hebrides bible in oval office

Sorry, but from my perspective Ms Campbell amd Mr Lennie have not disproved anything except the probable embellishment of an actual story portrayed in the video. I’m an 83-year-old widow, born in Scotland, living in Canada, and a Christian….old-style Christian…Conservative in politics, conservative  in my views of the Bible. He is incorrectly referred to in the video as Donald Smith. ►The drawing power of God blanketed the island of Lewis. How Your Donations Are Used? In 1949, two elderly sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith, one nearly blind and the other bent over by stenosis, began to pray the Lord would bring revival, according to an account of the revival written by Chet Swearingen at Beautiful Feet, a revival ministry. Yet he offers nothing much beyond circumstantial proof either for his accusations, beyond that based on the hearsay of others. Several of those saved that night became ministers.”. But that is not enough to through out the entire story. Peggy encouraged her minister in the town of Barvas, Rev. Your email address will not be published. He shall receive the blessing from the Lord. Besides, their bible would probably have been the last thing the godly sisters would have parted with. The two old women called Smith were not aunts of Mary Ann Smith MacLeod, Donald Trump’s mother. I first saw it on a friend’s Facebook page. Really? STEVE & LAURIE MARTIN - LOVE FOR HIS PEOPLE FOUNDERS

“It is believed that more souls were brought to Christ through his prayers than through the sermons of all the ministers on the island. Will you come to the door and see the crowd that is here?”. During Campbell’s sermon people were crying out forcefully, burdened by the weight of sin. At midnight, Campbell told a man in that farmhouse that God wanted him to lead in prayer. It is quite ridiculous as to the leaps in assumptions, and uncorroborated hearsay both Ms Campbell and Mr. Lennie have to make in order to make their point. They ran out of the dance as if they were “fleeing from a plague,” and made their way to the church. MacKay contacted Scottish evangelist Duncan Campbell and asked him to come, but he turned down the offer three times, because he was in the middle of an evangelistic tour on the island of Skye and many were being saved. The Islanders on Lewis are very well aware of who is related to who and can be trusted when they say that there is no connection between Mary Ann and the other people mentioned in the story. In the Galilee of Israel. The RSV was first published only in 1952, by which time the Lewis revival was already coming to a close. President Trump’s Bible. Duty rather than devotion led to a lifeless expression of faith. They didn’t disprove the relationship of Trump’s mother to the Smith sisters. It was really difficult to get a message on your Facebook page and very difficult to explain anything in 180 characters. Only one other president has used that Bible for the oath: Mr. Trump’s predecessor. No! There are thousands of Smiths on the Island of Lewis and those Smith ladies were not sisters of Mary Ann MacLeod’s mother. It was just a sovereign work of God. */. At the church there were 800 people packed in singing psalms. I’m longing for revival and God, You are not doing it! Chaim Malespin and the Aliyah Return Center. It began as a popular story in 2017, and relates to a religious revival on the Scottish island of Lewis some 80 years ago, from 1949-52. Some services were scheduled to begin as late (early) as 3 a.m. People on Lewis insist that Mary Anne is not directly related to the Smith siblings. The revival ministry continued in the county for five weeks before it spread to adjacent counties. They just said they had a hunger in their heart to go to the village of Barvas (where the church was located),” according to Beautiful Feet. Here is his letter: The MYTH of Trump’s Bible, From Facebook. The entire story is one mammoth fabrication. I was born on an AFB in Japan, while most of my mother’s siblings live in Ky. Is that proof her siblings are not my aunts and uncles? Indeed so confusing was the naming among the people of my husband’s time and later that his local area put out a Gaelic Telephone Directory giving the real name and the nicknames of those who had telephones in the area….and obituaries in newspapers would sometimes add the nicknames in brackets after the real name of the person, so that people would know who the person was! They prayed fervently in their small cottage two to three nights a week. The music at the dance halted abruptly and the young people suddenly were overcome by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Trump’s Bible from the Hebrides to the Oval Office The video below shares the journey of Donald Trump’s Bible from the Outer Hebrides to the White House. And two intercessors who prayed for the revival on the Isle of Lewis were her aunts.

How Could the US Election Impact Israel, Iran & Mideast Peace? To receive daily emails from Breaking Christian News to your inbox Today the Hebrides Bible is in the White House Oval Office with the 45th president of the United States.The president's mother, Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, named her fourth son, Donald, after a cousin who assisted Hebrides Revival Minister Duncan Campbell. In my own mind, I gave Dr. Sexton the benefit of the doubt when I saw the video on a Scottish friend’s Facebook page. All of Mankind Wants to Know, Who Is the Real God? Too bad the preacher got it wrong. He’s done it! Donald McPhail, a 16-year-old from Arnol, was converted that night. Press On. The intercessors left the barn before daylight and were shocked to find men and women kneeling along the roads, “crying out to God for mercy.” Almost every home had their lights on. They were all Gaelic speakers including Rev Duncan Campbell. When asked why they had come there, they didn’t have an answer. P.O. Her facts “may be accurate”, who knows.

He does not pass on to me anything that he does not know to be accurate. For the church’s and Dr. Sexton’s own credibility, it is essential that it be removed. On the contrary, as with his mother, it’s doubtful Donald Trump has even heard of the Lewis revival, let alone of his would-be great aunts.

I just wanted to add some extra information when I read in the piece I quoted above that the ‘left’ is spreading lies in connection with this video. When Campbell landed on the pier he was greeted by the minister and two church leaders, who took him to the church in Barvas to address the congregation at 9 p.m. Three hundred people were gathered, Campbell preached, but nothing of note happened and the service ended at 10:45. The video is presented by Dr Clarence Sexton who is the pastor of Temple Baptist Church and founder of The Crown College. Some were converted before they even arrived at the church. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Oh well. If we say we stand for truth, we must do so. The RSV first appeared in 1952.

Trump’s bible was presented to him at First Presbyterian Church in the Queen’s district of New York in 1955, when nine-year-old Donald graduated from Sunday school there. The young man lifted his hands and began to pray, “God, you made a promise to pour water on the thirsty and floods upon the dry ground and you are not doing it.” He began to intercede until he collapsed on the floor. You promised to pour water on the thirsty and floods on the dry ground, and God, You are not doing it. When he got to the station, he was shocked to find a crowd of 300 had inexplicably gathered themselves and were crying out to God. Others had in glowing terms, added comments to the Sexton video, but I couldn’t get my comment on to the page, even after subscribing to the site. He had just completed the Sunday Church Primary School at the First Presbyterian Church in Queens, where he grew up. There was no need for Mary Anne to look to some religious revival on the other side of the world for someone to name her son after. This power created a longing for God, a hunger for His Word, and an overwhelming conviction of sin—leading many to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. He never has made such a claim. The president's mother, Mary Anne Smith MacLeod, named her fourth son, Donald, after a cousin who assisted Hebrides Revival Minister Duncan Campbell. Here is a piece taken from Christian Focus Press to show who Tom Lennie , the writer of the letter re the Trump Bible, is;>>A native of Orkney, Tom Lennie has long held a passionate interest in the history of Christian revivals worldwide. Although she returned to her native Lewis in later years, it is quite possible she never knew that a spiritual revival occurred on Lewis in those years (one of a whole string of revivals to grace the island in the twentieth century). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Besides, there were countless other Donalds on Lewis – what select source is privy to her naming her son after one particular Donald over another?Even if Christine and Peggy Smith were Mary Anne’s aunts, no one has provided a reason for them choosing to donate their Gaelic bible to Mary Anne rather than one of their many other nieces and nephews (Mary was one of ten children). With Trouble? I do not live in America. Well-worn after a lifetime of use, and full of hand-written notes and markings as it probably was, it would almost certainly have been their most prized possession. (Photo/Ronald Zak), Love For His People, Inc. In the village of Arnol, there was opposition from other Christian ministers, so about 30 pro-revival ministers went to a local farmhouse and began to pray. James Murray MacKay, to exhort other church leaders in the area to pray in the same vein. Pineville, NC 28134 USA. Over Lincoln’s Bible(in a cover) is an English Revised Standard Version Bible…you can read the name of the edition on the Bible…obviously the one given to him by his mother in 1955 and first published in 1952. (function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Mark Ellis is the founder of God Reports, a website devoted to promoting Christian missions by sharing stories and testimonies from missionaries and mission organizations, Trump revival Bible is fake news, but Hebrides revival was real, On the ‘mysticism trail,’ Jewish man found prophecies about Jesus hard to ignore, Christians protest shutdowns, will defy California governor to re-open churches May 31st, Thirteen year old Christian girl rescued from Muslim kidnapper, forced marriage, Flash of light and banana cream pie sealed the deal for troubled man, Prayers requested for Christian Harley-riding vet with ‘terminal’ cancer. I then did a Facebook search, found Dr. Sexton’s Facebook page, and let him know the information he had was inaccurate. It was very important to call children after family names….my oldest son is Donald…It wasn’t enough, in some families at least, to call a son after his grandfather Donald,,, but if the other grandfather, the mother’s father, was also called Donald, your second son might also be given the name Donald. The whole truth is written in God’s Word. ►People didn’t want to depart from the church services. What REALLY troubles me is that so many Evangelicals (American-style) do not seem to recognize the damage being done to the cause of Christ by disseminating what is inaccurate and presenting it as truth, or refusing to call out a President for anything because he belongs to the party they wish to have in power, I presume. The following letter has also been written by Tom Lennie. It was inaccurate. Donald Trump's Bible - From Scotland to the Oval Office - The Hebrides Revival The Greater Value: Riches or a Good Reputation Your Robe, Your Ring, and Your Sandals God's Plan For Draining the …

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