marble sights chart

marble sporting rear leaf rear front flat semi- full flat semi- mod. No screws included. Can be adjusted vertically for height. Flash Hole & Primer Pocket Uniformers & Acc. Marbles typically sell for 50 to 75 percent of the realized auction value when offered in a private sale. The double step design assures sturdiness.

Add the 1/3 adjustment to the center line distance (example: .370" + .500" = .870").5. The height adjustable notch piece has both U-shaped and V-shaped centers. The brilliantly glowing fiber optic cables are installed and permanently flared to the sight. Ù'Ì×CJærI¹B How to Use Table Above-Suppose a rifle, having a sighting radius of 24” between front sight and receiver sight, shoots 6” high at 100 yards, even with the rear sight adjusted as low as possible.

May require minor fitting. Some guns will have to have a new mount hole drilled and tapped. Similar to our standard sporting rear sight, it also has the ability to be folded down and used with a peep tang sight. This might be .410”, such as a Marble No. Buffalo Arms Co. carries a full line of Marble Arms sights.

Fixed model features the same Marble Arms® Bullseye peep design but without the extended base and is not elevation adjustable. The design dates back to the late 1800s. Steel, double-ring peep design ensures consistent sight alignment and helps improve shooting form. We proudly offer the same sporting rear sight as we did 100 years ago. Held in place by sight screw. This unique feature allows you to precision adjust your sight with a small screwdriver or a hammer. 45MR, should be installed.Sighting in should be done with a bench rest or prone with a sand bag or other rest for the rifle. Marble Arms® has developed a line of uni-ramp front sights that fit all rifles, shotguns, and muzzle loaders that use screw held front sights. Barrel-mounted, dovetail Marble Arms®  Bullseye sight gets you on target fast with perfect alignment for improved accuracy. PEEP TANG SIGHTS. Available for 1-7/8 inch and 2-3/4 inch rear sights. Password. For more information go to The hand painted enamel diamond on the notch piece instantly draws your eye to the sight notch for quick, instinctive shooting.The Marble Arms®  Sporting Rear Sight™ is available in flat top, semi-buckhorn or full buckhorn style. Forgot Your Password? Offering shooting & reloading supplies since 1990! Ramps are measured from the base to the bottom of the dovetails. Please see my other auctions for additional vintage sights. The moment the rear sight is misaligned, the front sight drifts out of the center ring, telling the shooter to re-align. On Jul-31-13 at 05:51:17 PDT. Divide the diameters by 2 (example: 1.0” / 2 = .500” and .750" / 2 = .375").3. The Marble Arms ® sporting rear sight became the preferred factory installed, barrel mounted sight of all the major rifle manufacturers. We make these fine sights in four heights from .360 inches to .620 inches. winchester rifles top buck buck top buck no. A comparable marble is one of similar size, color and quality, made by the same manufacturer. This is 1/3 up from bottom adjustment.4. Buffalo Arms Custom RCBS & Lyman Sizing Dies, VFG Super Intensive Revolver Cleaning Pellets, VFG Super Intensive Shotgun Cleaning Pellets, VFG Super Intensive Rifle Cleaning Pellets, VFG Super Intensive Revolver & Pistol Cleaning Pellets, Kowa 88mm Prominar Spotting Scopes & Accessories, .260" High X .340" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .260" High X .340" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight, .260" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Gold Bead Sight, .260" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .290" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .290" High X .340" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight, .290" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Gold Bead Sight, .290" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .312" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .312" High X .340" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight, .312" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Gold Bead Sight, .312" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .312" High x .531" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .312" High x .531" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .343" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .343" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight, .343" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Gold Bead Sight, .343" High x .340" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .343" High x .531" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .343" High x .531" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight, .343" High x .531" Wide 3/32" Gold Bead Sight, .343" High x .531" Wide 3/32" Ivory Bead Sight, .375" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Gold Bead Sight, .375" High x .340" Wide 1/16" Ivory Bead Sight. You need a combination of front ramp and front sight with the height of .495”. (.393 -.396 SAMMI Spec), Calculating Rear & Front Sight Height Combination. REAR SIGHTS. Have adequate ventilation at all times. Things You'll Need . Divide .210" / 3 = .070". Shopping Cart. References. (Designed without elevator. They flatten on top of a gun barrel to allow the use of a Tang Peep sight or scope without interference. Nice patina. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances has been found in the state of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury.

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The authentic Marble Arms ® Sporting Rear Sight is available in over 20 various heights from .275 inches to .630 inches. You can remove and reverse your notch piece with a small screwdriver. From an estate. This would mean a new, higher front sight (with an overall height of .410” plus .040” for a correction height of .450”) such as a Marble No. 1. Quality gun sights for firearms including fiber optic sights, peep tang sights, rear and front sights. Front sights are measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the top of the bead.7. We even still hand-polish each one before it’s blued.Our sporting rear has the unique double step elevator and the reversible U-shaped and V-shaped notch piece for precision sight-in. A hand painted white enamel diamond helps draw your eye to the center of your notch. See photos. Our unique reversible notch piece gives you a choice of "U" or "V" shaped notch. It is believed to be for Marlin Lever Rifles, perhaps the 1894.

(Measuring from center of dovetail to front of face.) I have been advised. Marble’s Standard Tang Peep Sight Chart Rifle Make Rifle Model Marble’s Sight MidwayUSA Product # Marble's Imp Base MidwayUSA Product # Marble's Screw MidwayUSA Product # American Arms 1874 Sharps 009816 110-318 991001 995-425 995027 185-836 Ballard Single Shots 009827 112-775 991021 777-685 995025 585-772 Browning 71 009828 118-327 991030 121-240 995023 520-551 Browning … .495" (height need from top of barrel to top of sight) + .093" (which is the depth of the dovetail cut in barrel). Commissions and fees charged by the auction house are responsible for the lowered price. Do not put rifle barrel or forearm directly on solid surface, but put the back of your hand or wrist on the rest and hold forearm of the rifle securely in your hand with approximately the same tightness of grip you would use when shooting at running game. Marble Arms ® Folding Leaf Rear Sights are machined from solid steel and are available in traditional flat-top style. 41MR. This classic Marble Arms® Rear Sight has been used on lever action guns since 1906. ), Click Here for Rear Sight Specification PDF.

Replaces standard 3⁄8" dovetail rear sights on many rifles. Login. Mon-Fri Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. PT Sat-Sun Hours: Closed.

Marble Arms® Rear Sight Replacement Parts Chart, Protect your Dovetail slot with a Marble Arms ® slot blank.

(208) 263-6953; Links; Back (208) 263-6953; Login. Complete with precision windage and elevation adjustment this sight is the perfect partner for the classic sporting rear and Marble’s® Peep Tang Sights. Vintage Marble Sight. Recent auction results. Q.en ‡%í‚Kª8_Cqı#-Õ(“©)X"ÕÚ8[l¾ìÎ|ê$kFÀ›ˆı#¨,%~�ÓŒÉ~ÁøŸ—Ûïh³¸{ğP9o@�@5Äè ÆgQ9©vˆÌ\‡˜¡Gà¡Âë�Åà�MPîj „ˆZgOõ0öÔÚÉÍIªİ€�. Marked M3 on bottom. You want to be about 1/3 up from bottom adjustment. Reference to columns for 24” and 6” on table above will show a necessary correction of .040”. Buffalo Arms is closed on the Following Holidays so that our employees can spend time with their families: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and The Day After, Christmas Eve (Open until 12:00 p.m.), Christmas Day, New Years Eve Day, Paper Cartridges for Percussion Revolvers, Cowboy Firearms, Muzzle Loaders & Vintage Military, 1892 Winchesters Lever Action Rifles & Carbines, Pedersoli Trapdoor Black Powder Cartridge Rifles, Carbines & Officer Models, Black Powder Muzzleloading Percussion Revolvers, Black Powder Muzzleloader Shotguns & Smoothbore Muskets, Leather Goods, Cartridge Belts & Cowboy Clothing, Muzzleloading Powder Measures, Horn & Pan Chargers, Muzzleloading Shooting Patches, Flints & Leathers, Muzzleloading Short Starters & Pistol Loaders, Treso Muzzleloading Bullet Pullers & Patch Worms, Hornady Lock-N-Load Power Case Prep Center.

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