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He left school, and he became the leader of a group of terrorists that all had sonic-scream abilities, and they were deemed unstoppable for their screams. Immunities

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The Banshee's keening (mourning wail) is heard at night prior to a death.

Nothing can make the Banshee show fear.

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Magical melee Magic, Salve amulet (e)

In Irish legend, a banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die. He constantly tries to cause wars, conflicts, and feuds in order to get the chance to take over any kind of government body he can to take over Kratos.

The Screamin' Banshee is a minorantagonist in Mater and the Ghostlight. Whatever his or her origins, the banshee chiefly appears in one of three guises: a young woman, a stately matron or a big, well hung, masculine Fabio.

However, when Mater notices him, he doesn't realize that it's the Screamin' Banshee and warns him of himself. It is part of the banshee outfit, which can be obtained by completing one of the Hallowe'en holiday events that occur once per year.


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His powers include super-agility, super-mentality, a sonic-scream, and sublimation.


After he had had enough, he became a rough bully who only used his sonic scream when he wanted to. Restaurants: Cozy Cone Motel • Fillmore's Taste-In • Flo's V8 Cafe He was seen at the end of Mater and the Ghostlight, with Mater in front of him.

Sightings of Banshees have been reported as recently as 1948.

She let out a howl and then she disappeared.

However, he is a bit puzzled by Mater."[1]. +0 +0 +0% Banshee men don't wail publicly since it is not accepted as a manly thing.But the urge to wail is strong when a premonition happens.Both men and women banshees have dark circle under their eyes.Generally they will have a scar on their head.

Although they may seem evil due to their appearance, they are not so at all. In Cornwall she is said to have long black teeth and in Scottish islands very long breasts.

Character information


He was known to have become a bully in school after he himself was bullied for his sonic scream ability.

The Screamin' Banshee is a minor antagonist in Mater and the Ghostlight. The Banshee may also appear in a variety of other forms, such as that of a hare, weasel, or any other animal associated in Ireland with witchcraft. +0

At times she is seen in lonely places, beside a pool or stream, washing the linen of those soon to die, folding and beating it with her hands on a stone in the middle of the water. Source.  Defence bonus, Screamin' Banshee's name is based on the Irish legend of the, Screamin' Banshee is one of two cars that has an excavator's bucket as a jaw. Banshees are frequently described as dressed in white or grey, often having long, pale hair.

This comb detail is also related to the centuries-old traditional romantic Irish story that, if you ever see a comb laying on the ground in Ireland, you mu… Old School RuneScape Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

The most distinctive physical trait of a howling Banshee is its red eyes, due to centuries of crying and mourning the departed.

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