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After Rob decided to run for the Mayor’s office in 2010, Doug Jr. served as his campaign manager, while also running his own campaign for Ward 2 councilllor. Although Metrolinx did hold public meetings on the revenue tools, Ford accused the province of “not consulting with the public.”, Ford said the taxes could cost Toronto families $500 to $1,000 per year “if not more.”, “Ask yourself, what will my family have to give up to pay for these new taxes?” he said. Greenwin, Sterling Karamar, Capreit, Starlight, The Projects Project, pt.3 (the photo essay one), The G-20, everything you probably didn’t want to know (part 1). As dozens of photos of blood in the house were shown, Stirpe rested a finger on his lip or crossed his arms.

Rob Ford and his brother sure do hang out with some interesting people.. For example, Allesandro “Sandro” Lisi, friend of the Fords, occassional driver and bodyguard for Rob:

float: left; I support the police. And these are just a few in a long line of characters who interact with Rob and Doug regularly, have unprecedented access to City Hall and undue influence over the mayor and his brother, and are presumably just the type of straight-shooting, honest, stand-up folks that the Fords and their “Nation” insist on.

With Ian Hendry, Alan Badel, Barbara Ferris, Alfred Burke. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. Republication or distribution of this content is Then there’s David Price, Ford’s buddy, financial adviser, former football coach, and ex-“director of logistics and operations” at City Hall (a position created specially for Price by Robbie): “Just before news of the alleged crack video broke, Price was accompanying Ford at an Etobicoke community council meeting, where a controversial condo project was being discussed. Ford served three terms as a city councillor, and throughout his decade in office he became known for impassioned speeches against overspending, and bicycle lanes, as well as for the criticism he received for his off-colour remarks. Doug Ford for their work at city hall. Mr. Aboodowleh also started the 2011 season as a coach and at that time also submitted a criminal records check application form, the board and police say. “Reporter: Is your brother under investigation? in Vaughan. Stirpe testified he had nothing against Kiklas, but was upset with Kiklas’s girlfriend, Kathy Ford, who was Stirpe’s ex-wife and the mayor’s sister. Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com, The Toronto Star and thestar.com, each property of Toronto Star That one of the men in that photo has been murdered and two others rounded up by police in a drugs-and-guns raid. margin-right: 1%; Const. margin-top: 1%; He’s done what he has to do.

Doug Ford: I support any investigation that took place. @media only screen and (max-width: 500px) { She’s functioning well, he says, living with her two children and on methadone for her heroin addiction.”

A smaller sharp-edged knife was found in a bloody storage room.

Ford says subways are “what the taxpayers of Scarborough want.”, He called it “an investment.”” While Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford Jr. has been grabbing headlines during the Ontario election, he is certainly not the first Ford to attract national news attention. Toronto Star, March 16, 2012. CBC News, June 26, 2013, “David Price, Mr. Ford’s director of operations and logistics, allegedly yelled at a transit employee and damaged a door at the Georgetown GO Transit station on Aug. 27, a source told The Globe.” Ennio Stirpe of Woodbridge showed no emotion on Tuesday as Det. “He leaves you on edge when he comes in here,” Surette said. “These are different knives?” Scott asked. “So if people want to take shots at him, I’m gonna stick up for  him.”, A report Wednesday in the Toronto Star says city ombudsman Fiona Crean is  investigating complaints that Jones hired and promoted managers without allowing  other staff to compete for the jobs.” This time, however, his real name was provided, but before his background check was completed by the Toronto Police Service, he was asked to leave the team by the then principal because of a “nose-to-nose altercation” with a player at practice, Mr. Yan said. She left Ennio and went back to Mike, and they rented a cottage up north. Like his brother, Doug Jr. based his platform around the idea of keeping taxes low and building subways, and with the Fords’ suburban support, was able to win the seat. National Post, October 4, 2013, “He [Rob Ford] talks about his sister, complaining, “the media never got it straight.”, How’s this for an explanation: “The killer wasn’t her ex-husband, it was an old boyfriend.”. By his final term, he enjoyed strong support in the pre-amalgamation suburbs of Toronto, and was able to build off this support to win the 2010 Toronto mayoral election. Despite the name change and familiar election talking points, Michael has made it clear that he’s his own man. Andrew Kettle of York Regional Police explained the crime scene photos to Justice Michelle Fuerst.

“Alessandro (Sandro) Lisi, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s friend and occasional driver, has been charged with possession and trafficking of marijuana, police confirmed this morning. National Post, October 7, 2013, “Doug Ford, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s brother, sold hashish for several years in the 1980s. To order Although he is called Peter Payman in the school’s football literature, his real name is Payman Aboodowleh, a 38-year-old who has a history of violent crimes, including assaulting a peace officer, assaulting his brother and breaking and entering. Once, the blade almost reached her back and left part of her intestine protruding. I support the police investigation. Price has had at least two “major freak outs” in the past 10 months and at least four altercations with GO staff at the station because of his frustration over Metrolinx’s Presto card. Toronto Star, October 8, 2013. Sources told The Globe and Mail that police have interviewed members of the mayor’s staff about people including Mr. Lisi, and attempts to retrieve the alleged drug video.”

I don’t do graphic design.

“We’re going to get this board back on its feet and restore the trust.”, The city’s auditor-general, Jeff Griffiths, whose reports found “pervasive” violations of the housing corporation’s own policies when it came to awarding contracts, is none too pleased himself. He planned to run against Tory again in the 2018 election, announcing his candidacy at his family’s annual Ford Fest barbeque event, in memory of his brother. His boss, Mayor Ford, didn’t have much to say about the incident Thursday when he finally addressed it. “I think he’s had two really big freak outs before this but also some smaller exchanges as well where he just gets loud and obnoxious with the attendant,” Surette said.” However, he also had the third-worst attendance on council, missing 54 per cent of the city council votes in 2014. La 'mbriachella, Frosinone Picture: Ennio il numero 1 per simpatia e cortesia - Check out Tripadvisor members' 8,180 candid photos and videos of La 'mbriachella That name happens to be the former name of Mr. Aboodowleh’s younger brother who was forced to legally change his name in 2003, two sources say, because his older brother Payman’s use of his younger sibling’s identity during encounters with police.” CP24, September 18, 2013, “Ford urged the TCHC to investigate any possible corruption and fully backed CEO Gene Jones in the wake of news the corporation has a forensic accounting investigation underway into dealings with its subsidiary companies — HSI and 200 Wellesley St. E. —  that was spawned out of the forensic audit ordered by the board last spring.”

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