moskau lyrics in english

I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Hard to get better if we can’t admit our mistakes. Noble and old. MoscowQueen of the Russian landBuilt like a rock to standProud and divine, MoscowYour golden towers glowEven through ice and snowSparkling they shine, And every night, night, night, there is music, hey, heyOh, every night, night, night, there is love, ha, haAnd every night, night, night, there is laughter, hey, heyHere's to you brother, hey, brother, hoHey, hey, hey, hey, Moscow, MoscowThrow your glasses at the wallFame and fortune to us allHo-ho-ho-ho-ho, hey, Moscow, MoscowJoin us for a casatchockWe'll go dancing 'round the clockHa-ha-ha-ha-ha, hey, Moscow, MoscowDrinking vodka all night longKeeps you happy, makes you strongHo-ho-ho-ho-ho, hey, Moscow, MoscowCome and have a drink and thenYou will never leave againHa-ha-ha-ha-ha, hey, MoscowLa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laHo-ho-ho-ho-ho, hey, Moscow, MoscowLa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laHa-ha-ha-ha-ha, Moscow, MoscowTake Natasha in your armsYou'll be captured by her charmsHo-ho-ho-ho-ho, hey, Moscow, MoscowShe will make you understandRussia is a wondrous landHa-ha-ha-ha-ha, Moscow, MoscowJoin us for a casatchockWe'll go dancing 'round the clockHa-ha-ha-ha-ha-, hey, Music begins with lyrics © 2003 - 2020, 2.9 millions of lyrics, 71.9 millions of visits in October Made with love in Belo Horizonte - Brazil. Translation of 'Moskau' by Dschinghis Khan (Edina Pop, Henriette Heichel, Karl-Heinz Bender (2), Késmárky Marika, Leslie Mandoki, Louis Hendrik Potgieter, Wolfgang Heichel) from German to English …

Excuse me but Mosaku and Amerika is on Reise, Reise not Mutter.

Moskau by Rammstein (original lyric) (eto pesnia o samom prekrasnom gorade v mire - moskwa) Diese stadt ist eine dirne, RAMMSTEIN Lyrics provided by

Drinking vodka all night long, This song is about the most beautiful Are you sure you want to exit without saving your changes?

Rammstein - Moskau (English Translation) Lyrics: This song is about the most beautiful / City in the world.

Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho, HEY! Before you get started, be sure to check out these explanations created She is old and nevertheless beautiful

XD She got super offended and went on ranting about the Nazis.

Don't understand the meaning of the song? Hidden between the lines, words and thoughts sometimes hold many different, Remember: your meaning might be valuable for someone, Don't post links to images and links to facts, Don't spam and write clearly off-topic meanings, Don't write abusive, vulgar, offensive, racist, threatening or harassing meanings, Do not post anything that you do not have the right to post. Writer(s): Bernd Meinunger, Ralph (jun.) Besides the lyric of the song Moskau in english, you will also find Moskau translated into Portuguese, French, German or other languages. This is just a preview!

You will never leave again, Moscow, Moscow vistas 6.912.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Lyrics for Moskow (English Version of Moskau) by Rocking Son. Translation of 'Moskau' by Rammstein from German to English (Version #3) Still she's the most beautiful city in the world (in German "city" is a female word) singing songs to Lenin. Moscow Queen of the Russian land Built like a rock to stand Proud and divine. And good fortune to us all; La la-la la-la la-la, Moscow Highlight lyrics and request an explanation. Deep in your soul.

it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else.


Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! You should have seen my mother’s face when I told her what the lyrics was. Moscow, Moscow

She dances for me I have to pay Most Russians don’t understand the lyrics and don’t bother to look it up. Her mouth falls to my valley

Take Natasha in your arms,

and has gotten her breasts rebuilt

And every night, night, night there is music;

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