in case im going to heaven, in heaven im going to share my husband with thousand wives in jannah? I called my self boy when I was little. Only u can get HALAL fantasies in heaven many partners but none of the women can have those fantasies, is that what u think??

The Holy Quran also speaks of them in similar words: No soul knows what refreshment of the eyes is hidden for them (32:17). I have relatives, there are widows and divorcees and old lonely women, no one marrys them and make their life hard.

So we pray to Allah to help us and bless us to get to Jannah and His promise is if we get there,WE CAN HAVE WHATEVER WE WANT.

Life is not perfect bad will always be bad men or women. Ali will get plus women along fatima.

So rest assured…there will be love and peace and no jealousy. no body say we r disagree if Allah wants to give all men in this world thousands wives or million wives. With reference to linguistic meanings above we can say that the creature that will accompany the righteous in heaven can be understood as literal , in the sense that the couples really beautiful eyes , narrow or wide – line with what is desirable by the heavenly host .

Do u want have sex with my 84 yrs old neighbour. So relax and work for jannah . "Allah Almighty has appointed a group of angels who travel the world, and in my Ummah, whoever sends salutatations to me, those salutations are presented to me by these angels." My husband has done nikah to four women and I am happy and accept his wives. May god turn you into a maasi in hell. There is no need to be shy in front of husbands. "Before whomsoever my mention is made, he should recite durood sharief upon me." It is mans fault too he belittles her not appreciating or explaining. Men in this world have more capability then women for some reasons. so lets make it very simple why r we guessing why r we making hypothesis ? LMAO.

I am very very fond of becoming a man.

In this world women have to cover them selves so u think in heaven women have to wear hijab also??? It seems men never got jealous at all.

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