how to tell if a baby mouse is dying

Tweet!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? Find out how many mice will fit in your cage or tank. Diarrhea can show up as moist, off-color poops instead of the usual dark poops. If the mouse continues to scratch, clean out the whole cage and make an appointment at the vet's; it could be mites. I really need help. There would be no way for you to know if this mouse was infected. (event.clientX + de.scrollLeft) : x; I read somewhere that you should try to find a new mum, but since I don't really want to own a mouse right now, I don't want to buy one at the petstore. supply it some sugar-unfastened cereal, dry corn or uncooked noodles. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. ['','t4p'+start+'-wild-mouse-mice-care-and-information'].join('/') : ['','t4-wild-mouse-mice-care-and-information'].join('/'); If you suspect wet-tail disease, as opposed to the mouse just sitting on a wet patch or water bowl, go to the vet's.

var originalFirstChild; He looked kinda bloated. Okay, now i have given the mouse water and it is a bit better. About a month ago I found a baby oreol in cats jaws. my mouse is breathing heavyliy and not moving what should i do plz help .i dont know how old he is but hes not eating or drinking that much water .plz i need help, My mouse Lucy is pregnant and I have been finding a clear goo around the cage , when I saw it I right away cleaned the cage but I am worried of what it means, My mouse shedevil Is very energetic always on the wheel usually she is scared of me and runs away but I came into the room I keep them in and she is on top of the foodbowl with her eyes shut and so I go to grab her all that happens is she opened her eyes no running or anything I would lay her back down she wouldnt move just close her eyes she won't eat drink or exercise anymore and I'm scared she is dying, Hi my mouse is sleeping on her side. now my cat has gone and the mouse is on the floor breathing a lot but not responding. You won't ever know, what happened. I got the hot water bottle filled and set it down with the pillowcase on the ground and he went over to it and fell asleep. What should I do to treat it? at the top of the bottle to prevent an airlock seal. the more serious the problem the faster you need to go to the vet. They may need someone to come in contact with them, and it's clear they're away from everyone and everything they love. That does sound funny altho I know having mice around is not, I am speaking from experience. Often mice will get the odd runny eye, a small amount of discharge or squinting which comes and goes fairly quickly and never needs treatment.

I am so sorry about the mouse, and I know you feel terrible, but as Lilspaz says, you did the best you could do, showed compassion and tried as hard as you could to help a small creature in need, so please don't feel bad....kindness to animals is always a good thing. what should i do? This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Mice can get allergies from some dry meadow hays and dusty hays, which can irritate eyes and cuts as well as skin.

tail by wrapping your pinky finger around it, then using your thumb Please help him. Make sure it is at a constant comfortable temperature for your mouse; not too hot, not too cold. I've heard that too much protein in the diet could be the cause, so I'm working on reducing this now. It's only been about a week or so since I noticed a lump on the side of his neck, just in front of his shoulder. Pet her head, talk to him, but not when you're sick (them being highly susceptible to any diseases you may carry).

ahhhh... that is so sad. The symptoms include: Wet tail can be mistaken for a one-time occurrence of wet hindquarters from the mouse sitting in a bowl of water or against the water bottle. and index finger to grasp the scruff of the neck tightly enough to My mouse is bleeding from his bum what do i do? He also could have been old, or the bedding you used could have brought an upper respiratory disease to that particular mouse. Wasn't really using them yet though, That night I checked on it and made sure it drank water. = "hidden"; Fostering a Baby Wild Mouse with Another Mother Coax the foster mother out of her nest. Veterinary offices usually have the information easily available as we get calls like this on a daily basis. Same scenario, no bleeding or cuts, so we put him in a shoebox with bedding and holes, gave him seed-based food created for baby birds every half an hour, put a saucer of water in the corner, and a heat lamp on the far side of the box. I am not sure if I can trust it though. Because the dust and spores are gone this way, and the ammonia is under control, so they thrive. Remember, don't use more than one new product at a time. My cousin bought two mice from Petco a few days ago. It is possible this wild mouse can survive under your care but it is also possible he will die painfully, that he might have a disease that you can catch or that he is a protected species that you could be fined for possessing, even if your intentions are innocent.

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