linea aspera attachments mnemonic

Relative to the shaft axis, the lateral condyle extends more posteriorly than the medial. Between the Vastus lateralis and the Adductor magnus two muscles are attached—viz., the Glutæus maximus inserted above, and the short head of the Biceps femoris arising below. FIGURE 7.23.

Although all these muscles mainly extend the knee joint, rectus is also a weak flexor of the hip joint.

There are five metatarsals. Some cross both the hip and knee joints and therefore act on both. Tim D. White, Pieter A. Folkens, in The Human Bone Manual, 2005.

Just distal to the lateral condyle, on the lateral surface and facing distally, is the small, nearly oval facet for the head of the fibula (see later). The medial condyle extends more distally than the lateral because in anatomical position the femur angles beneath the body. Examine an innominate bone in lateral view and note the large ventral opening, the obturator foramen. Clinicians, not being obsessed with anatomical correctitude (the Johnsonian style is catching), define the movements as plantar-flexion (foot moved down) and dorsi-flexion (foot moved up). The part of the tendon below the patella, the patellar ligament, is attached to the upper anterior part of the tibia.

It is a broad ridge of compact bone that serves as the site of attachment for many muscles and as a compressive strut for the shaft's anterior curvature.

Bones of lower limb > In man, there is a large superficial muscle called flexor digitorum brevis in the sole of the foot, but in the rat, the equivalent of this muscle occurs with the long flexors described as flexor digitorum superficialis (see above) or plantaris (see below), and is shown by Hebel and Stromberg as a large muscle of the posterior aspect of the second segment. The patellar trochlea, for articulation with the patella, lies anteriorly between the condyles. Each arises from the fibula (p. longus also arises from the lateral condyle of the tibia) and run to metatarsals having passed around the lateral side of the ankle joint and entered the sole of the foot. Tibialis anterior runs to the first (medial) cuneiform bone and to the first metatarsal and the long extensors run to the distal phalanges. The medial malleolus is the distal extension of the tibia's medial surface. It is about twice as long as the astragalus and projects posteriorly as the heel.

Free part of lower limb > In the distal hindlimb, the separation of muscle groups into ventral and dorsal (flexor and extensor) is obvious, but less so around the hip joint, although separation into ventral and dorsal is possible on the basis of the embryology of the muscles (Romer, 1970).

Linea aspera. The Adductor magnus is inserted into the linea aspera, and to its lateral prolongation above, and its medial prolongation below. The navicular articulates distally with the lateral, intermediate, and medial cuneiform bones, and laterally with the cuboid. Obturator internus also arises inside the pelvis and runs out to the femur. Table 6.2 may help. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

Below, the linea aspera is prolonged into two ridges, enclosing between them a triangular area, the popliteal surface, upon which the popliteal artery rests.

The lateral malleolus projects distally from the posterolateral end of the fibula. To the anatomist this is incorrect, because flexion means the approximation of the flexor or volar surfaces (the sole of the foot and the back of the leg), so an upward movement of the foot is a further extension of an already extended joint, and a downward movement is flexion. His contempt for such trifles is recorded in his reply to the lady who asked him why he had done this: ‘Ignorance, Madam, sheer ignorance’ But movement of the ankle joint also presents what Winston Churchill would no doubt have called further terminological inexactitudes. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Veterinary anatomists refer to the knee joint as the stifle joint, and to the ankle joint as the tarsal joint or hock. From the medial lip of the linea aspera and its prolongations above and below, the Vastus medialis arises; and from the lateral lip and its upward prolongation, the Vastus lateralis takes origin.

The rugose articular surface for the sacrum lies on the medial surface of the wing.

It is a broad ridge of compact bone that serves as the site of attachment for many muscles and as a compressive strut for the shaft's anterior curvature. Interest in these small muscles is likely to limited, not just among toxicologists. T: tibialis posterior D: flexor digitorum longus H: flexor hallucis longus – Pectineus is added into a line going from the lesser trochanter to the upper end of linea aspera. It bears a proximal facet for articulation with the tibia.

Pectineus is responsible for adduction and flexion of the thigh, and helps somewhat in rotation of the thigh medially. These cookies make it possible to obtain anonymous statistics of attendance as well as error reports during the visit of the site, in order to optimize its ergonomics, its navigation and its contents. The posteroinferior head-neck junction is more deeply excavated than the anterosuperior junction.

Copyright © 2008-2020 IMAIOS SAS. The medial condyle extends more distally than the lateral. Attachments: From the anterior and lower surfaces of the greater trochanter, intertrochanteric line of femur, gluteal tuberosity, lateral intermuscular septum and lateral lip of linea aspera to insert into the lateral border of the patella and continue distal to the patella (as the patellar tendon or patellar ligament) to attach to the tibial tuberosity.

Right pes of the cat in dorsal view. It articulates proximally with the tibia and fibula. These cookies guarantee the proper functioning of the site, in particular the connection to your account (IMAIOS session cookies), site security (Google Recaptcha cookies) and online payment (Stripe cookies). The adductor portion attaches proximally to the inferior ramus of the pubis, and also the ramus of the ischium. The first is strongly reduced to a small nub that articulates with the medial cuneiform. Shaft of femur; Body of femur > The head of the femur is a hemispherical surface that fits into the acetabulum of the innominate. The deep depression posteriorly between the trochanter and head is the trochanteric fossa. It forms the medial protrusion of the ankle.

Bones; Skeletal system > For distal femoral shafts, the shaft widens distally and the lateral supracondylar ridge is more prominent than the medial.

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