how to read a survey map with a compass

Rotate the compass housing so that the parallel lines contained within, line up with south/north grid lines on the map. In the picture here and the video below, I used a protractor and compass along with our survey to find the pin we could not locate on our own. When we bought our property there were a few property markers we could not find. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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You could pick a tree or a house, but don’t pick anything like an animal as these are likely to move!

Each grid square has associated numbers, and these numbers are what you use to pinpoint your location on a map. The compass is surrounded by a rectangular, translucent base plate, which serves as a straight edge to help mark the bearing on the topographic map. However magnetic north often changes.

Determine whether the map uses the Compass Degree system or the Compass Point system. Use the land parcel map to help you as you read the legal description of the parcel.

Phone batteries can run out, or you may be stuck somewhere remote with no phone signal – in these scenarios being able to read a map would be more than useful. The numbering system can be confusing.

Once land is surveyed using a given system, the description remains with that parcel forever. East and west lines are called baselines. You’re not familiar with the region. To understand why you might need these details, assume that you are considering buying land in another state.

The survey identifies the boundaries of the property.

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The closer together the contour lines are, the steeper the slope. For example, between N (North) and NE (Northeast), there are three compass points: NxE, NNE, NExN. Your base plate should show you a straight path from point to point. Point Of Beginning. You can gain that understanding by reading a land survey for the property.

NExN could translate to "Northeast by one quarter point North" or Northeast by one half point North. SN 243 637 = 6 All compasses include many common features. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. To read our survey, we should travel from that pin, South at 36 degrees, 20 minutes and 40 seconds. Write these numbers next to the digits for the 4 figure grid reference, to create a 6 figure grid reference, and so on to create an 8 figure reference.

When you quote your grid ref number, be sure to include the two-letter prefix, so that the grid ref corresponds to the correct square. This is particularly useful if no noticeable property boundary, such as a fence or stone wall, is present.

The "north" or "0/360" marking on your compass should face directly up or the top of your map. Be sure to add on this magnetic variation by rotating the compass housing.

A map’s scale connects the distances listed on a map to their actual size. She uses her experience as a certified nursing assistant and chef apprentice to write on health and food-related topics.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. OS maps all have two letter prefixes, which divide GB into 100km squares and each square is given two letters. To read a land parcel map that was surveyed using this system, you need to understand how to read the compass headings. How to Read a Survey Plat. Required fields are marked *.

This impacts the location of your property. This is particularly useful if no noticeable property boundary, such as a fence or stone wall, is present. Generally a title report will show a preliminary plat map with the lot on it if it is contained within a subdivision.

Photo by J&J. Once you have worked out the 4-figure reference, imagine the square is further divided into ten. Use the declination value and track it on your compass to stay on path. Found every single marker with a metal detector too. Would you Sign Up for our Newsletter?

is there an online site that certifies surveyor's use? The Compass Degree system, which was used for most Metes and Bounds surveys, gives a specific compass point (north, east, south or west), a number of degrees and then another compass point. the angle traversed from point C to point B passing through point H, or the angle at point D that is defined by points C and H. CHB may also refer to a particular type of soil in the designated area. The lines of principal meridian were often chosen arbitrarily rather than at equal intervals. (EG SN 24 63 = 4 To read our survey, we should travel from that pin, South at 36 degrees, 20 minutes and 40 seconds.

T hey are light weight and take up little space, yet are very dependable and when used in conjunction with and Ordnance Survey map, will ensure you find your way to your destination.

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We’ll help you understand the basics of a survey plan and how to use it.

Range simply means a vertical column of townships. The notation will look like this: T32N, R18E. That said: Our compass puts North at 0 degrees. In the end, the survey pin was found. So, to make our heading work, we need to add 36 to 180, giving us 216 degrees.

We were not drawing a line in the sand to say “this line on the ground IS the property line”, rather, we were looking for a direction to help us find a missing pin.

We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Not taking magnetic variation into account – Make sure you check for magnetic variation and take it into account when lining up your compass.

Based on the Word Net lexical database for the English Language. To figure out which way you need to go to reach your destination, you will need to know where you are and where that is on the map. If you’re buying or selling property, you need a land survey.

Surveyors can mark the Compass Degree system as precisely as they want. It could be a section corner, quarter corner or any number of other possibilities. How to Read a Survey Plat. You need to understand this relationship to confirm the size of your property. So, we have asked Ordnance Survey to put together a quick a simple guide on how to read a map and use a compass.

Contour lines are orange or brown squiggly lines, with numbers next to them.

For our purposes, I am not worried about it. Support wikiHow by Locate property lines, using the property's legal description, as noted on the deed. When the person with the compass reached 100 feet they would stop, wind the tape measure back up, and start over again. Use the edge of the base plate to guide you as you draw a line, with your pencil, through your current location to your destination.

Although phones have GPS and countless navigation apps, it is important not to rely on them as your sole source of navigation.

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