maplestory is corsair good

Level 15: MP Cost: 150, Fires cannon at a set rate for 30 sec, Fired cannon explodes when enemy is touched, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 3, Max of 2 summoned. Broadside does not require any SP (Skill Points) as its skill level automatically syncs with Rapid Fire! Cooldown: 15 sec. BattleShip bomber seems to be the strongest skill of Corsair right? Please note that the tooltip for the Double Down upgrades don’t give any extra description; that’s all it says. This skill is unaffected by enemy damage reflection skills. will all the skills be put at thirty or do they not go up to thirty? Brain Scrambler – Boss Rush (189) Brain Scrambler – Extra Strike: Number of Attacks +1 something like this, DUAL BUSTER: Grants the Corsair the ability to use two guns. Black Bark: Damage: 403%, Attack Speed: Slow, Range: Normal i know SB is gone but im not sure abt the MB, might want to check again, cuz i rmb lots of player complaining abt the price of MB. This skill build is flawed at some parts.

Can you post all three 5th job skills that include Nautilus Assualt? Required Skill: Level 5 Wings This skill is unaffected by enemy attack reflection skills. I dont think it’s bad at all but it just needs time to level and it needs a lot of funding if you want to do good damage on bosses :p.

This is honestly one of the worse class i’ve played. They have mix traits of a Bowman (far range combat) and Thief (agile attacks).

Cutter: Incoming damage -1% What do you think? Hit the Attack key repeatedly to extend skill duration up to 6 sec. 4. corsairs – don’t play it.

Enemies who are immune to instant death will instead take severe damage. 14. Thanks for pointing out! and specialized skill. may i ask what does the hyper skill 7 added to double down does? Triple Fire, Rapid Blast (1) Is it just me, or is anyone’s game crashing soon after they use 2nd job skill “Scurvy Summonings”? Skill can be used when effect is activated. and also for Kanna revamp update. Murat: Critical Damage +2% Strict adherence to the Outlaw’s Code provides a permanent increase to Weapon/Magic DEF and Max HP/MP. Recently played Corsair again in the main world I am playing. Level 20: MP Cost: 32 and 2 bullets, Damage: 480%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 2, Blackboot Bill (Active)

But I can say that I’m glad I didn’t give up training my corsair because their dmg output are remarkable and they can both boss and mob easier than other class on similar setting due to their extensive list of passives and self buff. Outlaw’s Code (MAX) @Evan: I seldom use this for training or bossing. Valerie: Critical Rate +1% [New Users] Please note that all new users need to be approved before posting. the only utility it provides is the stabling of damage and adds a final attack.


If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the Forums Code of Conduct: So since people seem to bash on corsairs , I made on and got him to lvl 163 though. Sorry if it a stupid question but pls answer/reply, love your work! Level 15: Final Crewman Damage: +15%, When a crewman is summoned: Attack Power +45 Required Level: 143 Level 20: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 300%, Gun Booster (Supportive) Level 1: Damage: 1%, Critical Rate: +11%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 1% Your trusty parrot marks a monster for targeting. Training a Pathfinder is incredibly easy because of your skills being able to spread out and hit targets far away from you. just like cygnus knight.

I believe the effects of Double Down will not stack if they are the same buff type. 3. You can max it if you use Blackboot Bill frequently. Note to self: This page is fully updated to GMS 1.74, Thanks for the guide. @Bash How/What does “Dash” from 1st job actually do? Look me up on the website, I’m a Corsair, Ayumi could you add , like best inner abilitys for each class ? Remaining Cooldown -50% upon using Scurvy Summons and Roll of the Dice. Level 1: MP Cost: 12 and 180 bullets, Duration: 116 sec Summons the mighty Blackboot Bill to blast through enemies and knock them back. I’m looking at my Corsair hypers right now and can’t see to find those Eight Legs Easton or Blunderbuster Hypers. 2. 2. Just a little observation.. @Jayle: I have added the effect for “Double Down – Addition” into the guide above (Adds +20% Ignore Enemy Defense). MapleStory, Games SanjuPM Level 231 Bera Corsair SanjuPM Sairs and Ab are quite different to compare to, (even though AB pretty much beats all classes, it is One OP as hell of a class) BUt sairs are pretty good, they have good Dps, and are are good even unfunded. If you are targeted by a fatal status effect, a crew member will block it. A lot of phantoms also steal ‘Rapid Fire’, for it’s amazing bossing! Lv. All Aboard, Roll of the Dice, Blackboot Bill (1) Can you update on the hyper skill to add I’m not sure if its how it should be. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [Passive Effect : Nautilus Strike’s skill damage +130% points.]. Summons an octopus to rain bullets on nearby enemies in range. I think the reason why people bash Corsair and doesn't play the class, from what I see, is that Corsair has a lot of summons and Dice. Required Skill: Level 10 Assemble Crew (I) 7. Blast enemies with super speed. To be more training-efficient, it would be better to Jolly Roger (Pirate Style), Ahoy Matey (Crew Ship Commander), and Pirate’s Revenge maxed first instead. [Passive Effect : Nautilus Strike’s skill damage +43% points.] For MapleStory on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What makes corsairs so bad and so good? Required Level: 150 Thank You. I was wondering – what is the most efficient dps cycle @ ~170 once the first 5 hyper skills are obtained? Therefore, Broadside is not listed in the skill build. Increases Mastery, Accuracy, and number of bullets on Gun weapons. (162) Double Down – Addition: 7 added to Double Down. Uses the Corsair’s majestic demeanor to increase Gun Mastery and use explosive bullets to deal additional damage.should be linked with this skill, which has a 100% activation Rate.

Level 10 required to learn Majestic Presence.

Press and hold the jump key again while jumping to glide and descend slowly. Corsair's mobbing is really good. 13. SP is not required for this skill, and it can be used if you learn the Ahoy Mateys skill. 6.

Jolly Roger (MAX) (143) Double Down – Enhance: Chances of 4, 5, and 6 to appear for Roll of the Dice increased. Move on to maxing Pirate’s Revenge and Jolly Roger. Focus and aim at your enemy, then take out your gun and fire quickly. 7. @Ray: Sorry. JOB SKILLS: I: Pirate → II: Gunslinger → III: Outlaw → IV: Corsair → Hyper Skills → V: Corsair, Ayumilove MapleStory Zakum vs Corsair (Solo Normal Mode at 3rd Job). It works just beautifully on certain games such as League of Legends however I do some stuff on MapleStory and this is where the problems begin. 3. Level 1: Passive effect: if Deadeye is not on cooldown, it will take aim at up to 15 enemies in range.

( BTW not an NPC sell MB at 7 & 10 m for 20 & 30 respectively). Why do we max Blunderbuster instead of Blackboot Bill? Also has a chance to trigger a Stance effect. Level 10: When used, next used skill’s final damage 25% increased. For this job, you will undergo as Gunslinger (2nd Job Advancement), Outlaw (3rd Job Advancement) and Corsair (4th Job Advancement).

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