kpop mv theories

On a more saddening tone, fans have recently found out that ‘Black Swan’ can be easily changed to “swan song”.

Comment down below any of your thoughts on this whole theory. IU & GD should be more than good friends and everybody knows it. This time, they were dressed as Marionette dolls in “Dumb Dumb.” This era was possibly their most solid concept yet; the styling was on point, the song and dance sequences were fresh, and the overall production value was astounding.

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While the song was exciting and very “pop,” they still retained parts of their “velvet” selves with their streetwear, swag moves, and cool attitude. Resolving any inner conflict they used to have. The lyric “we were only seven” also appears in the song “We Are Bulletproof: the eternal”. Red's used here on anything that causes harm/death or is about to be harmed/die. But to summarize, Jin is trapped in this time loop where he must travel back in time to save the other six members from dying. Fighting a theme of individualism vs society and what society would sacrifice the happiness of one to support the happiness of more. Especially if you’re not familiar with or keeping up with all the previous theories. One of the characters even uses a conch to call order among the other boys, but as the story progresses, chaos rises and the boys are never the same. But it is the members who climb up this cliff, with Jungkook running off toward the edge. Here are some of their unique concepts: No other image could have represented their debut song “Happiness” more perfectly than the concept of cheerleaders. Wings album & BS&T mv was released on 10-10-16. Which leads to a bigger mystery, that all seven of them must solve together. Photo. I dunno if any one noticed but Baekhyun and Taehyung are wearing the same jacket in Ka-Ching and BS&T jpn vers. It was almost as if Red Velvet was looking into their reflections and dived deep into their minds and hearts. First off, the music video starts in what appears to be a battlefield. On tenait à vous remercier une dernière fois pour tout l'amour que vous nous avez donné la semaine dernière. This one's probably the most obvious use! Text. A coven of murderous witches girl group members killing pizza boys in los angeles. My Bizarre Kpop Theories, Observations, and Predictions. Colour Theory in KPOP Music Videos Part One. From the pride rock from Lion King to Noah’s Ark.

With “Russian Roulette,” we saw a dynamic combination of their two personas. Their latest concept can be summed up in three F’s: fun, fresh, and fruity. With the old-fashioned/apostolic clothing and dead people all around. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ga In's clothing, accessories, and even hair is red...but no one else is seen wearing it unless they're stylized to also look like her. Audio. Even the missing persons poster at the end is highlighted in red to make sure viewers understand it's related to RV. In this fight, Rob Stark and Jon Snow (the bastard) engages in battle with Ramsay who ultimately wins because they received help from another clan.

Taehyung is seen with a young girl who has a blindfold. Opening their lives to the brightness and joy in their hearts. After a couple of dark concepts, the girls came back with another track that made the world brighter: “Ice Cream.” It had all the elements of the cold dessert: pastel colors, cool vibe, and cute smiles. Unless you can endure ear-whiplash (yes, the mashup made this term possible) I do not recommend. For their second release, Red Velvet brought their own take to S.E.S.’s song, “Be Natural.” After treating listeners with a fun, psychedelic, and trippy debut concept, the girls took a 360-degree turn and went all black with power suits and a more sleek look. Theories: I hope I can come up with many: I like: To look deeper into things: But: Most of the the times I actually don't understand what's going on

(Trending) Fourth Generation Kpop Groups 2020, Updated* October Kpop Comebacks/Debuts 2020, BTS New Album “BE” Release on November 2020, TOP 13 Fun Things To Do This Halloween While Staying at Home 2020, Why is Draco Malfoy Trending Again? Re-sharing it here because the content is something I'm really proud of! In addition to music, K-Pop has grown into a popular subculture, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. While many K-pop girl groups tend to draw a distinct line between being purely sexy or cute, Red Velvet has a dual concept: “red” and “velvet,” and depending on one’s interpretation, “Red Velvet” is a combination of both. On the surface, the song is bright and peppy, but the video showed their emotionless, stoic faces as they tried to harm each other.

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