is caviar halal shia

As Philippe Gignoux has pointed out, Shiite prohibitions are very similar to those of pre-Islamic Zoroastrian Iranians.

All posts copyright their original authors. Remember reading a very depressing chapter in Misha Glenny's McMafia (a book about the rise in global crime) on how, after the fall of communism - which had maintained strict quotas on caviare - the Russian Mafia took over and were basically destroying fish stocks in the Caspian Sea by overproduction. How Caviar Turned Out To Be Halal December 9, 2010 7:00 AM Subscribe A look at how fatwas are issued, and how Iranian authorities were able to change the classification of caviar from haram (forbidden for Muslims to eat) to halal (permissible for Muslims to eat) in order to retake the caviar industry from the Soviets. In the mid-1960s, for instance, an Irish traveler who had managed to find a black marketeer in Bandar Anzali to grill a sturgeon for him observed that “pieces of fish were portioned out among ourselves and the boys, but the women refused it on the ground that it was unclean.”30 In Tehran an Armenian-owned restaurant on Ferdowsi Square in the capital’s central business district, Leon’s, was famous for its ozun borun kebab among foreign residents, local Christians, and Muslims who were not “halal-fussy,” to use a South African term. They fart. But the consumption of sturgeon was considered forbidden (haram) under Shiite law because under that law only fishes with scales (and their roe) can be eaten, whereas the sturgeon lacked scales. A typical weblog is one person posting their thoughts on the unique things they find on the web. (New Delhi: International Academy of Indian Culture, 1959), 51–54. Always nice to see flexibility in conventional matters. 33.

Acipenseridae are so ancient an order that even the modern species within it have been traced as far back as the Upper Cretaceous, 100 million years ago.20 For this and other reasons, naturalists have had difficulty placing sturgeon on the fish family tree. Personal observation of the author, Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island, January 2004. The intriguing question of whether that other delicious crustacean, the lobster, sometimes called shah-meygu (king-shrimp) in Persian, can also be fit into one of the two Procrustean categories and hence be considered halal has, to the best of my knowledge, not yet been settled. And if there is suspicion, the hard eggs should be eaten, not the soft.”19 This means we have to ascertain whether sturgeon have scales or not. In its chapter on food and drink, “Kitab al-at’ima wa l-ashriba,” fish and roe are actually considered at the very beginning, before land animals. chehabi; How Caviar Turned Out to Be Halal. Sturgeon and Caviar. I mean, if you discount "the Lord spoke to us from On High and told us not to eat pork", then it seems the most likely explanation is that these edicts came from leaders trying to get the ignorant masses to avoid food poisoning or starvation (is there research on this?). 3. 12, as quoted in Ayatollah Seyyed Ja’far Karimi, “Tahqiqi darbareh-ye mahiyan-e khaviari,” Pasdar-e Eslam, no. (Omaha, ne: Creighton University Press, 2005), 281–296. The Soviets were entitled to all the haram fish caught in Iranian waters, and any haram fish caught by local fishermen had to be sold to them at prices the Soviets determined. Or like an Egyptian computer. Emphasis added. “Conserving Caviar,” Economist, 7 January 2006, 72. Cf. 28 (Farvardin 1363/Jamadi II 1404), 16–19. Crap. Search for other works by this author on: ©© 2007 BY THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA. In an initial article the events that led to it were chronicled, and the prohibition of sturgeon and caviar was ascribed to a Russian conspiracy aimed at depriving Iranians of an important food source.42 In two subsequent articles Ja’far Karimi, a scholar who had returned to Iran from Najaf with Khomeini and who, in his capacity as a member of Khomeini’s fatwa office in Qom, had taken part in the consultations, explained the genesis of the ruling in jurisprudential terms. Islamic law contains detailed rules about food, drink, and culinary etiquette,1 and although the actual practice of Muslim societies has never fully conformed to these rules,2 the obvious importance of food and drink in the daily lives of people confers upon religious dietary laws a subjective importance for Muslims that helps define the boundaries of their community.3 An Islamic state, as defined by modern-day Islamists, must therefore be a state in which Islam’s dietary laws are legally enforced. 26 (Bahman 1362/Rabi’ II 1404), 65. Felicity Barringer and Florence Fabricant, “In Conservation Effort, us Bans Caspian Beluga Caviar,” New York Times, 30 September 2005. Very little of Iran’s sturgeon and caviar production was actually consumed in Iran. And if you cannot determine the matter yourselves, you have to defer to two just experts who know the criteria of Islam, and act according to their testimony. See, for instance, Abu l’Hasan al-Isfahani (d. 1946), Wasila al-najat (Qom, 1385 AHL), 2:180; Ruhollah Khomeini, Tahrir al-wasila (Najaf, 1387 AHL), 2:55–156; and Ayatollah Sistani, Minhaj al-salihin (Beirut, 1996), 2:291. Do not go near it!” Now that we have thought of doing some research ourselves, we know that there is no reason to deem this halal fish haram. Halal non-Halal 1 … If it is not known as a fish to have scales but sold by muslims, who do not consider unscaled fish to be halal… Traditionally, the sturgeon was considered haram, as was its roe.

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