leslie thompkins actress

She returns to Gotham City with her new fiancée, Mario, the son of Carmine Falcone. Alias She is eventually convinced that it was the best option, but everything doesn't go as expected when his Leslie decides to accompany as Nora she was refused to leave her patient. Sometime later, Lee experienced a hallucination that Mario was still alive.

Examples include, when she was kidnapped by Rupert Thorne's men and forced to render medical aide against her will and when Batman was blinded in an accident and she treated him. Leslie is later present when Jim interrogates Paul Cicero and Jerome Valeska and had figured out that the latter had killed his mother, and Cicero had assisted him. However, Leslie distracts her by asking her where she got her wedding dress from, allowing Gordon who had been filing the ropes holding him with the pipe on the chair, to break free, and grabs the shotgun Barbara had previously wielded. Before leaving, Jim, finally having enough of Lee blaming him for Mario, angrily told her that she can accuse him and leave all she wants, but it will not change the fact that Mario was infected with the virus and tried to kill her, adding that he had no choice but to kill him and that he would do it all over again if it meant saving her. [12], Leslie is woken up by Captain Nathaniel Barnes, who calls her phone.

Leslie Tompkins. However, after Jim is framed for murder and is imprisoned, Leslie loses the child and temporarily leaves Gotham City. When Barbara arrives at the GCPD and offers to show Jim something in exchange for giving him information, Leslie strongly protests as she advocates for Barbara being sent to a hospital as quickly as possible to resume her treatment. Arkham Asylum (formerly)Jim GordonGCPDHPD (formerly)Cherry's (formerly)Edward Nygma (ex-boyfriend)Nyssa al Ghul (mind-controlled by; formerly) Elle a également été invitée dans trois épisodes de la série télévisée The O.C. Though some of Mario's blood got onto Leslie's cheek.[33]. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed.

Over time, Leslie has given James Jr. more responsibilities like making "nutrition runs" for newborn babies who come from poor families. Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *. Leslie was later kidnapped by Tabitha Galavan and brought to Gotham Cathedral and tied to a wheelchair. Instead, it was revealed that Leslie had faked Stephanie's death in order to get her out of the superhero business and to give her time to heal without worrying about Black Mask. Fearing that something might have happened to the woman, Leslie and Jim visit her son, Jerome Valeska, to find out the whereabouts of his mother. Elle est apparue pour la première fois dans la saison 10 épisode “Counterstrike” comme Adria adulte (les versions plus jeunes d’Adria étaient auparavant jouées par d’autres actrices). A few seconds later Victor returns with the necklace and after a kiss, he freezes her. After she's cured, she once again leaves Gotham because of the corruption that the city has brought, as well as to temporarily distance herself from Jim. [14], In the archive room, Leslie and Kristin Kringle had a conversation with each other. That night at Leslie's apartment, she and Jim have dinner, and she is excited by the message Paul Cicero had brought them earlier, and her wits she manages to decipher the message, as it referred to a park located under the Arkham Bridge.

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