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We only know because she talked.”, She explained that she still has love for her and would be open to mending their friendship if she wanted. Tattoo artist Young Bae is officially opening up about the new season of “Black Ink Crew” and the reality star is not holding anything back. 'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Complete Their Teams in Last Night of Blind Auditions, 'DWTS' Recap: Unfortunate Departure and First Relay Dances, Eve Exits 'The Talk' After Four Seasons to Focus on 'Expanding' Her Family, Jeannie Mai Proud of 'Dancing With the Stars' Journey After Hospitalization Forced Her Exit, 'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser Emanuel Confronts Ryan Henry in Heated Argument, Report: Sky Days Suspended From 'Black Ink Crew' Following Drama With Son, 'Supergirl' Star Laura Benanti Joins 'Gossip Girl' Reboot, Jodie Turner-Smith to Play Queen of England in New Tudor TV Series, Tamar Braxton's Sisters Defend Themselves for Addressing Her Suicide Attempt on TV Show, 'RHOP': Dr. Wendy Osefo Calls Out Karen Huger Over Her 'Constant Jabs'. In spite of the upcoming drama playing out this season, the tattoo artist is continuing to make strides in a male-dominated industry. The clip saw Bae attacking Kitty with her purse after knowing that the latter setting up shop with the "Chicago" cast. “Aint nobody perfect in this world,” she continued.

Not taking the rumors well, Caesar was livid. While Days’ received a lot of hate online, Bae has a different outlook on the situation. “I don’t have to be a friend with somebody who talked about my child,” she said. 43.5k Likes, 1,224 Comments - Miss Kitty Sovain (@itskitsovain) on Instagram: “Same hair. Bae gave birth to her son, Niko, in 2018 with her ex-fiancé Rob. "Don alone will beat the WHOLE shop up.

Despite all the back and forth between Young Bae and Miss Kitty, this isn't the first time they've gone at each other, only to make amends later. Bae and her former BFF, Miss Kitty, have been at odds for quite some time. After their physical altercation during the Season 8 mid-season premiere, Young Bae is trying to set the record straight when it comes to her and Miss Kitty's issues. Willkommen auf real.de Wir freuen uns, dass Sie da sind! The midseason premiere, which was aired on February 26, hinted at the tension between Miss Kitty and Young Bae, and a new report details how ugly the fight actually is. The tattoo artist explained that she and Days come from completely different circumstances, and she thinks it’s best for Days to speak for herself. "I was his friend, I was his mentor, and you got the nerve to mess with one of my exes and throw it in my face. The “Diamond Tattoo” founder talked to Atlanta Black Star in an exclusive interview and addressed the real reasons behind her fight with her former best friend Miss Kitty, how she felt as a parent regarding Sky Days’ comments toward her son Dessalines, and her experience as a woman in the tattoo industry. Young Bae insists that she was upset with Miss Kitty because she allegedly said something about her 1-year-old son, Niko, though she didn't specify exactly what was said. Drama involving Black Ink Crew stars Young Bae and Miss Kitty is never in short supply, but recent events may have destroyed their friendship forever. Auf unserem Marktplatz erwartet Sie eine große Auswahl an über 19 Millionen Produkten aus zahlreichen Kategorien: Unter anderem können Sie aus Elektronikartikeln, Spielzeug, Garten- und Heimwerkerprodukten sowie Mode oder auch Möbeln und Atemschutzmasken wählen. They are MISERABLE and it really shows !!!" We publish narratives intentionally and specifically to enlighten and transform the world. Another fan thought that the "Chicago" cast members were so worried about kitty. Sign up to receive The Atlanta Black Star Newsletter in your inbox. “People go through things in life and sometimes you make mistakes.

Contribute to Atlanta Black Star today and help us share our narratives. Kitty denied doing anything of the sort in a since-deleted Instagram post. According to Urban Belle, Rob pushed back on Instagram, saying that people "always seem to forget all that you do, all that you have done," while asserting this his son is always a priority in his life. Black Ink Crew (alternatively Black Ink Crew: New York) is an American reality television series that premiered on January 7, 2013 on VH1. leave that girl alone. It's still possible that these two talented tattoo artists will resolve their differences, even if the bad blood cuts are a little deeper this time around. Her best advice for women who are trying to break into the tattoo world is for them to believe in themselves and know that they can achieve anything. The model recently got into a explosive battle with her son Dessalines and received instant backlash from viewers for telling him that she and his father never wanted him. During the first half of Season 8 in October 2019, Bae told co-star Donna that she'd suffered a miscarriage and that Rob (Niko's dad) wasn't around to help out. ————————————————— ️ Hair ️…” • See 230 photos and videos on their profile. Kitty insinuated that Bae may be using her to deflect attention from Bae's alleged relationship with Black Ink Crew bigwig Ceaser Emanuel.

The two got into a physical altercation on the Feb. 26 mid-season premiere after Bae punched Kitty in the face with a purse while yelling, “You a f–king punk ass b—h.”. Additionally, Kitty is at odds with the majority of 'Black Ink Crew: New York' cast as some of her former co-stars, including Tati and Donna, feel betrayed by Kitty's move to Chicago. It wouldn't be no 9MAG without Ceaser, yo!". she yelled. According to MTO News, the Korean tattoo artist punched Kitty in the face and the two continued fighting in front of camera. Fans were not happy to see how everyone treated Kitty as one urged, "So sad how they ganging up on kit. But the bad blood between these two apparently runs much deeper than just those Chi-town connections, at least if you believe what Bae had to say about the whole dynamic. Same Look. It's not like the drama was ever lacking between them on Black Ink Crew: New York, but the ongoing feud between reality stars Young Bae and Miss Kitty is more than extra this season. We only know because she talked." While her son appears to be the love of her life, her co-star Sky Days’ relationship with her sons is anything but sweet. Who cares about who f—-d who? Miss Kitty Sovain shared a video on Instagram: “ Green Screen Shorty @dariandiamond stays hyping me up! With Miss Kitty moving from "Black Ink Crew: New York" to "Black Ink Crew: Chicago", more drama is coming to the latter. ‘I Hurt People That I Care About Badly’: Ryan Henry Admits to Sleeping with His Best Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend Nina Marie, ‘Who Dis Woman?’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Phor Debuts His New Girlfriend, and Fans Needs Answers, Shots Fired: Fans Claim ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Is Shading Ryan Henry In Latest IG Post. And sometimes you say sorry, and become a better person. During the infamous episode, "Bae punched Kitty in the face with a purse while yelling, 'You a f***ing punk a** b***h,'" per Atlanta Black Star.

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