incredible white vs alabaster

There are two large sliding doors that flow into the Lanai. I get tons of natural light, due to lots of windows and skylights. Would you suggest pure white for trim and cabinets or alabaster with 4 oz. I’m looking for a softer white that isn’t so bright.

Is it the same as SW’s? In your opinion, which color white trim looks best with Accessible Beige, and which white trim looks best with Worldly Gray? 5 guidelines For choosing the right white Paint for your walls: 1. You can bet I’ll be referring back to it soon:). Sample boards are key – especially with whites! (All of the interior doors in my home are painted Dovetail). 6. I stumbled upon your site as I am doing research on which white color to pick for the interior of my new home.

Now that I’ve shared my favorites, these two tips will help you figure out which of these beautiful whites is best for your space: Now that I’ve shared my favorite white paint colors, I’d love to hear about your favorite whites! The only light color is SW Egret White. Thank you! I’m also a fan of Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

This way you can let the sheen do the subtle shifting for you… . Thank you so much!

I want to paint my south facing living room an off white by either BM or SW. This page helped me make decision on the paints pretty fast. I love your BM White Cloud look with the black and white photographs. In our new home we plan to use Alabaster on the walls.

Thanks you, painters come this week and I am paralyzed !! Agreeable has an LRV of 60, which is a hair lighter than Repose Gray at 58. Hi Rachel, thank you for your question! !’, Hi Monica, unfortunately, I’m not at all familiar with Frazee Swiss Coffee, but knowing whites as i do, I would agree with your painter – it’s not a good idea to mix n’ match whites from trims to doors! Finally, would you put whichever white is chosen for cabinets/trim/doors on ceilings as well, or go with another ceiling white? Another excellent place to use AG is in the kitchen. Also, which white and sheen should we use for the trim and ceilings?

Thanks! I will do my homework on the color, but can definitely use your insight on finish.

I am going remodeling my house and going with white cabinets in the kitchen. Thanks for your help! For those who are unfamiliar with LRV or Light Reflectance Value, here is a quick recap. Thank you. I’ve paint my living room with Wool Skein. Learn more about this popular paint color. Just found your blog. For my trim/doors, I’m having SW color match my white wood blinds. I thought I had my heart set on Simply White for our home – until I saw your Living room with Cloud White. If you have ‘not white’ trim that could maybe encourage that. Ok, not large, monster size.

My cabinets and trim are dark wood. Hey there.. I was looking for paint ideas when your site came up.

We purchased a house and were researching/sampling neutral colors for almost two months. Thank you!! Thanks Kris! My question is .

For the stairs, Dovetail is a great gray option. And I want to have white trim. Otherwise, check out BM White Dove . I want you to check out SAMPLIZE.

Use Agreeable Gray throughout the house….

if you want me to take a good look at things I do have an affordable E-design service! Decorator’s White can also be a great choice for a wall paint color if you want a fairly pure white that’s not too stark. When it comes to questions like yours, I actually created an Edesign business – this way I can look at photos/questionnaire and come up with ideas that work, otherwise I’m TOTALLY guessing on what things look like on your end!

I want to see if this color lives up to all the hype it gets. I love the farmhouse look and we’re looking to paint our cabinets, leaning toward BM Dove White or SW Alabaster. I bought high reflective white over a year ago and tried it and snowbound on a back door to our garage. Thank you for this wonderful guide. Wanting to add gray shutters also with a traditional stained door. I spent the past few years recommending colors in the Agreeable Gray to Accessible Beige range, but this year, I am loving white.

My Renesaince men of many traits is also a painter and learning with me!

We have finally decided on painting the majority of our house (open concept) SW Repose Gray. We are building a small farmhouse in Naples, Florida with the front facing SE. It has a nice balance of warm and cool tones explaining why it’s been called the perfect neutral gray.

I want the color to really pop against the dark wall so I’m leaning towards HIgh Reflective White but wanted to know if you think it would be too white since our kitchen is pretty large and well lit with overhead and natural light. thanks! I am not designer.

Thank you.

Agreeable Gray is a great color choice. Hi CJ! I would like it to be a soft white without being too yellowy .

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Should it contrast with the Pure White trim or be more of a white match?


Also light grays and whites tend to work well with that color. I have been searching everywhere for a comparison in Behr or Benjamin Moore and finally have an answer.

Thank you Misha – I had no idea! Thanks for your description of extra white.

It’s hard to find suggestions for this look when the room isn’t a bright one! I hope everything is slowly, but surely getting put back together for you.

So we figured a basic palette that could go either way was safest for potential resale later.

I bet Pure White would be closer and I’d be less nervous for sure as at least it is more white. Windows both side of the kitchen more light then direct sun . Hi Amanda, when it comes to personal questions, I do refer to my E-design as I can get dozens of questions in a single day! Good article!

The kitchen counter is Montgomery by Cambria. Any thoughts are appreciated. Hello!

I know someone else previously asked you about what white to sue with sky-high walls but I wanted to revisit since our condo has a lot of windows and natural light. ?‍♀️ in each of the three colors and I promise that it will be easy to tell which color is best with everything else you have in your space!

I can only change the wall color. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

Would you recommend doing the trim the same or another white color? What are your thoughts on Alabaster as an exterior color?

However, I DO have another one of Extra White on exterior trim…, Read more: FULL COLOUR REVIEW of Sherwin Williams Extra White. End of story…for now. I also a teal like SW Riverway or SW Green Bay will really pop.

High Reflective White is great, but it is ‘pretty darned white’. I generally use the same color for the trim as the white on the walls but a different sheen (I use Satin for most of my trim).

It sounds like the 2 whites compliment one another? Do you happen to know where the TV stand in the picture for BM white cloud picture above is from?

Kitchen cabinets are BM Simply White, and we chose Simply White for the walls as well (to avoid mixing whites too much).

This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! Brenda one thing I found is that the Matte sheen of both paints is quite a bit different than the flat so I’ve gone back to using flat since it’s less yellow/green.

If you are unsure I highly suggest swatching it around the space. I’m m thinking sw basil on the lower cabinets and agreeable gray for uppers. I chose Origami white throughout my house. Try Benjamin Moore Gray Owl or Repose Gray!

I used their Simply White for the trim in my house and White Dove for my kitchen cabinets.

I also have a blog post re: Can I Paint My North Facing Room White, which you might find helpful! I actually have an Edesign business that I’ve created for questions just like yours! Click here to see all available colors! Hi Jenny, thank you for your note! Thanks for your thoughts!! © 2018-2020 West Magnolia Charm All Rights Reserved. If you are interested in finding a paint color form Benjamin Moore that is similar to SW 7029 Agreeable, look at BM Collingwood OC-28, BM Wish 680 or BM Rodeo 1534. What would be a nice white for that. E-Design and Online Paint Colour Consulting, FULL COLOUR REVIEW of Sherwin Williams Pure White, And I would LOVE to show you some photos of this fab colour, but rely 99.9% on photos from my.

Our tiles are also in the creamy/beige family. It is much more effective than using foam or poster board. Thank you.

I plan to use the same color ceiling, walls and trim in most of the house. Lauren I think several of the whites in this post might work well for you – it just depends if you’re looking for a cool white or warm white and what intensity. Can you suggest a white paint for the cabinets and ceiling.. very open kitchen lots of natural light.. etc.. I have a greige couch which I would like to appear more grey than beige and a grey and ivory rug.

Hi Lily!

Hello Kylie!

I’m choosing pure white for my interior walls and thinking of doing a light gray (maybe repose gray) on the interior doors… does that sound like a good idea to you? Hi Marisa, thank you for your note and compliments!

It can throw things for a bit of a loop if you through a different type of white/undertone in there – I lean towards doing it the same :). Hi Millenia! Let’s see how the battle of Agreeable Gray vs. Repose Gray pans out.

My interior is painted agreeable gray… I read that you painted your doors dovetail ! We just re-sided our house with Certainteed “Charcoal gray” (and, I’m not sure I like it) we need to update the trim and hopefully that will help. The two make a powerhouse mom/daughter design team that brings a rich and relaxed sensibility to their interiors. It looks fantastic.

We are getting a Vicostone quartz counter called MISTERIO (white marble look with subtle gray and brown veining, a Carrara style vein), to help tie in the warm oak floors with the white cabinets, black glass/grates (and a black Blanco under mount single sink), and the gray stainless on the cooktop beneath the black grates.

This paint color works everywhere.

A southern exposure might enhance this and warm it up a bit too . ~Kylie. I want a clean white with the most minute iota of warmth. I have WG in my master bathroom and love it but it appears much lighter there.

Great insight! I painted my walls SW Alabaster and planned on painting my baseboards SW Extra White, which are Frazee Swiss Coffee. Would be interested to hear from you.

Can I still use Alabaster for trim and doors?

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