carrie the musical script

TheatreKid, sorry, I haven't had a chance to update with a link. Inspired by a 1981 performance of Alban Berg's opera Lulu at the Metropolitan Opera House, Lawrence D. Cohen, who wrote the script for the 1976 film of Carrie, and Michael Gore began work on a musical based on the Stephen King novel. Anyone have the broadway rehearsal score. Thanks so much! "Scary White!" Funding was not raised until late 1987.

The realization that her child is now a woman throws Margaret into a God fearing panic. My email address is the Musical (originally s'Carrie the Musical) is an unauthorized musical stage spoof of the Brian De Palma film Carrie and the Broadway musical, both based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, the tale of a high school misfit.

Following this, it received it's licensed U.S. collegiate premiere with Macabre Theatre Ensemble in Ithaca, N.Y. in March 2013 directed by Sean Pollock. on February 24, 2016.

Strangely, "The Destruction" scene is not present in this version. CARRIE JESUS WATCHES FRO~I THE WALL BUT HIS FACE IS COLD AS STONE IF HE LOVES ME WHY DO I FEEL SO ALL ALONE?

Music by Michael Gore / Lyrics by Dean Pitchford / Book by Lawrence D. Cohen / Based on the novel by Stephen King.

Barbara resigned when she was nearly decapitated by an elaborate set piece the White's living room, during "Open Your Heart" on opening night, but she agreed to stay on until a replacement could be cast, which turned out to be the remainder of the show's Stratford run. This is crazy, I have been looking for this FOR YEARS!

Though at first confused and uneasy, Carrie eventually agrees to go with him.

SO IT DOES EXIST, AND KEN MENDELBAUM DOES NOT HAVE THE ONLY COPY OF IT.SECONDAbout last year too, I was searching myspace, and i came across Wonder Waiter's Videos of the very first stratford run. The Musical, Carrie White: The Musical and Carrie's Facts of Life, which was a hybrid of Carrie and the American sitcom The Facts of Life. Sue Snell, haunted witness and tour guide to our story, struggles to recount the incidents leading up to the tragic night of May 28th. Directed by Brady Schwind and Choreographed by Lee Martino, the cast for the Los Angeles premiere included Emily Lopez as Carrie White, Misty Cotton as Margaret White, Kayla Parker as Sue Snell, Jon Robert Hall as Tommy Ross, Valerie Rose Curiel as Chris Hargensen, Garrett Marshall as Billy Nolan and Jenelle Lynn Randall as Miss Gardner. !I HAVE ALSO SEEN PICTURES OF THE GAMMEL HELLERUP PRODUCTION! Moved by Carrie's lack of self-esteem and her need for support, Miss Gardner assures her that things can change ("Unsuspecting Hearts"). I was wondering what the most recent link to the score was, or if someone has it in PDF form. Hi I have been searching everywhere for "I'm not alone" Would somebody send it to [1][2] The musical had a script by David Cerda with music and lyrics by Cerda, Scott Lamberty and Taylor E. Ross.

From the reading held in 2009, Marin Mazzie starred as Margaret White and Molly Ranson as Carrie. Book TERENCE MCNALLY. Battle lines are drawn; the best friends are now enemies.

While the assembled salute them with the school song ("Alma Mater"), Sue spots the bucket dangling above the coronation area, confirming her worst suspicions.

I thought I would never have the score. Carrie: The Musical

Thanks so much for the Score!!

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