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Routine had a way of making even the weirdest and uncomfortable things seem normal, one could get used to many things if they happened frequently enough. Sarcastic, nihilistic, coldhearted. The higher the skill, the greater the data obtained. You let them take off the condom once, and you get nine months of pain and a crying shitbag for it.". Given the flexibility of magic, its users have essentially unlimited possibilities for what to do. When he stole his mother's dollar, he had to leave her room before the quest was completed. By: Mrs.KJones. I barely noticed when the woman had left, instead, my eyes were still focused on the woman in front of me. ], [Video Game Constructs (Active) lvl MAX: The user can create objects from video games. They scoffed at the useless things that the dregs of society would buy. Hit target with 300% more damage, if target is unware of your presence deal an extra 200% (10 SP per usage). She was stuck in the cycle of poverty and it was not something that she could break out of easily. The upstair neighbors would start their daily lives with loud sex, their bedframe dragging itself across their floor was the thing that Damien had been uncomfortable hearing when he and his mom had moved in a few years back. But today, Damien held his head up and his eyes were dragged across everything and everyone. "As if you wouldn't have done the same. "Oh!

Points: Earned through leveling up, can be allocated to stats. Level: Represents the current overall rating of your status, a higher level means higher overall ability, each level will naturally increase your attributes. These things were piling on to his mind once again, but he was completely at ease. You a good baby.". Failing the quest was still on the table, but quite frankly it didn't take a genius to figure out that 'System Rejection' did not sound pleasant at all. This had intelligence behind it, this was even referred to as a System in several of the things he had read so far, the mere fact that it contained text clearly pointed to the fact that something had written it. Therefore, despite her immense popularity she was only ever seen with her closest of friends. "Okay I have 1 Payday and Skill Book that says will not be revealed till the end of tutorial "I said. Aqualad did not change much when it came to his appearance. [Let's begin with basic commands; Commands can be initiated by both verbaland thought form. Still stealing so much money, it would certainly not be as easy as the first step. Allows user to move their body in such a way to effectively transverse their environment (Passive). This caught Damien off guard, he had seen dozens of people with Observe, but this was the first time he had been unable to see a person's level. Deciding that the best way to learn more was to simply press on each item.

The Title section mentioned skills, did he have some sort of menu-. As he began to ponder the new knowledge he had acquired a small ding alerted him that a new screen had popped up once again, this one was a congratulatory one that awarded him 50 XP after he pressed Ok on it. Damien's thoughts drifted back to the thing he had experienced in the subway, What even is the gamer anyway? I deadpanned, [By understanding lower levelled stats rise faster you have increased your WIS and INT by 1], [Good, now I believe that a gamer like you knows about most of the things listed in this screen, if not refer to the manual available in the Help section that will be available after the tutorial, now let's return to the menu. It was an interesting feeling, it was barely noticeable when he went from level 9 to 10, but three levels at once was a major difference. Sarcastic, nihilistic, coldhearted. Four years? (Note that entities than exceed The Gamer's level by at least a value of 1 will have information hidden).

A thought was all it took for a new screen to pop up in front of the old one, this one more simple than the last.

Your review has been posted. [For your planning on how to apply your stat point has increased your WIS and Int by 1], "Okay that is going to get annoying really fast." CHAR: Represents the amount of charisma you possess. A spectacle to be sure. Or...? x bisexual Reader!

Please tell me there are thought commands because I don't want to yell out my next attack like DBZ even if it is awesome.' It was a cynical thought, but misery loves company, it was a rule of the world; certainly, nothing he could do about it. In a world where gods walked the earth as mortal men, I would become a legend. ", "So brat, you better remember, and you better be grateful.".

Honestly, I thought she would have realized after the sixteenth time someone smacked her in the eye that it did not pay to be a smart ass when you were, in plain terms, a simple hooker. He felt himself grow slightly stronger, it was small but it was undeniable progress. Not bothering to say goodbye to his mother, who would not wake up for another few hours, he walked out of the two-bedroom apartment. The more he thought about it the less it made sense, there was something eerie about the whole thing. Dark Fic. For some reason, I was leaning towards the former. Fucking more and more men than even she can handle just to make sure you don't starve. ], [Omnilingualism (passive) lvl MAX: User can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language, including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing with little or no training], [Point System (passive) lvl MAX: The user can gain points from either defeating enemies, breaking items, opening objects and/or completing tasks. Aside from that, there was nothing else on the screen. All it'll take will be one person figuring out what or who his mother does for a living before child services come knocking at her door. Damien noted the usage of the word 'step' and pressed Ok. [Your use of memory and common sense has increased your INT and WIS by 1], "Return." Heading out of his apartment he was once again hit with the smell of piss from the local hobos. : Path of the RogueSteal $1,000 in any form. And why did he have it? [This is your Inventory, perfect infinite hammer space to store anything and everything you can horde, but if I was you I would keep it organized. It was when he was done with the whole class that a new pop up appeared in front of him, this one slightly different, it read: Quest! Considering all his choices, Damien selected Shadow Walker. One never knew when they would encounter a crazy that would like your guts spilled in a dark alley. Attain $100,000 Dollars via any means necessary, Additional 25,000 EXP Per Bonus Objective, Greatly Increased Reputation with your Mother, Greatly Increased Affection with your Mother. The screen immediately changed into a similar screen with more text than the last, at this point Damien had already realized that this thing was definitely not a weird sheet of paper floating in the wind as he initially thought. It wasn't much, only a few hundred dollars. Well, remember it. Footsteps slowly made their way to the door and Damien waited as his stomach dropped, it was his first time being late to class in all his life. You'd really blow them all away with that brain of yours!". 'Menu' I thought and out popped a blue screen opened up with several options. Her protests were cut short, as I was forced through the strip club, before I stood behind a curtain, the woman's sharp fingered hands slamming down unto my shoulders. MP: Represents the maximum amount of magic that can be performed. This one again was filled with information. Title: The GamerAge: 16Gender: MaleLevel (D): 9Debuff: Mental Corruption X100, HP: 40SP: 35MP: 0Magic: E0STR: D25DEF: D15AGI: D10INT: D85WIS: D55CHAR: BLCK: BPoints: 0Money: $15.

I would have preferred it if my new life in a new world had started off great. - Gamer's Mind, your mind perceives reality as though it were a game. Name: Gustavo GonzalesTitle: High School TeacherAge: 46Level (D): 14Description: ?Relationship: Liked. Select an item to view additional information. Damien felt a bit bad about stealing from his mother, but he would only take a dollar and return it after the quest was complete. Founder: Lupri - Stories: 980 - Followers: 812 - id: 123758 A collection of Videogame and Gamer Fanfiction, like Uzumaki Naruto: Dawn of the Gamer, Naruto: The Gamer Files, Gamer Arc. I had unusually thick skin, but that had hurt, even by my standards.

Ding!INT was unable to progress to C rank due to current level Letter Rank, received "+" denotation to reflect this. Name: Damien WhiteTitle: The GamerAge: 16Gender: MaleLevel (D): 13Debuff: Mental Corruption X100, HP: 48SP: 43MP: 8 (13)Magic: E8STR: D33 (D55)DEF: D23 (D28)AGI: D18 (D43)INT: D93 (D+113)WIS: D63 (D68)CHAR: BLCK: BPoints: 8Money: $16. Do you understand?].

I said, "Quest." "Yeah I understand." Passive effect: increases VIT, INT, WIS by 20%. [Would you like to go through the tutorial? Barbara Gordon, the redhead beauty. ], [Head-Up Display (passive) lvl MAX: User can create or see a head-up display containing information about the world around them, allowing them to perceive data without requiring user to look away from their usual viewpoints. Being a leader, he had to keep a level-head to … I was walking home from the bar when I came across a man trying to rape the woman 5 blocks from my place. [Congratulations, you have become The Gamer, you will wake up soon in a new, but perhaps familiar world, there you will meet new people and go on amazing adventures!]. This power can give the user a wide variety of abilities.]. Other than that, I think that's everything. Looking down at his inventory he spotted the TV taking up a slot. It was surreal, he almost thought that he may have been drugged if not for the fact that it was so vivid. HP: Represents the maximum amount of health you possess. He placed his hand over the unbound item and thought Inventory. Night was falling on Gotham City and so he hurried his step and headed back home, he had a whole month to plan and figure out how he would go about this. The human mind was adaptive, it was likely its most powerful aspect. I said returning to menu. Well in all seriousness I died trying to be hero. Which is why Damien was no longer perturbed to wake up to the loud rumble coming from his ceiling anymore, the excessive noise would start around 6 AM without fail every day.

"You know, I think your mother really ought to put you in school. I said, [To the left of your inventory is your Equipment screen, while it's not necessary to use it to alter your equipment, it can sometime be faster than what you've got equipped, now let's check out the last screen, your Quest screen.]. He rather study to get good grades, go to college with a grant, and spend the rest of his days rising up the corporate ladder as a salaryman. messages and instead went straight for the Skills/Blessings section, he was really interested in the System's Blessing. [Yes, you have taken over someone body but don't worry they have been dead for 1 hour.

Making sure to avoid eye-contact with the local crackheads, who laid lazily on the hallway, he began to make his way down the old apartment complex. Damien had never been in trouble and his disposition to authority made him fear punishment, it had been like that for him all his life. 2. There was a sneer in the woman's tone, and, idly, I wondered why she was showing me this. It seemed that because his teacher's level was higher than his, he was unable to read his description, he wondered what kind of information that would give. - Rogue's key: No lock can keep you away from what you want. levels like Barbara Gordon had. ], [Reality Playing (Active) lvl MAX: The user can transform normal games into reality, using them to fight, enhance the user's probability, remove boundaries, make any rule of the game real, and adapt laws], [Team Combination (Active) lvl MAX: by working together to defeat the bosses and challenges. Remember that. Now that I think about it, Barbara's level wasn't the only thing that was '?'

We wish you success in future endeavors, the System will now support you in all aspects of your life as The Gamer.

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