frozen ducks for taxidermy

It's good to hear you're into animal taxidermy as well, I personally prefer it, but birds are nice too. distance they are being shipped. on Introduction. Now you have to make a little hole in the back of its head. Do this for both legs. Now take your piece of wire out of your fake body. Now we will focus on the back and wings. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO CUT INTO THE GUTS!!! If it's cold out and the guys aren't punctured, probably a week. Close. It would look really bad if the head was sunken in.

You can add a little water to the borax for a first coat to help the hide absorb it better. The Game Breeder's Gazette is a good place to start. causes, and are in good shape. Now you must remove the tendons in the feet. Now stand back and enjoy its awesomeness. Now we have to model the duck. But wait, youre not quite done yet! If you don't over the years the oil in the feathers will get thick with dust and be useless. Besides the smell. To keep the wings open you will need to pin them to the cardboard box. money orders other than those purchased at the post office. It takes a little skill and practice.

Now take another pin and put it through the webbing right into the ducks body. Also paint the beak and mouth. If the ducks mouth is to be open, pin it open now.

Do you have any suggestions or can you recommend videos and places to get supplies from? Well how's it smelling now lol I'm sure it's ripe. Its time to sew it up. You really only need enough time for it to absorb, and 24 hours is plenty.

Birds listed for sale in our taxidermy items section died of natural causes, and are in good shape. Make sure you check out Canidas instructables. Although some of the specimens listed here are very nice, we Ravenx1, I'm wanting to learn to do ducks because alot of taxidermy people around my area are more into mounting bigger game like deer. Lego. You can blow it off when it dries. What you will need -A Duck -Sharp knife (careful) -borax -fake eyes for your bird (note the color and size of the eyes) -Paint (also note the color of the feet, beak, and mouth if you want your ducks mouth open) -rubber gloves (optional but reccomended) -Time -Stuffing -Thread and needle -glue -toothpick -Thick wire (Or stiff coathanger wire) -Pins -Screwdriver of pick tool -Wirecutters. Better to know then to find out the hard way. Listen guys clean the flesh scrap the skin wash it in good soapy water to degrease the skin rinse it in cold water alway turn a skin while it's wet. 11 months ago. Just make sure the tongue was cut out. on Step 14. "competition quality" bird. Try to do the same thing you did with the neck for the wings. Please note birds are not sold thru PM's on this site, if you would like to purchase birds please email us directly at

Gourmet! I would say no more than 24 hours.

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