eureka zane and jo first kiss

With Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Joe Morton, Erica Cerra. Then when you got here and I thought that she's changed, I thought about it again." "Well, so much for our dinner date.". I guess the other me was a pretty good guy. "For starters, you can tell me what we were to each other, and why that kiss didn't feel like a first kiss." "Don't say that Zane, unless you mean it." She told him as she got into her car and waited for him to get in. She gave it to me and told to me to give it to the woman I plan on spending the rest of my life with.". Ever since Founder's Day, there was something about you that I couldn't put my finger on. "So, we're engaged in the other time line? He replied as he got out of the car and waited for her to join him on the sidewalk. I still don't own Eureka or the characters.

She didn't look at him as she drove. She answered. She didn't look at him as she drove. I shouldn't have it if we're not getting married." Jo waited until Vincent was back in the kitchen before she broke the news to them all. He took her hand in his. No copyright infringement intended. "It already has been Zane.

Andy figured it out right away, but lost the data when he needed to be rebooted after the lightning fried him silly. Thanks for reading, please review. He told her. She closed her eyes and sighed. ", He held the door open for her and they walked in. He replied. Zane wouldn't let this drop, it wasn't like him. "Wow, you weren't kidding were you?". And if I could tag it correctly, the tag would be Sex, Sex, Sex/Hopelessly Romantic. He suggested.

And some how it changed the time line."

He asked. Finally, it was time for her to leave...even though she didn't want to. "It's okay Jo Jo, I already talked to her and told her I couldn't see her anymore. "No, Zane you took care of me. You had me puzzled, and you know how much I love puzzles." He laughed.

I mean he gave it to you with love and I have no right to take it away." He said. Jo pulled into the clearing that she usually parked in and shut off the engine. He told her, lifting her head once again to look him in the eye. He closed her hand around the ring and held it that way.

The only reason you spent the night then was because I had a bad case of food poisoning from Carter's barbeque." "You can try on the lingerie I ordered while I was in the jail cell a couple of years ago." He said. He told her. Jo smiled at his statement. ", She was afraid to hope only to have her heart broken again, but she'd rather have the chance to be with him than without him. She replied as she put the ring back on the chain around her neck.


Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka Eureka. "We'll always be friends Zoe, but I'll never feel that way about you." "Just remember, you can't tell anyone what I told you and we can't talk about it in town around anyone. Jack said. "Sure, open these next." "We did have a better second date, right?" He couldn't believe that he was actually jealous of himself. She sat down on a boulder and folded her legs under her. I couldn't get the idea for this story out of my head. Zane promised. She said. She replied.

"I never thought about that." She asked as the approached the table.

She told him. I don't want to hurt her Zane."

Jo takes Zane to her favorite thinking place and comes clean about the time line change. "This is my time line now Zane." He said as he handed her the boxes. Her smile left her face. He said, getting up and going into his bedroom. But then again, if she were here, you wouldn't be.". "No, we need to talk about it now. "Yeah, I kind of figured that out earlier today listening to you, Andy, and Sheriff Carter. "Yeah I did, didn't I?

What part of all this is Grant involved in?".

He said good night to everyone and quickly left Cafe Diem. She wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss.

It felt good to finally be able to talk to him like this again. She looked up at him and nodded. "Well, this sofa is a darker brown in the other time line, and there are no pictures here that were in your apartment in there. "Good, let's keep it that way.". Zane: I'm not talking about Grant. Jo looked over at him shocked. You had my grandmother's engagement ring, Jo. "Jo, are you okay?". "No, it wasn't Carter's food.

For entertainment purposes only. ", Fargo leaned forward so that he could see Jo's face. He turned to look at her. I just want you to know I told Zane everything." "You're just saying that cause she loved throwing your ass in jail and I tried to keep it out of jail." "Look Zane, I'm not in the mood to play games, so get out so I can go. He watched her drive away and knew that he'd do anything to keep her secret about the other time line. He nodded. It had something to do with a bridge device and something about wormholes, and it sent us back to Eureka 1947." She'll be able to use it against any of us if we don't find her and keep her quiet." She'd finally brought him up here last year, just after he'd finally told her that he loved her. Allison commented. He got up too and took her hand, leading her back to her car. Grant's been cleared and so have you.

"There is a way you can make it up to me.". He was kind of upset that Julia never came to Eureka and they didn't get together in this Eureka." She replied. You had my grandmother's engagement ring, Jo. She looked down at her hands that were clasped in her lap. The Department of Defense was shutting down Eureka, so he bought it and Global Dynamics. As she watched him walk into his room, she wondered if his bedroom looked as familiar as this room did. "Hey Lupo, can I get a lift? "I'm not sure if I should tell you yes or no. "I see your point there, maybe you can take some for me and we can hang them in here." I thought you cared about me." She barely got out without crying. "And you promise to tell me everything once we get there?" She got out of the car before he could speak and headed for the overlook, that had become their spot in the other time line. Jo and Zane's amazing love quote from the season finale of Eureka. He commented on her earlier reply. "Nope, not going to happen. "Calm down Fargo." I kept all of them boxed up until we started dating."

I mean you haven't even given me the boxes yet, what if I don't like them?

Fargo and Holly or Jo and Zane - take your pick, their respective storylines felt repetitive and predictable and beneath what this show can do when the crew is on its game. She joked. (as Donovan Stinson). Jo takes Zane to her favorite thinking place and comes clean about the time line change.

I wish there was a way to make it up to you." Carter interrupted us and you took my silence as a no. "We had to be serious if I gave you my grandmother's engagement ring. He said and he kissed her cheek, then he heard Jo's car start. C'mon, tell me what we were to each other. He smiled. Jo made a promise that she would try each and everyone on for him soon. "I still secretly hoped that she'd change her mind and accept them. She wanted to get to know him too because he was a little different than the other Zane, but he was slowly becoming her Zane. Jack said. They sat there and talked for hours, well after the sun went down. "I'm sorry about that Zane, you must have thought I was crazy.".

She explained. For now, this one is still perfect <3 "I told you I kept them. It has to mean something if my heart isn't breaking, doesn't it?" "Well, the Archimedes statue is bronze here and in the other time line it's granite.

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