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He’s a killer. He said, “If I’d wanted to exonerate the President I would have done,”’ says Sopel, who incidentally became the first BBC correspondent to use the word ‘f—d’ on the Ten O’Clock News following the Mueller investigation.

A president’s words have consequences, he says, but gun violence has many causes and did not begin with Trump’s presidency. There’s not been a day, not even when my son got married a few weeks ago, when we don’t discuss Donald Trump and what he’s doing.

‘I thought, that’s a fantastic start to the endurance test that is covering a US presidential election,’ Sopel chuckles. They began dating and later tied the knot in 1988. Jon loves watching football, loves golf and to travel. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Famous for being the presenter of shows like The Politics Show on BBC One and main presenter on Global. Previously he was the chief political correspondent for the BBC News 24 and also the main presenter on Global.

He then worked as a reporter and producer for the BBC Radio Solent. His wife, Linda, pays a price too. Sopel asserts that Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s chief of staff, assured Sir Kim the affair would blow over, but even he underestimated the ‘gossamer-like thinness of the President’s skin when it comes to criticism... Donald Trump went utterly ballistic.’ The ‘norm-shattering’ President savaged not just Sir Kim but also Theresa May, on whom he had lavished praise during the previous month’s state visit. You just think, what a cruel town this is!’ he exclaims.

Until graduating with a 2: 1 honors degree in politics from Southampton University, he was educated at Christ’s College, Finchley. They are a complete family of four.

‘The weekend when the story broke, endless administration officials, who have all had champagne at the ambassador’s residence, got in touch saying, “Not a problem, not a problem.” [Then] Trump tweets, and not one of them has ever got back in touch with him since. He failed to realize the injury until he completed his journey and then later required surgery.

The show ended in December 2011 and was replaced by Sunday Politics in January 2012.[5]. A son named Max and a daughter named Anna who are all grown-ups now. The truth about Gabriel Iglesias' son revealed; Is Gabriel Iglesias Married to his Long-term Girlfriend? He has also been an occasional stand-in presenter for Newsnight, and has made past appearances on Breakfast, HARDtalk and The Daily Politics. Is Steve Howey Still Married To Sarah Shahi?

Sopel is a model of measured, clinical condemnation when he writes about Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump election campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, and the President’s subsequent alleged obstruction of justice.

‘If I’d gone to the BBC when they said, “We want you to go to North America,” and said to them, “By the way, I think Donald Trump is going to be president and it all might go bats—t crazy,” the BBC would have shown me the door.

Although his professional life is like an open book, not many know about his personal life. However, he warns that Trump is a man who ‘can scent weakness from a mile away’ and will drive a very hard bargain. A son named Max and a daughter named Anna who are all grown-ups now. Recalling Trump’s election promise to ‘drain the swamp’, Sopel observes that ‘the swamp looks more swampy than it’s ever been’. So meeting called off with Danish PM because she won't sell him Greenland. North America Edi… In political campaigning he’s brutal.

Jon Sopel Jon Sopel Education. Jon Sopel married to long-term girlfriend, Linda Twissell in 1998. He then went to be the chief political correspondent for the  BBC News 24. Talking in the study of his Georgetown home, its walls festooned in political memorabilia from his five and a half years in Washington, DC as well as a Spurs shirt signed by Gareth Bale, he says Boris Johnson is right to seek a free-trade deal with the US. Better men are meanwhile sacked through tweets – or worse. North America editor.

Really not that long since I was receiving mine...

President Donald Trump beneath a portrait of Andrew Jackson, The US President with German chancellor Angela Merkel, Members of the Secret Service Uniformed Division during a rally to kick-off President Donald Trump's re-election campaign, Boris Johnson's furlough pledge to Scotland descends into public chaos despite private assurances, Veterans must stand outside on Remembrance Sunday under new lockdown rules, Quarantine could be cut to five days under proposals being considered by Government taskforce on passenger testing, Sadiq Khan confirms City Hall will move - but rival claims he will retain Central London office, Salmond's determination to keep misconduct probe secret revealed in new documents, Michel Barnier to call for more Brexit trade talks, Government could spend millions more on potholes as its urged to tackle them as part of 'levelling up' agenda, Lords vote to close the "Bercow loophole", meaning peers can be subject to investigation for their time as MPs, Nicola Sturgeon warns parts of Scotland face tougher restrictions including near-full lockdown, Boris Johnson tells Cabinet Dec 2 is 'deadline and target' for solutions to lockdown, Nigel Farage: President Biden would make a laughing stock of America, Five-day quarantine would catch 'up to 90pc' of cases and kickstart post-lockdown travel, Mass Covid testing plan to offer route out of lockdown, Boris Johnson announces extra support for self-employed during second lockdown, Second lockdown: How Boris Johnson responded to MPs' questions. Josep is married to Twissell. He met his wife Linda Twissell while working at Radio Solent. Trump’s presidency has been a non-stop sequence of outrages, scandals, sackings, provocations, confrontations and shattered taboos, with Sopel never quite knowing what stunning new presidential tweet he will wake up to each morning. He attended Christ’s College in north London and then joined Southampton University graduating in politics. Delighted to be conducting degree ceremonies today @unisouthampton as Pro-Chancellor. All in all, the pair had the most amazing time together and we wish them a life time of happiness and togetherness. Of course.... Sopel’s book also expands on issues of specific interest to British readers. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism.

James Comey, the FBI director, saw his sacking announced in a television newsflash while he was delivering a speech. Sopel has been an occasional stand in-presenter for the Newsnight and appeared on Breakfast, HARDtalk, and The Daily Politics. They are a complete family of four. Jon and his pretty wife appear to be in as much love as they were in the beginning of their relationship, maybe even more, but no less.

Born in 1959 to parents Myer and Miriam Sopel, his family moved from Stepney to north London when he was eleven.

‘I think Mueller made it pretty clear where he stood.

Next year’s presidential election looms, and – barring some sensational development – Sopel expects Trump to be re-elected.

Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, learnt of his firing via Twitter when he landed in Washington after a long trip to Africa and his staff turned on their phones. The couple have a son and daughter and live in Washington DC.

Stories he covered while he was in Paris included the French ban on the importation of British beef, the millennium celebrations in Paris, the oil spill in Brittany, the French presidency of the EU in 2000 and the Concorde crash in July 2000. — Jon Sopel (@BBCJonSopel) May 26, 2020 You know who doesn’t find it “entertaining”?

The couple met while Linda was working at Radio Solent. One minute you’re celebrating its glory and saying there’s no more important, enduring relationship on the planet, and the next you’re kicking the UK around, slagging off the then-Prime Minister, piling into our ambassador and causing turmoil.’, Damn! Though work took him to London, the couple and their two children lived in the north Hampshire village of Cheriton between 1990 and 1999. Getting A Laser Tattoo Removal Appointment At The Finery New York City.

Sopel was a freelance writer and broadcaster before joining the BBC in 1983 as a reporter and producer for BBC Radio Solent. Jon Sopel, the BBC’s dapper and debonair North America editor, managed to include Trump’s state visit to Britain in June in his new book on the US President, A Year at the Circus, which is published next week. It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.

His Married Life And Children. Jon Sopel and his wife, Linda T here is little respite in sight. Next year’s presidential election looms, and – barring some sensational development – Sopel expects Trump to be re-elected. People just go, “Yep, well, that’s Donald Trump...” He has a latitude I’ve not seen any other politicians have.’. He was educated at Christ’s College in Finchley then Southampton University, where he became president of the Students’ Union. Education: Christ's College, Finchley : Alma mater: University of Southampton: Occupation: News editor, television producer, newsreader: Notable credit(s) BBC News Politics Show The Campaign Show (2010 UK Election) Election 2010 Global Beyond 100 Days BBC … Attended Christ's College, Finchley in North London. The pair had a long bill from their wedding that was left to be paid.

He was effectively ‘telling the UK who it could have as its ambassador’.

I think he sees a weakened EU as good for America because they’ll be less of a pain in the backside and less forceful in selling their goods abroad.’, Sopel acknowledges that Trump, whose mother was Scottish, feels a degree of affection for Britain, but cautions: ‘We saw the “special relationship” in its true colours over Kim Darroch.

His net worth is reported to be around $1.5  million. Josep is married to Twissell. "When we were in the Masai I think I said that going up in a hot-air balloon would be one piece of expenditure too far.

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