band 6 visual arts essay

They know how stressful Visual Arts is, so they will try everything in their might to help you.

For example, if your technique was colour, talk exactly about how the artist has used colour – are the colours bright or muted? You should be specific with your dates and examples and utilise detail in reference to artists and their practice. Calendly.initBadgeWidget({url: '', text: 'Schedule time with me', color: '#00a2ff', branding: true}); © 2020 HSC CoWorks | All Rights Reserved | ABN 88 108 410 091 |, The antidote to procrastination, distraction and low engagement, 8 ideas for studying in the ‘post-trials slump’. Because the HSC markers for Visual arts have to mark many different case studies it is important that your ideas are well organised and structured. So to those who think Visual Arts is bludge subject … you’re wrong. Try to choose artworks that set the artists apart in some way – if they were known for a particular style or practice, focus on that. For me… it was a mix of both. Add to Cart Remove from Cart Proceed to Cart.

In the HSC you’ll be given six questions worth 25 marks each to choose from when it comes to writing your extended response, but you only have to answer one.

Your art class also ends up being the best support system during the HSC.

Question: “’If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.’ – Edward Hopper. Year 12, Requested Trial Day

Create the best work ever. I think it’s because Visual Arts has such a diverse syllabus that we celebrate each other’s uniqueness and talents rather than tearing each other down because of marks and performances. Beatrice Tekiko is an outstanding 2017 HSC graduate. Question 1 Question 1 Written Paper Section I Question 1 - 2002 HSC Here are my tips on how to gain a Band 6 in one of the greatest HSC subjects: This subject involves a major (obviously) which requires quite a lot of your time during your HSC year. Is there colour symbolism involved? How has this idea within Art been expressed over time. It would be great if you could include artists who have different artist practices, making it easier to compare and contrast and add depth to your essay. Essay On Visual Art 892 Words | 4 Pages. Visual Arts has always been my best performing subject since the start of high school and I’ve been blessed to have been taught by, not just one, but TWO HSC Visual Arts markers from Year 9 onwards. Feel free to PM about the artists if you need any help or notes, You either love them or you hate them.

I probably spent around 40%-70% of my time studying and working for Visual Arts. There’s a good chance that at least one question will suit you. Since everyone has a different concept and different strengths in art theory, make suggestions and build each other up. Structural Frame: Communication, systems of signs – Describe the visual language, use of line, symbolism and colour etc.

However, it’s important to note that the HSC Visual Arts exam makes up 50% of your subject mark, which makes it important to know how to write a solid Visual Arts extended response! Just because VA is known as being a practical based subject doesn’t mean this section is irrelevant. If it’s a practice-based questions (or you’re talking about practice) you can focus more on the materials used, how they were used, what styles and processes were used in the work, etc.

Your confidence will grow as your class strengthens.

This should include which artwork and artist you’re discussing, as well as how you’re relating them back to the topic/question.

Let’s look at an example of two artworks by Henri di Toulouse-Lautrec below. Thank you for registering for a trial session at HSC CoWorks. This example references a few key points that link back to the frames, the conceptual framework, and the question. through symbolism, use of colour, mixed media, etc.) The other, more effective way is to read over the HSC syllabus and find out exactly what criteria you need to fulfil to receive a Band 6.

To find out more and get started with an inspirational tutor and mentor get in touch today!

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