hay bales for sale

RFV ranges 160-230. Texas Haynet Round Bale Hay Net, TXHN1800, CountyLine Equine Pro Galvanized Feeder With Hay Saver (Galvanized Sheeted Bale Feeder For Horses), Koch Industries Jute Twine, 3-Ply x 520 ft. Tube, Golden Harvest Bale Netwrap, 51 in. Brome was fertilized with an 80-30-30 blend, last Fall, and put up with no rain on it.

, Will deliver for extra fee. Average weight per bale is 1450#. Changing your store affects your localized pricing.

WCCO Belting Baler Belting, 2-Ply, 7 in. Cheyenne II Bermuda, Tifton Bahia... © Copyright 2020 AllHay.com. Now making contracts on 2019 irrigated oat hay. bale or $100 per ton Net wrapped hay. "Black": "1200568" $30. { }, { WCCO Belting Baler Belting, 2-Ply, 10 in. 7852232515. Plan to do that soon. x 60 in. } Clean wheat straw. Error in store localization, please try with store associated Zip Code.

Cuttings 1-4. x 180 in. © Copyright 2020 AllHay.com. Good quality brome hay. $6. Never been rained on. each. Small squares. Top quality. 700 bale minimum. RFV- 142.

Tensile Strength, Orange, PTWR245BBIND-OR. Smaller 45 -55 lb.

"Black": "1164925"

These bales have a good amount of leaves still as well. All Rights Reserved. 1,700+ Prairie Hay large round bales. High quality 1st & 2nd cut. "Black": Why don't we show the price? "Black": Bales weighing approx.

Prairie hay $60/bale WCCO Belting Baler Belting, 2-Ply, 10 in.

{ "Blue": Smaller 45 -55 lb. Low nitrates.

Call Travis 620-546-5090, Certified Organic Alfalfa excellent quality-clean Small squares baled with John Deere twine tie baler. Bales weigh around 1300 lbs. Pictures upon request

Both Horse and Cattle quality hay. Will deliver for a little extra. "Black": Nutrient analysis available upon request. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. All put up dry. } Pearl Millet hay. Good quality, being stored in barn. 1700 Tons of Large Round Prairie.

All in 3’/ 4’ / 8’ squares or rou... Austin, Dripping Springs, Texas | $75.00/Bale. Transportation is available. "Black": Gorham, Kansas | $75.00/Ton.

Quality horse hay. "Black": "1127202" Prairie hay with brome, & some tall clover. square bales.

Protein is 4.22. The bales weigh average of 1250 and protein is around 6%. have 50 available, Horse Quality Prairie Hay, Wire Tied put up dry and stored in a barn.

Stored at the edge of the field. Baled June 13.

The first 500 where put up right away no bleaching & extra leafy! "Black": But due to that I’m willing to work on the price a bit. Loading available.

New spring alfalfa, so it's weedy.

}, {

Are you sure you want to change your store?

7856435917, 1st - 3rd cuttings alfalfa. }, { Net wrap Bales weigh 1,440 pounds, on average.

alfalfa,(from dairy to grinding) wheat straw, corn stalks, praire hay. No analysis Premium horse hay. "Black": "1127201" Good alfalfa large rounds. x 60 in. }, { Price could be negotiated at time of harvest. High Quality Bluestem prairie hay never rained on, 2019 Oat bales.

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