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Santore is an amateur, self-taught botanist who posts videos nearly every day to his YouTube channel Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t, which he describes as “a low-brow, crass approach to plant ecology as muttered by a misanthropic Chicago Italian.”. (He also produces a podcast of the same name.) I live about 50 miles south. He says that working as a freight train operator rather than spending his time in school has allowed him to pursue that passion. And then the YouTube account blew up, which is cool. It plays into some of the more gross elements of human nature. So 30 hours after I found this thing, I woke up and was going to take it to this rehab center on my way back down south. I was out in the country and the nearest rehab center was, like, two hours away, and they weren’t open the day I got it. You’ll see guys posting photos of dead coyotes they shot over the weekend. “In the video we see a gentleman who I believe sincerely was coming from a place of compassion,” Monroe told TIME. A Photographer Captures Otherworldly Beauty in the Burbs, Discover Urban Resort Living at Norweta in Lincoln Park. be like the case of lice in a kindergarten class that you wish you could be... you just gotta keep doing it. Releasing a coyote pup or a juvenile coyote after rehab as a single animal is not going to achieve a successful outcome.”. But please don’t bite me. Unfortunately, it seems this particular coyote pup may have already had something wrong with it when Santore stumbled upon it. Joey Santore, 36, never expected to get famous for posting videos about nature.

It was grossly underweight.”. All posts copyright their original authors. The video captivated people’s hearts and went massively viral, with people applauding Santore for his commitment to trying to help the coyote and loving the thicker than normal Chicago accent that he puts on for his videos. Thanks for posting this. The soil type is different there, it’s all really sandy. Despite Santore’s good intentions, it’s never a good idea for humans to interact with a wild animal in this way — regardless of the situation, Victoria Monroe, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Conflict Programs Coordinator says. But also, I grew up knowing guys like that, you know? There’s a wealth of stuff in the Chicago area that people should check out. Especially young, sick or injured wildlife. In the coyote video, which he said was taken in Siskiyou County, Calif., Santore can be seen following a pup that appears to be in poor condition through a field until it finally lies down and lets him pet and pick it up. If it gets people to hate coyotes a little less and not demonize them, I’m down with it. “I realize maybe I shouldn’t have done that because it probably stressed it out, but again this thing was covered in parasites,” he says. Special interests: Conifers of California, Conifers of Cupressaceae, California Native Cypresses, Arctostaphylos. You know, and I just don’t want to get bitten. He adds that if he had known how sick the coyote was, he would’ve tried to get it to a wildlife rehabilitation center sooner. Tony Santoro is the online alias of West Oakland resident Joey Santore, whose YouTube channel Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t is a rebuff to conventional nature documentaries. Last fall, two very different approaches to addressing climate change unfolded in the Bay Area. and see what grows around you and then just start learning plants by family and genus, which is how they’re all grouped together.

Contributor Page. The mannerisms — at least among the white people out there — were super soft and delicate and kind of passive, with an NPR voice. A typical weblog is one person posting their thoughts on the unique things they find on the web. There’s unfortunately a sad ending to the story of a guy with a thick Chicago accent trying to rescue a struggling coyote pup.. At the time, I was like, “Whatever, shit happens, animals die.” But then the next day, it kind of messed me up a little bit more. I guess it’s for the better. According to the man behind the video — Joey Santore, an Oakland-based, self-taught botanist who runs the YouTube channel Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t — the pup died two nights after he discovered it in the northern California countryside in June. “We don’t value plants, we don’t value habitat, often we don’t value each other. California Magazine. It’s like get a side hustle and then use it to fund your pursuit of knowledge in the world and be able to share that with others,” he explains. Volo Bog near Crystal Lake is another great resource. “It appears that he observed a potentially orphaned coyote pup in poor condition so he was trying to obtain this animal and then transfer it to a wildlife rehabilitator.”, But Monroe says that his approach presents some challenges. I mix tragedy with comedy to make it more digestible and less futile-seeming. Hi there.I'm Joey Santore. Waaaay off the beaten path is Joey "Joe Blowe/Tony Santoro" Santore's "Arctostaphylos pallida on siliceous shale" from his Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't channel. Yeah I live in Oakland and I love this guy, one of the best things on the internet.

Shh, it’s ok. I’m not gonna f— with you. This kicks a lot of ass, I've subscribed and I might buy a sweatshirt.

Although Santore was worried about this pup being out during the day, Monroe says that’s not actually out of the ordinary.

The Art of Adulting . Santore works a day job driving diesel locomotives. “I buried her in the backyard at the house I was staying at, and then the next day when I was at work, it just kind of struck me.”. Painted on the side of an eight-story building, the fiery teenager looks determined and unbowed, gazing down at pedestrians and traffic with eyes the size of windscreens. It’s kind of funny. im delighted to learn that his shtick is only half shtick. More on Joey Santoro on dis here She-kawgo TV station show, London’s Trees Are Saving the City Billions. Active Member, from Oakland, Ca. We spoke to Santore about his complicated feelings on his newfound fame, how the natural world can be a balm for modern anxieties, and why he plays up his Chicago accent for the camera. Joey è una serie televisiva statunitense prodotta dal 2004 al 2006, nata come spin-off di Friends e incentrata sul personaggio di Joey Tribbiani, interpretato in entrambe le produzioni da Matt Le Blanc.. Tag: Joey Santore Bulletin – April 2020 – V87(04) • Flora and Geology of New Caledonia with Joey Santore • Cal Hort Goes Social Media • Coffee in the Garden Events • Horticulture Online Open a downloadable PDF April 2020 - v87(04) MetaFilter is a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. For those who have felonies from illegal drug sales, they […]Earbuds can be supremely frustrating. His vids turned up in my feed for a couple years, but I rarely watch anymore, as the persona gets tiresome, particularly as the videos have gotten longer and longer. Just Sharing a Drink with a Friend, Crazy scene as Trump supporters physically assault couple in Los Angeles County, Glass office building door shatters when woman tries opening it, COSTCO KAREN GOES OFF ON EMPLOYEES = no mask - no service, Voters up bright and early as polls open in Philadelphia on Election Day, Rapper Lil Pump attends Trump's final rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Huge numbers of people line up to vote soon after dawn in New York. But I also try to keep [the videos] lighthearted.

Monroe says she hopes the popularity of the video helps spread an important message about human contact with wildlife — especially with the recent increase in human-coyote interactions in California. “The next day I called around and the nearest wildlife rehab was like 2 ½ hours away down south.

In his videos, Santore offers observations and advice on how to cultivate habitats in neglected urban areas, his narration veering from erudition (“Over here you got some coast live oaks, Quercus agrifolia”) to irreverence (“Grew these bastards from seed”).

Comments are moderated. (Face-to-face, the 37-year-old Santore softens his accent to about 8.) By his own estimate, he has planted somewhere between 300 and 400 trees, mostly native and drought-tolerant oaks and cypresses, along medians and in parks. Although he doesn’t have a degree in botany, Santore tells TIME that nature is his true passion. Berkeleyside. Trees that can hack it without pruning and summer watering. “And when its fur was wet, I realized how skinny this thing was. Guerrilla gardener Joey Santore has planted more than 300 trees, encouraging a new appreciation of our habitat—and one another. I believe you; I believe you’re so tough.”, Guy with thick chicago accent helps coyote pup Santore, who also goes by Joe Blowe and Tony Santoro online (none are his real name, for privacy reasons), grew up in La Grange and lived there until he went to college in California. I have loved Tony ever since I stumbled across him searching for centimeter finger tattoos. Santore, who also goes by Joe Blowe and Tony Santoro online (none are his real name, for privacy reasons), grew up in La Grange and lived there until he went to college in California. Per the sponsoring organization, a rendering of the Swedish teen as big as Washington’s face on Mount Rushmore is an effective way to honor and amplify a message of environmental stewardship for a warming planet.

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