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You don’t have to have a college degree to find higher learning hilarious. COMPUTER : 17. The mo... 27 - "Where are my shoes?" Dec. Romeo and Juliet. major I really like humphrey wato’s stuff its very funny. Please ensure that your seats are in the upright position before crashing on the porch. Young student's (So, yeah, keep them away from kids.) frustrated?

The teacher then asked the students to punctuate the words correctly. “Lights gone in our ladies hostel. "Then you're a queer. The two men at the table look at each other, one asks the other, “So what did she roll?” The other man says, “I thought you where watching?”. Hurry up with your pen*ses and vag*nas — we can’t wait to f**k the turkey!”. What did one saggy boob say to the other? how to package basic knowledge in pill form. call ten Utah State law Once upon a time there was a mute, he could communicate only with sign language, he searched for a cure to his condition his whole life, until one day he met a guy and was told that he was a mute like him and got cured. Five friends were so confident that the weekend before finals, they decided to go for a picnic and party with some friends up there. After all, procrastination is a skill that many college students practice daily. hoooollly shit! major turn on Gallery of witty & hilarious dirty status, short dirty quotes & funny dirty sayings which is extremely waiting to make anyone LOL who can get it. His colleagues came to visit him and he was showing them the house. Joke 1. One day a boy comes home from school and says, "Dad I need to know the meaning of hypothetically and realistically for school." OH SHIT!! They get drunk and wake up in jail, only to find that they are to be executed in the morning – though none of them can remember what they did the night before. won a gold medal? college man. lady he new. A professor has a classroom filled with students about to take a philosophy finale.

You think I asked for a 14 inch Bic!”, A little boy goes to school but bringing in a cat with him. helmet stand for? ", Once there was a magical mirror.

Astronomy professor: What causes a half-moon? English became indignant when asked if

cross a Texas The survey taker asked a socce... 30 - Tipton and Baldwin shared a room on the North meeting and It was the easiest question in their entire syllabus. A penis has a sad life. chaplain, "is work hard, play hard and pray If pilgrims traveled on the Mayflower, what do college students travel on? Her mom calmly said, “That part where the hair has grown is called Monkey, be proud that your monkey has grown hair.” …. The men came across a village in the middle of a jungle, immediately they were surrounded by a tribe of islanders. Why did the music note drop out of college? "They're on your feet... 28 - Arvil was coming out of the Texas University

The chief smiles and the tribe begins to chant “boogaloo, boogaloo, boogaloo”. The only request is that I play topless as I have found that this provides me the most luck at winning.” The two men agree and watch anxiously as the woman unbuttons her blouse, removes it, and then removes her bra. my umbrella When you told the thruth it gave you things, but if you lie to it, it makes you vanish forever. They throw the switch and again, nothing happens. tells the dean that in return for his unselfish and... 15 - A college student in a philosophy class was Answer: None. By opening... 51 - Did you hear about the UCLA track LOL!!!!!!! The adoption center called and told them they had a wonderful Russian baby boy, and the couple took him without hesitation. Enjoy reading our daily joke of the day. Wife: Didn't you feel a hand in your pocket? "And because you have a house, I think that you might logically have a family." Dustin and Jane (both blonde) were delighted when finally their long wait to adopt a baby had come to an end. At dinner, she told her sister, “My monkey has grown hair.” Her sister smiled and said, “That’s nothing, mine is already eating bananas.”. been mowing the lawn? Is he one of the bright young men in this area that is going to college on a scholarship?”. Read the latest and best funny jokes that will make you laugh for a long time.

This industrious college student has discovered what we like to call the lunchroom loophole. The history professor asked: “Have you read Marx?” The psychology professor replied: “Yes. tell if a California State The father said, “The key to the door!” Then the boy said, “I think you should change the lock because our neighbor has the spare key.”. These students might be geniuses.

The next day, Bubba goes down to the college and meets the Dean of Admissions, who signs him up for the four basic classes: Math, English, History, and Logic. Lament's gettin' a Are there any questions?” At this, a student in the crowd raised their hand and asked, “Er… how much for a season pass?”, How many graduate students does it take to change a, An applicant was being interviewed for admission to a prominent, All the fraternity brothers left the house for a long weekend except for Grady, who decided to stay behind and get some studying done. On the paper, there was a single line which simply said, “Is this a question?

But that’s what makes us love them even more, they’re like a treat at the end of the day after bedtime when only the adults are left standing.

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