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[26], The EDL focused on organising demonstrations: between 2009 and 2015, it held an average of between ten and fifteen demonstrations per year, attracting crowds of between 100 and 3000. Jehovah’s Witnesses: Our official website provides online access to the Bible, Bible-based publications, and current news. [173], The EDL condemns homophobia and established an LGBT division in March 2010. [181] Conversely, the political scientists Dominic Alessio and Meredith Kristen argued that the EDL "embodied" many of the "key characteristics of fascism": a staunch nationalism and calls for national rebirth,[151] a propensity for violence,[182] and what they described as "pronounced anti-democratic and anti-liberal tendencies" among its leaders. [78] Among the EDL grassroots, there had been much opposition to association with the BFP; many feared that it would damage the EDL's reputation or stressed their desire to be part of a street movement rather than a political party. [343] The 2010 British Social Attitudes Survey found that 55% would be bothered by having a mosque built in their street,[344] while a 2011 survey found 48% of UK citizens agreeing with the statement that Islam was "a religion of intolerance". [57] Several of the northern groups expressed support for a former EDL regional organiser, John "Snowy" Shaw, who had accused Robinson and Carroll of financial impropriety.

He stated his intention to continue to combat extremism by forming a new party. [146] The racial slur "paki" was also common at private EDL meetings,[147] and at demonstrations;[148] chants used include "I hate Pakis more than you"[149] and "If we all hate Pakis, clap your hands". [80] At one such event, Robinson told members that "What you saw today [i.e. [115] Chants during rallies included "Die, Muslim, die",[38] and "Give me a gun and I'll shoot the Muzzie scum". [283] Pilkington argued that the EDL's active membership, meaning those who attended its rallies and events, peaked between January and April 2010, when national demonstrations could accrue 2000 people, but by the end of that year this had declined to between 800 and 1000. [144] Others expressed anger at events they had seen in the media, such as Muslims burning remembrance poppies in protest at British military activities abroad. – Luit – Hex00010 – p0ison.org [153] Some academics argued it is ethnic nationalist,[154] although Pilkington stressed that despite their nativist sentiment, most members' sense of English pride was distinct from the "white pride" of fascists. Defacing is not a crime, it’s professional web-design – free of charge! [270] Geller served as the EDL's bridge to the Tea Party movement,[270] but later distanced herself from it, claiming that the EDL contained neo-Nazi elements. with more products being added all the time. [202] The latter included a women's division, Jewish division, Sikh division, Hindu division, and LGBT division. [38] Known neo-Nazis have attended EDL events,[115] where individuals have been recorded giving the Nazi straight-arm salute. [211] In September 2010, EDL representatives joined demonstrations in New York City's Lower Manhattan to protest against the construction of the "Ground Zero Mosque",[271] and in 2012 attended the "Stop Islamization of Nations" conference, again in New York City. [263] [237] Police reported that EDL activities hampered their own counter-terror operations among British Muslim communities. I thought the EDL were English and not Israeli. In 2013 Robinson—supported by the Quilliam think tank—left the group.

[295] 77% were male to 23% female. [312] Conversely, members and those wanting to join displayed "greater financial insecurity" and were more likely than average to be unemployed or in part-time employment, and more likely than average to live in social housing, rely on state benefits, and have no educational qualifications. Furthermore, another EDL member by the name of ” LutonLukeEDL” said: Mate, I’m up for all out war on these bastards. English Defence League Official Website: https://www.englishdefenceleague.org.uk. [51] The clashes between the rival groups often resulted in violence and public disorder,[236] with the police seeking to keep the two apart. External Link, Leroy Sane's winner was crucial in the 2018/19 title race, taking the champions four points behind Jurgen Klopp's leaders, Ward-Prowse: A positive step Give a smile. [199], The EDL's informal structure lacks strict hierarchy,[200] or clear leadership. The group also suffered a short-lived shift of activists to former leader Stephen Lennon’s Pegida UK and few returned when that group fell flat. [244], The EDL is aware that its demonstrations prove costly for local authorities. Casuals United was a far-right British protest group. [350][351][352], The government regarded the EDL as a major threat to societal cohesion and integration,[248] and there were fears that the group sought to spark racially aggravated urban disturbances similar to those of 2001. [96] Other far-right groups emerged to claim the space in British society that it left vacant, often utilising the EDL's tactics. Like other counter-jihad groups in Western countries, the EDL describes itself as a human rights organisation, a characterisation not widely accepted among the British public. [56] Factors that contributed to this included regional rivalries between divisions, a resurgence of sectarian enmities between rival football firms, and personal squabbles.

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